An AI Just Signed A Major Record Deal

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AI is already everywhere and now, it's taking our jobs. It already tells you what's relevant whenever you look at your Facebook page. Algorithms can even be used to make food or pick a pair of socks from a pile. Hell, we've known they were coming for our songwriter gigs for a while now. But now, there is one less job opportunity for you up-and-coming music producers out there. Endel, a German sounds app company, just signed a Warner Bros. record deal.

The algorithm behind the app uses weather, heart rate, time of day, and circadian rhythms to create mood-boosting sounds. Seems like it's also taking the jobs away from mood enhancing drugs as well here. However, the app is already cranking out albums at an alarming rate. Five of its 'sleep albums' are out already and it will release 15 more by the end of the year.

The fact that the algorithm can crank out albums this quickly should be a huge slight against the hard-working music producer. If not, then the fact that the app is already getting backing from music's power players should be. Jillionaire, of Major Lazer fame,  is an investor in the company. While you're locking yourself in the lab for hours working on that 'fire' track, AI's dropping albums by the handful. On top of that, it is skipping to the front of the line and signing a major deal right out of the gate. Before we know it, they'll be playing to sold-out arenas and headlining festivals. RaveDJ already proved that dropping mixes is no sweat for AI.

So, if you think the creative realm is safe from AI, well think again. What's next? AI that writes movie scripts? Will we have AI writing the great American Novel? Who knows? But one thing is for sure: The robot overlords are coming for you, and your job.