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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

The music scene in #DNVR has exploded over the years from small underground parties to huge week long festivals. There is so much great music constantly coming out and there are so many people in the scene that spread love and keep the positive vibes flowing consistently. The driving force behind it all is the local artists; many of whom started out just as casual fans or avid party goers. They are the ones who have a purist love for the music, the people, and the art form. They help nurture local music scenes around the world and because of them the music never dies.

When I came across Sean Ryan's music I noticed a couple things. First, I saw that he had a lot of quality content that covered every genre. He's another example of how the artists local to our scene slay on a consistent basis. Just another reason why they call us the #basscapital. Second, he's been bringing it for over a decade and is still hungry. Passion and drive like that is what keeps the #bassmusic scene going strong. Guys like him are in it for the love of the music and the desire to bring joy to anyone who loves electronic music. I agree with him one hundred percent when he says, "Support Your Local DJ because the local scene is what is really making this music grow."

He started out as just a regular guy going to parties, moved on to building his own after hours spot, and now he brings music to the masses as a DJ; doing shows, producing, and running a podcast. Without guys like this, our scene wouldn't be what it is today. It makes me happy to know that there are still quite a few people out there trying to carry on the tradition of spreading the love for bass music. Through all his hard work and determination, people are finally taking notice so my suggestion to you is: BOOK SEAN RYAN NOW before someone beats you to it. If you haven't heard of him, check out the interview I did with him below to hear his thoughts on the scene and how he got into it.


Bass'D Out DNVR: Do you like bass? What are your favorite genres? Sean Ryan: "I love bass along with many other sounds that go with electronic music. I understand that Bass is a big thing these days, but it isn't the only important sound. Kids these days love bass because of dubstep, I like dubstep for the fans, the scene, and industry. Personally I really can't stand it. dubstep really doesn't do anything for me. I am more of a House and Trance guy, but when i say I am a house and trance guy it means I love all different genres of House and Trance. My first love and passion is electro-house. What I'm known for is my dirty-electro. I also love playing progressive-house/trance, deep-house, techno, and tech-house. I just started getting into future bass and really funky disco-house too. So I guess i have a lot of different favorites when it comes to genres of electronic music."

BOD: What made you fall in love with dance music? SR: "What made me fall in love with dance music was the way electronic music made me feel inside. Whenever I was having a bad day I could come home and put on some sick house music or some awesome trance music and it would really take away all the negative things happening in my life. I also loved how certain kinds of dance music would literally make the hair on the back of my neck and arms stand up with thousands of goose bumps streaming up my arm. Also my friend from high school used to DJ a high school dance party on the weekends and i used to love seeing how happy the music made everyone. They would dance all night long."

BOD: What inspired you to start DJing? Who are your biggest musical influences? SR: "What inspired me to start DJing was when i would go to shows (back then raves). I would see what amazing things the DJ could do to the crowd and how these DJ's would bring a crowd together or at some times make crowds literally get emotional. I would hear how DJ's changed peoples' lives with just their music. I wanted to be able to do that for people. I wanted to make people smile, laugh, and sometimes cry with my music. As far as my biggest musical influences, that's hard because I grew up listening to so many amazing DJ's like Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, DJ Dan, Jon Bishop, Deep Sky, Bad Boy Bill, George Acosta and Micro."

BOD: What DJ's do you feel aren't getting the recognition or bookings they should be? SR: "The DJ's I feel aren't getting the recognition or bookings they should be are most of the local DJ's in Colorado. There are so many amazing local DJ's that don't get a chance to get their name out there. It's because most of the promoters only book their good friends or DJ's that they have been with for years, and that's a shame. We as artists should get a chance to show everyone what we've got. It took me two years to start getting booked and that was only because I harassed and bothered promoters with my music everyday. I would work probably two to three hours a day networking, sharing my music with other DJ's and promoters. I never gave up and I never will. I still have to do a ton of networking. I would suggest that you always have CD's of your music on hand, go to different clubs to hand out your CD's to fans, club owners, DJ's and Promoters. On top of that, have your stuff on all of your social media sites and as frustrating as it may be, never give up!"

