Cory Goldsmith - Kiss the Ground

Cory Goldsmith - Kiss The Ground

Cory Goldsmith is no stranger to the scene with releases on several labels already under his belt. It was only a matter of time before he brought his talents to Quite Right Records. Clearly, the two are a perfect match and his latest offering, ‘Kiss The Ground’ is a perfect example of that. He’s developed his sound quite quickly as of late and that development is on full display here.

‘Kiss The Ground’ is a patchwork of sounds with the only constant being the upbeat thrum of the kick drum which resonates over the track from start to finish. Even the sample on the track, which you can almost make out uttering the song’s title, is stretched, chopped up, then woven around and through the effervescent synths which highlight the beat. As each element of the beat is slowly wound up and loaded in, it supplements the track’s vibe eloquently. This is a song whose sole purpose is clear- To force you out onto the dance floor and move your feet!

Indeed, Cory wanted to demonstrate the breadth of his experimental skill on ‘KTG’ and he does so with resounding success. Surely, this will be yet another dance floor killer in the long list of Quite Right bangers. Furthermore, we hope to hear more Cory Goldsmith QR releases in the near future.

-Bass’D Out DNVR

Listen to Cory Goldsmith - Kiss The Ground below and order your copy here! [Out now on Quite Right! Records]

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