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Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Jessica 'Flower' Conway aka D3LPHIE spreads positive vibes and energy through her beautiful house music.

One of the most beautiful things about dance music is the connection that everyone has within the scene. Not only with the music and artists but with each other as well. The ability of the artists to connect with the hearts and minds of the listener is the driving force behind the industry's rising popularity. Artists and performers have the ultimate fortune of seeing these connections play out in real time.

Consequently, everyone within the community shares some sort of common bond built on inspirations derived from the music. In other words, the Denver underground possesses a collective consciousness of positive energy that permeates the mind and body. As a result, the creators in the industry have the important responsibility of sustaining these vibes and ensuring they never wane. One such prolific purveyor of that energy is D3LPHIE.

Jessica "Flower" Conway got her feet wet in the EDM scene in 2006, falling in love with the energy radiating from the warehouse dance floor. The way she eloquently describes how house music touches her is a microcosm to the dedication and passion she exudes in her music and performances. Indeed, her ethereal ability to penetrate the spirit of those around her with her auspicious and positive mentality is what makes her such a sought after entity within the Denver underground. More importantly, combining that energy with her mastery behind the decks and in the studio makes her music truly infectious on the dance floor.

Beyond that, D3LPHIE is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. She's already earned her stripes in the booth and the studio and is now providing a platform for other artists to reach the masses. Her Blue Records imprint is coming off of a killer 2018 and is progressing through 2019 much more vehemently. Nevertheless, the most striking thing about D3LPHIE is the strength of her spirit. Although she's dealt with vicious brutality, she refuses to allow herself to be a victim, sharing her story so that others may gain strength. Furthermore she hasn't let anything dissipate her passion or goals. Nor, has she let anything curtail her mission of spreading positivity. Thus, we're truly honored she's allowing us to share her story with you.

-Bass'D Out DNVR


D3LPHIE behind the decks
D3LPHIE behind the decks at Supernatural Festival [photo credit: Jaybird Photography]

Bass'D Out DNVR: It seems like your creative motivation is rooted in spreading positivity while inspiring others.

D3LPHIE: I truly believe that you get what you put in, in this life and I put that notion to work when it comes to my career. What goes around comes around, and I want to show my fans that positivity and persistence work with that same force in hand. Moreover, I want my listeners to associate my music with positivity and inspiration. After my domestic violence incident last year, I believe it essential to show my followers that no matter what happens in life you can rise above and create your own path through light, love, positivity, and unparalleled persistence.

BOD: How does this mantra influence your performances and approach to producing music?

D: This mantra influences my performances because I put strategic effort into my song selection with optimistically impacted tracks and a beatific personality behind the decks to give my supporters a way to leave the world behind on the dance floor. As for my productions, I also use an enlightening format when it comes to picking my sounds and vocals. I want my music to be a mantra of positivity that promotes listeners to buoyancy even in their most difficult times.

BOD: Is there anything from the time before you became a DJ/Producer, when you first fell in love with house music, that still affects you today?

D: Before I became a DJ/Producer, I attended my first warehouse event in 2006 and was introduced to electronic music with DJ Qbert and A Track, which opened the doors to my love for house music. I fell in love with the intricacies of the sounds and how the vocals could be manipulated to create such a timeless genre, and I still find these elements affect my love for house music today.

BOD: You’ve had multiple partnerships over the years including teaming up with Xander Pryce as Artifractal to now joining forces with Brandon Lee

D3LPHIE behind the decks

on the Blue Records Imprint. How have these collaborations altered your solo career’s trajectory and do you have any other collaborative projects planned for the future?

