[Listen] Dzhef - Kassyni

Dzhef - Kassyni

The explicit bliss, synonymous with the Quite Right! sound is slowly becoming an institution further solidifying itself as the conductor of a shuttle into the melodic abyss. Jafar Rajabov aka Dzhef provides the latest installment in this ariose tradition with his track, ‘Kassyni.’

Just in time to deploy the next auditory payload, Dzhef has emerged from the lab with a powerful new mosaic of sound. 'Kassyni' teases the senses with it's slow buildup leading into a colorful arpeggio resembling the sun rising over the planetary curvature within the universe’s silent void. Meanwhile the constant thump of bass propels the shuttle of the beat from our hearts on the dance floor all throughout the never-ending expanse of space-time.

Dzhef continues to expand his technique with each release more intricate than the last. Indeed, his experimental nature shines through with his latest track. Listen to the beat below and grab your copy of 'Dzhef - Kassyni' HERE to hear the latest volume in his evolution of sound.

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