B.O.D. LIVE Ep. 4 - Dirty Rotten & Shua b2b Bassline (Dirty Broken Jungle Bass in the Lab)

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

It's that time of year again when the summer vibes are starting to cool off giving way to the fall and winter festival seasons. I love this time of year because it brings back some of my favorite events along with some of my favorite artists that usually return around the same time! It makes me think back about all the great times I've had and the things that made me fall in love with the underground music scene. The Denver Bass music scene is filled with a lot of artists who think that same way! This month I was geeked AF to have some of my good homies in the booth for the September Edition of Bass'D Out DNVR LIVE. Kicking off the fall season of the B.O.D. Podcast I welcomed Dirty Rotten and Bassline to the Bass Pimp Labs and I definitely felt the OG vibes they all brought! Dirty Rotten has been in the scene for years now and have definitely helped keep breakbeats alive and kicking in Denver. They've been booked all over Denver at places like Beta, Lincoln Station, Milkbar and more. Above all they are very good friends of mine so I loved being able to get them in the lab just to chat about music.

Bassline and I connect through a mutual friendship with Shua plus he was super deep in the Denver bass music scene before he went to pursue his dreams in Florida. It was definitely an honor to host him on the show as well while he was briefly back in town after being away for over a year. It was nice to be around people who have the same love for the music as I do and I definitely think it came through in our conversations as well as through the music that was played. To anyone out there reading this: I hope you feel it too! The interviews and guest mixes can be heard in their entirety below or through my MixCloud page. All the artists dropped killer sets and put me in a mood to hear a bunch of dope music as we head into the fall season of Bass'D Out DNVR. Keep it locked because there's so much more to come...


Thanks so much to Dirty Rotten, Bassline, & Shua for showing some love to Bass'D Out DNVR! They are all very talented artists and they all most definitely brought some fire to the Bass Pimp Labs. Keep it locked for more quality music from the B.O.D Podcast and follow everyone at the links below...

Dirty Rotten Links: facebook.com/DirtyRotten303 Soundcloud.com/DirtyRotten303 GiGS - Pancakes and Booze - Cervantes

Bassline Links: facebook.com/SicknTwisted2010 mixcloud.com/pete-bassline-inglis

Shua Links: facebook.com/Shua.us mixcloud.com/Shua soundcloud.com/dj-shua GIGS - BION - Mario's Double Daughters Salotto

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