B.O.D. Podcast Vol. 1 - SHUA + Interview

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Let's get this party started!

This week we bring you the pilot cast from the curator of the B.O.D. Podcast series, Shua! Take a trip through the mind of Shua and read our exclusive interview below or jump to it HERE.


BOD: Do you like Bass? SHUA: Been a bass junkie & speaker freak since I first heard the fierce low end brought by Dynamix II, Techmaster P.E.B., DJ Laz & the like.

BOD: How many total hours would you guess you've spent behind the decks performing in front of a live crowd? SHUA: LOT's (laughs), but tough to say. When I first started playing out set times were far longer, and I was playing wherever, whenever. These days I'm dealing with shorter set times while also being more selective with bookings. Multiply that times 20 years & you have your answer.

BOD: If you had to pick one track (original or remix) to mix into every set u perform, what would it be? SHUA: That my is an interesting question. I tend to try to curate live sets filled with fairly new & lesser played tracks I feel will work for the event and time-slot, not the same shit you hear over & over. It is very rare for me to drop any one single track at more then 2...MAYBE 3...separate gigs. So I suppose my honest answer would have to be, none.

BOD: If you had a daughter would you rather she date a shit-show DJ or a janky promoter? SHUA: Sounds like problems. You got kid problems? I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but a kid ain't one. Child-free by choice with no intent of changing that status so no need to put that terrible thought in my head

BOD: Have you ever told a girl, "I'm a DJ." just to get laid? How drunk was she? Was it weird when she popped out her dentures? SHUA: I am proud to say never pulled that card...or any dentures out.

BOD: I've heard you're a damn good producer. Name one producer who's better than you, without laughing: SHUA: I'm alright but there are definitely some producers I aspire to be half as talented as...short list off the top of my head: BCee, RL Grime, Feed Me, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Xilent, Sub Focus, Seth Vogt, UnderThis...alright I lied this list could go a good while...

BOD: Describe your first experience DJing live, using a movie title. SHUA: Step Brothers...stepping stone to my only constant over the past 2 decades, and the place was called, 'Brothers.'

BOD: What set-up did you learn to DJ On? SHUA: Two very used 1200's & a shitty Numark mixer. That was before I bought my brand new Tech's in 98. That set are still alive & kicking & what I play on at home today.

BOD: Choose one: Trainwreck once during every live set but produce flawless, banger tracks; or, always drop killer live sets and only produce mediocre tracks. SHUA: In the real world I'd settle for neither (Laughs) but for the sake of this question, flawless sets. I'm a dj that learned to write music not the other way around. The producer 1st, dj 2nd route is more commonplace these days and I feel many of these artists lack the skills & showmanship I like to see when I go to catch a dj set. Most of these same artists will already know what they are playing before they step on. That would drive me nuts. I like making decisions on the fly based on what the crowd is vibing on, not a predetermined set I've been practicing. IMO in this day and age, there are dj's and there are performers... I choose djs!

BOD: Have u ever gotten too wasted before a set? (If yes, how did it go?) (If no, have you witnessed it and how did that go?) SHUA: More times then I can count and as terrible as it should have haha. Thankfully I pulled my head out of my ass a long time ago, well before social media was around to remind me.

BOD: What advice would you give someone interested in becoming a producer? Becoming a DJ? SHUA: Producers...quit your job/school/girlfriend/boyfriend/life if you want to have the time you will need/want to be in the studio. Djs...get in line. Kidding, kinda. For producers I would say take the time to learn basic synthesis, music theory, and constantly push your knowledge. Don't just slap together samples and see what sounds good, create music with a purpose. Djs, use your ears and stop using crutches like beat sync. Start using skills like harmonic mixing utilizing key signatures to have cohesive, nicely flowing mixes. To both producers & djs: Fuck genres...create/play music!

BOD: Would u ever consider DJing at a funeral? SHUA: If they want to get down with the get down, fuck yeah! Glad to send a fellow bass head off proper.

BOD: Anything crazy ever happen during one of your sets? SHUA: I was opening for a headliner that got so wasted and was rocking out so hard to my last track that he fell out on the turntable and killed the music....followed by getting kicked out of the venue and sent back to his hotel by the promoter without playing.

BOD: Any advice for local DJs trying to land more bookings? SHUA: Support the local events you would enjoy playing at. Don't be annoying, let your music do the talking. Have integrity. Be original.

BOD: I once knocked over a monitor speaker at a rave. Right before Freaky Flow came on... (SMH). What's the dumbest thing you've done behind the decks? SHUA: I plead the 5th

BOD: Is pimping easy? Are you sure? SHUA: Of course. When you've been pimpin' since been pimpin' it becomes second nature. It's that hustle that takes it work.

BOD: Comments, shout-outs, shameless plugs? SHUA: Much love to Colorado. Been coming here almost two decades, and living here now almost one and I have recieved nothing but love and respect over the years from the amazing people that I've met along the way. Came out here knowing no one and feel pretty lucky to have the support I have out here today.


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