D: I was always D3lphie, but when I decided to partner up with Xander as Artifractal we decided to put the focus on our duo because we felt we both had key elements that would create a more well-rounded sound and image. We both decided to set aside our solo gigs for that very reason. We both joined forces with Brandon to run blue, and our label hit the Beatport charts several times in the first year. Last November, Artifractal broke up because Xander attacked me and is now facing jail time. I have decided to turn Artifractal into my new Trance alias Antifractal, as my duo had immense local recognition in the Denver Trance Family and I plan to continue that trend. I am still currently in the process of changing my social media accounts and logos from Artifractal to Antifractal, so for now you can see all of my upcoming Trance gigs on the Artifractal media accounts. Both blue and Artifractal have completely transformed how I want to project my solo career as D3lphie, I have decided to keep that alias as strictly House music. Furthermore, I am focusing on my productions and touring for gigs outside of Denver, as well as throwing our own blue parties in Denver. While I will still take some local gigs here in Denver with both D3lphie and Antifractal, I plan to put most of my focus on my House productions and touring for gigs as D3lphie.

D3LPHIE at the Decadence 2018 silent disco
D3LPHIE rockin' the silent disco crowd at Decadence 2018 [photo credit Jaybird Photography]

BOD: Besides slaying it in the music industry, hosting events, and finding new talent for Blue Records, you also write and model. Is it difficult for you to consistently devote equal time and energy to all of your various creative outlets? What’s different about your experiences as a model and writer versus being a DJ/Performer/Producer?

D: So my degree is in Communications and Social Media Marketing and I still use that to write for a few online music publications, but it is more of a hobby now. I still use my knowledge for Social Media marketing to my advantage for blue and D3lphie, but I definitely put 95% of my focus on writing music, DJing and running blue Records. As for my modeling, I feel it brings a full spectrum to my D3lphie image. I have been limiting my shoots this year and plan to use each shoot to promote a new element to D3lphie. For instance, I will use each shoot for new track artwork or to enhance a theme to my upcoming mixes.

[Photo Credits: Wild Beauty Boudoir - Web | Facebook]

BOD: It seems like Blue Records has gotten off to a great start in 2019. How did you become involved with the venture and how would you describe your experience running a label.

D: Blue Records had a great year in 2018 with several of our releases charting on Beatport and Traxsource. In 2019 we have limited our releases to about 1 a month so we can focus on our events and taking the company worldwide. I became involved with Blue through Brandon Lee, he admired my skills and saw immense strengths in my hustle regarding music and my branding. Our teamwork and persistence has made Blue a great success so far and we plan to continue that with our future events, and artist releases.

BOD: What’s your process for finding new artists?

D: Our process for finding artists has evolved over the past couple of

[Photo Credit: Jaybird Photography]

years. We used to hunt for artists on soundcloud, as well as Traxsource and Beatport for our larger artist features, but now we get submissions through our email and Social Media accounts. We listen to submissions daily and keep listening to new artists on various music platforms to find the sound that fits our previous releases. With us limiting our releases to one a month, we have found it easy to fill up our roster and push our sales exponentially higher to further our success as a label.

BOD: Feel Good with Nicky Genesis is next up on your event calendar. How would you describe Nicky Genesis’ music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

D: Nicky Genesis definitely portrays a more Bass House infused sound, which we felt would be a perfect vibe for Denver fans in the nightlife industry. We want to give our party goers a variety of sound while still adhering to a burner-friendly crowd. Nicky is being booked for some of the hottest events around the globe and we are always interested in showing female artists love.

BOD: How pleased are you with the Blue Records, Quite Right!, and Couchland Collective events partnership so far?

D: I am very pleased with the collaboration between Blue, Quite Right! And Couchland Collective for our parties. We all have gone beyond my expectation for visuals, live artists, decorations, and sound. With that said, we also have a unique following of fans, giving us an amazing vibe for the end turnout to our parties and I hope we can continue that with our future “Feel Good” parties.

BOD: Any comments, shout-outs?

D: A huge shout out to Sound Level Music and Lady Sage, they have helped us get to where we are. Also, mad respect for Adam Stark for always supporting me and helping me be a better artist. Obviously, a special thanks to the Quite Right! and Couchland Collective and my business partner NativeOrigin303 for helping me become the producer I am today.

"Lastly, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without all my supporters, you all seriously give me a reason to keep working so hard towards my dreams."



Enormous amounts of love goes out to D3LPHIE for checking in with B.O.D. to share her inspiring story and positive vibes. We can't wait to catch her set at Feel Good this weekend! See you there...

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