BOD: What's setup did you first learn on?

SR: "I started out with piece of crap belt drive turntables with a two-channel mixer I got at Radio shack. See, when I started DJing there wasn't any digital equipment, just vinyl turntables. So, I played on my belt drive turntables for about six months until I saved enough to upgrade to a pair of Numark turntables. I won a DJ competition and won a Numark mixer. I loved that setup, I played on that setup for like 5 years until I went to Technic 1200's."

BOD: How involved in the scene were you before you started DJing? What types of events did you go to? SR: "I think I was involved in the scene as much as I could be. When I started partying we didn't have organized shows like we do now. They were really underground parties. You would call a phone number to get directions to a map point and then when you found the spot of the map point they would give you directions to the actual party. I just remember how crazy these parties were; lots of sex and drugs. The parties started to progress like anything, and they started to get more organized. I remember going to a rave every weekend for like five years. Then, I started djing and I would be going to like two to three parties every weekend. It got pretty crazy for a while. Once I really started DJing on a serious level I stopped partying and going to a ton of shows. Like I said, for a while it was a super crazy lifestyle."

BOD: Do you have any crazy stories from events you been to? SR: "I think the craziest story is when my friends and I bought an old warehouse downtown and decided to turn the warehouse into an after hours spot. My friend's father paid for everything, so we worked day and night to turn this old warehouse into this dope after hours spot. Man, we had some crazy nights partying and working on the warehouse. Finally, we finished the warehouse after 4 months. The first night started out really fucking amazing. We started to fill the warehouse, and then the police and Fire department came and shut us down because of certain fire restrictions we didn't follow. They fined the hell out of us and we never opened the warehouse again. We only had that place open for 3 hours before they shut us down! We all were so mad and upset, that we put all that time and money into this spot and it never happened."

BOD: What do you like most about performing live? SR: "First of all I love the music. I like making people dance and have an amazing time. Seeing the smiles on their faces makes me happy. I have had people come up to me and tell me that they never liked electronic music until they came to one of my shows. This music really does some amazing things to people when they are dancing with friends and having a good time. I look at it as I am taking them on a magic carpet ride and a journey with my music. I love telling a story with my music. Just seeing the faces on my fans as I play their favorite music is so awesome. This music can and has changed peoples lives and that is really amazing."

BOD: What goals do you currently have for your DJ career? SR: "My goals are to make amazing electronic music for my friends and fans, play all over the world, and to meet amazing people. I have been DJing for 15 years and producing for a little less then a year now. I haven't even taken any classes for production, I've done this all on my own, teaching myself. Just like i did when i learned how to spin and DJ. This is a dream of mine that i will never give up on. I have such a huge passion for this music and lifestyle."

BOD: Outside of music what are your passions? SR: "Outside of music i love sports, my family, the church, and God because without Him none of this is possible. I love movies and just spending time with my friends and family." BOD: Shout-outs? Comments? Upcoming projects?

"First I wanna give a shout out to all my friends, family and my amazing fans and supporters. I always say, 'Support Your Local DJ because the local scene is what's really making this music grow.' I also wanna give a shout-out to the production companies that allow me to do what I love: High Voltage Collective, Beat Sniperz Productions, Qvents Productions and Ryan Dykstra Nightlife, Thank you all so much for giving me such awesome opportunities."

~DJ Sean Ryan~

Huge thanks to Sean Ryan for spreading some love with B.O.D. and dropping a guest mix for us! The mix is up on our Mixcloud now and you can listen via the player below. Follow Sean at the links below or hit up one of his upcoming gigs! Enjoy and stay tuned...

Upcoming Gigs:

June 24th - Aztlan Theater: TRANCEMISSION 2.0 June 30th - The Church Nightclub: Lavishlyfe Entertainment Kandygirlz

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