Axwell Addresses Recent Controversies Regarding SHM

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Swedish House Mafia continues dazzling fans despite bubbling anger over their recent controversies.

Last Friday at Ushuaia in Ibiza, Swedish House Mafia took to the stage to perform another glorious set. As you may know, just days ago, the trio had to cancel a performanceat Weekend Festival due to apparent equipment issues. Fans were certainly on pins and needles about whether the group would even show up. Fortunately, the party went off without a hitch. SHM was able to get their replacement gear in time so the show could continue. Since reuniting and embarking on a world tour, the group is definitely having its fair share of ups and downs. During the performance, Axwell took a moment to address the crowd about recent controversies involving the group.

Certainly, SHM’s shows are as good as ever. They wouldn’t allow their performances to be anything less than what fans expect. From this, we gain an understanding of some of their recent controversies. Most recently, however, Swedish House Mafia is the subject of some ommissions on some official lineup announcements. First, news back in June reveals that the group wouldn’t be among this year’s roster of residents. At the moment, that is still up in the air. Next, Tomorrowland is met with the ire of the fans concerning its weekend one closing act announcement. Obviously, expectations of a now-defunct SHM weekend one closing set is leaving some with major disappointments. Although, rumors continue to float that the group will be closing out weekend two only, despite the confusion. Either way, once the TML weekend two announcement drops, expect fan reactions to add on to the recent controversies.

Indeed, there’s quite a bit to take in about each individual situation. Surely, there is much more to the story than is being made public. Members of SHM have individually addressed some of these recent controversies throughout the year. This time, Axwell had something to say:

Axwell may not remember what the argument is about, but lots of fans out there definitely do. Check out what they’ve been saying here. Stay with us as we continue following the whirlwind of news surrounding Swedish House Mafia.

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