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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Having seen Queen Beats live in #DNVR a couple times, I was definitely pumped when she agreed to do an interview and drop a mix for me. From the way her set progressed and from her diverse track selection, I could tell she was definitely good at what she does, that she truly loved #bass, but also that she was from the old school. Before I even posed the question, I knew that her favorite thing about performing was the vibe she got from the crowd. It was impossible not to get a sense that the crowd's reaction was what was guiding her set.

After getting to know more about her, I can say what I dig the most about her is her drive and ambition. She doesn't want to just be another button pusher, fist pumping behind the decks. She has aspirations to throw her own events, and even own her own venue. On top of that, she wants to eliminate the stigma that comes with being a female DJ in a male dominated industry. That passion and skill combined with her refusal to conform will def take her places in the game.

QB was gracious enough to let me pick her brain a little bit so I could help people get know her a little better. Check out the interview below. Don't skip an opportunity to catch one of her sets live. I'm sure she'll be rocking a dance floor near you soon! For now, check out the dope guest mix she dropped for the Bass'd Out DNVR podcast below. To all you promoters out there, BOOK QUEEN BEATS NOW!!


QB Live

Bass'd Out DNVR: Do you like bass? What kinds of tracks do you like playing the most? Queen Beats: Of course I like bass! I love playing all electronic music! BOD: What made you fall in love with dance music? QB: The freedom to be whom ever I wanted. BOD: What inspired you to start DJing? Who are your biggest musical influences? QB: I wanted to start DJing because I want to make people feel the way I felt when I went to my first show. Also, I love dancing people! One of my biggest inspirations is DJ Dan. BOD: How did you come up with your alias? QB: It was on the fly, while under pressure, and on the spot! Actually, later I came across a cool connection that you'll have to ask me about later. BOD: How involved in the scene were you guys before you started DJing? What types of events did you go to? QB: Super involved! My first rave was probably about 14 years ago! I went to all the dance parties including Global, EDC, Skylab, Sunfest, Freakshow, Planet of the Drums, HFW and many more! BOD: What do you love about the Denver music scene? What do you hate? QB: I love the variety. I hate how its more about numbers than music BOD: What's it like being a female DJ in a male dominated industry? QB: Its definitely hard to make a name for yourself. It feels like everyone has a preconceived opinion of you. They automatically discredit your skill. They don't only want to see a pair of tits but everyone demands the female DJ's that are more sexual. I'm hoping to change that, pave a new way for female DJ's, show that skill is gender-less, and that all women aren't just a pair of tits. On the upside I feel like some opportunities were more open to me because I am a female. BOD: What do you like most about performing live? QB: The crowd reaction.

Queen Beats Behind The Decks

BOD: What goals do you currently have for your DJ career?

QB: I want to produce my own music, have my own nightclub, throw my own parties. I want to dominate what is now and revolutionize music. I want to be the next timeless great. I want to create something this world has never seen and keep the rave alive! BOD: Outside of music what are your passions? QB: I love creating in all different ways. I like making costumes, I love animals, golf, and four-wheeling. I also have a passion for plants and herbs. I have been very active in the Medical/Rec Marijuana industry/movement and love doing that!

BOD: Shout-outs? Comments? Upcoming projects?

"Find my artist page and stay posted on all my shows, latest and greatest"

~ Queen Beats ~

Big shout out to Queen Beats for checking in with B.O.D. Check out her upcoming gigs, and follow her at the links below. The guest mix is at the bottom, pump the bass and shake that ass! Don't sleep on Queen Beats!! Enjoy...

Upcoming Gigs

7.22.2017 - Couch Land Collective Presents: Couch Land Afterhours - Secret Location

7.23.2017 - Smash Presents: (Official) GDF Recovery Party - Viewhouse

7.28.2017 - Tre3hau5 Presents: DJ Scotty Boy - Lincoln Station

8.19.2017 - SOB Productions Presents: Loud Noises ft. Deekline - Lincoln Station

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