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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

One thing that I love about music is that it is one of the true universal languages. Like all forms of music, EDM energizes and moves people from all different backgrounds. The beats vibrate across oceans to every corner of the earth and cannot be held back by any borders. EDM's meteoric rise in popularity in the last decade is perfect evidence of this.

About 700 miles south of Denver, across the Mexico/US border a movement is taking place. The beginnings of what is becoming a burgeoning electronic music scene is starting to take shape. As more and more of the youth get exposed to the sound and the vibes the music brings, the size of the community snowballs and takes on a more diverse and passionate form.

Just across the border from El Paso, Texas in the vibrant city of Ciudad Juárez, you can find Acid Diamond making waves from the DJ booth. With a sturdy repertoire of filthy Techno and Tech-House beats, she lures weary denizens into clubs and makes them lose control on the dance floor. She's performed at several local hot spots in her native land but has also ventured into the US whipping up bassheads into a frenzy and gathering up followers for her Acid Collectiv.

Through a mutual connection with ERG I was able to get a chance to interview Acid and get to know what the woman behind the decks is all about. Not surprisingly, she's been moved by the music since she was a child watching her dad play the guitar. What was surprising was how similar we are in how we contribute to the community. Like me, she has a strong desire to cultivate the scene and push the music to the masses. On top of that she also wants to discover new artists and help them get their name out there. Those are two things that Bass'D Out DNVR is definitely about so I was pumped when she agreed to let me include her on the site. So, take a moment to get to know the lovely Acid Diamond and don't forget to bang her filthy tech-house guest mix out your speakers. Peace, love, and bass...


Bass'D Out DNVR: Do you like Bass? What are your favorite genres?

Acid Diamond: Of course I like bass but to me groove is also a very important factor. My favorite genres to mix are techno and tech house.

BOD: What made you fall in love with dance music?

AD: I was in love with music since i was a child. My father played guitar so I have loved music since i was very young.

BOD: What made you want to start Djing? How long have you been Djing for?

AD: I had already played some instruments before but what i love electronic music most so i thought, why not DJ? I'm close to my 7th year DJing.

BOD: What is the meaning behind the name Acid Diamond

AD: Acid Diamond came from the resistance and strength of the diamonds and acid comes from the genre "acid house" which is the first style i started mixing.

BOD: What is the EDM scene like down in Mexico? How do you feel it's different from the US scene?

AD: Across the border, the electronic music scene is beginning to grow as there are more venues and clubs that play electronic music. I have played in the US a few times and i believe people there are more open to different genres. Here in Mexico, they don't listen to different genres and there is a lot of competition and envy among DJ's and promoters.

BOD: How involved in the music scene were you before you started Djing?

AD: Before becoming a DJ I had been going to raves and parties so i was heavily involved in the scene that way before DJing.

BOD: Would you say it's harder or easier being a female artist in a male dominated industry?

AD: I feel that the scene is more difficult for a woman because a lot of men can't stand the fact that a female DJ can perform better than them. Some of them try to hurt the reputation of female DJ's. You can really tell there is a lot of sexism in the scene.

BOD: Describe the vibe you get from performing live?

AD: I have a lot of thoughts and feelings while I'm behind the decks. I feel happiness, euphoria, and freedom. It's as if nothing else matters at that moment. That's when i think, "I love my job."

BOD: How do you prepare for a performance or recording session?

AD: I pick from music that i currently have and also look for new music. I create my playlists and try mixing with different software and gear. Once i find a playlist that I love, I analyze the tracks and check what key they're in so i can properly mix them in key and make my mix sound amazing.

BOD: What goals do you have for your DJ career? What advice do you have for new artists trying to get booked or gain exposure?

AD: I would love to become a renown DJ, work with different record labels, travel, and share my love and passion for music to people around the world. All i can say to aspiring DJ's is to give it everything they have. Learn, experiment, and never give up on your dreams.

BOD: Besides tearing up the decks, what are you passionate about?

AD: Aside from DJing I'm passionate bout finding new talents and helping them get their name out there. I also like to support different types of art and i love to be involved in many different projects. Its all about spreading the culture and making it flourish.

BOD: Shout-outs? Comments?

"I want to say thanks to all the people that have supported me from day one and

all my loyal followers from the collective. Thanks to Bass'D Out DNVR for the interview."

~ Acid Diamond ~

Huge thanks to Acid Diamond for checking in with Bass'D Out DNVR this week. It's refreshing to not only get a perspective about the dance music scene in other parts of the world the world but also, to see that the passion for the music is the same anywhere you go. Special shout out to ERG as well for helping make it all happen and helping us overcome the language barrier. As usual, the guest mix is available below or on the Mixcloud page. Pump that bass up and press play. Follow Acid at the links below but most importantly:


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