Beats Before the Dawn II: Fuse

Beats Before the Dawn continues with a mix from Fuse
Colorado Springs' masta selecta, Fuse

As we inch ever closer to the weekend, it's impossible not to get excited for several days filled with delicious beats. The stress and divisiveness of a 2020 gone sour almost seems unending, but with TTBOD: UTS inching ever closer, there's some relief in sight. AK & QL is definitely making sure we'll all have plenty of bass heavy entrées to gorge on with a night full of delectable dnb. Considering this, it's a blessing that so many artists from the Drum And Bass Proper roster will be in the kitchen, cheffing up beats. Accordingly, their catalog of fire mixes from artists on the lineup make the perfect appetizer. Let our Beats Before the Dawn series feed your hunger with some beat-catering courtesy of Fuse. His DNBP Featured Selecta mix certainly delivers a smorgasbord of mouthwatering bass. Bon Appétit!

Fuse recently delivered a nasty mix for Drum And Bass Proper's Featured Selecta series.

A lot can be said about how ferociously Brian Schell aka Fuse comes with it on this mix. Indeed, it's 55 minutes of straight filth, from top to bottom. With 20 years in the game, it's hard not to say we didn't expect this and the enormity of his experience undeniably shines through. Of note, his mixing skills are on point and can be heard throughout the mix as he blends track after complex track. You get a seamless tempo across each transition which plays well in your ear. Although, he doesn't furiously jump from track to track, opting instead to let the songs play out while he manipulates the mixer to perfection.

Beyond this, Brian's track selection is tremendous and a true testament to his years of assiduous crate digging. For instance, at about 14 minutes in, he drops in 'Notion - Hooked (Bou Remix).' You can't help but move your feet to its whirring and winding synths, and emotional vocals. Surely, this sets the vibe for the entire mix. The whole set seems to follow this theme, with its generous helping of nasty, rinsed-out jungle dubs. Using an immersive, yet puritanical application of reverb, Fuse seemingly creates a soliloquy of drums; a dnb lullaby, if you will. This is the type of shit that makes us fall in love with drum & bass! Later, at about 52 minutes in, he graces the mix with K Motionz's banger 'Hack It. feat. Duskee' Surely, the hollowed out beat, reminiscent of a boom-bap kick, laced with a hip-hop sample, is a nod to all the dnb emcees out there.

Alas, Fuse's DNBP Feature will get you hyped-up for Till The Break of Dawn. Consequently, you're not going to want to miss his set. As we'll all soon find out - nothing is better than dnb under the stars. Especially, when the DJ brings it like this.

Drum And Bass Proper Featured Selecta Mix - Fuse

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