Einida Eleven Must've Invented HGH for Beats

Einida Eleven behind the decks
Einida Eleven throwing down at Abraxas Studio

The best thing coming from this nightlife sabbatical, is most assuredly what awaits us when we return to the dancefloor. Certainly, artists are chomping at the bit to get back in the booth- at least the die-hards are. As a result, they're swiftly ditching their live-stream placations for the familiar roar of a raucous and effervescent crowd. From this mass uncoupling of couch and ass, we can surmise one thing - producers and DJs alike, got fresh beats on deck, for days - no cap! Ever the lab-rat, Einida Eleven is certainly no exception here. Just like many of his peers, he's ready to show us that the best is yet to come.

Surely, everyone in the production game consistently logs crazy hours over the wheels and in the studio. Nevertheless, when it comes to evolution of sound, not all beatmakers are created equal. In particular, this is true for a sonic vessel like Elijah Garcia. Even he looks back at his early Einida Eleven productions and is aghast at his proclivity for progress. Indeed, if you're intimate with his development since his 2017 debut, you might share that sentiment. Thus, it's clear that he was built for an inadvertent and sudden expansion of free-time. Or, maybe he's just soaking his stems in HGH and steroids.

Einida Eleven's Got More Soul than a Sock wit' a Hole...

Truly it feels like he's found the secret sauce. Some concoction he infuses with a dash of Miracle Grow for the soul and squirt of Rogaine for beats. If only it were that simple. As one would expect, it simply comes down to good ol' studio grinding, focus & discipline, and spiritual inspiration. Actually, that should be obvious even to the casual dancefloor enthusiast. While your favorite DJ was panic buying toilet paper and hand-sanitizer, Einida Eleven was tarrying in his bunker, avoiding the hysteria. Otherwise, he was likely subdued within the serenity of nature, replenishing his spiritual stockpile. Literally stocking up on ammunition for his secret weapon- That thing that allows him to unleash a limitless and ever evolving stream of creative consciousness. In his own words: "...the spiritual and emotional growth that comes from tapping into the vibrations of sound." Undoubtedly, the dude's got soul.

With that in mind, it's easy to see how he continues to develop his talent so quickly. Moreover, it's clear why he's getting so much love in the scene, from the Denver underground and beyond. As we inch ever closer to the return to the dancefloors, we can only hope every artist put their time to good use. Thankfully, Quite Right! Records is bringing his energy to 'Til the Break of Dawn: A Moment In Time. Therefore, we won't have to wait long to see for ourselves. And what better setting than lakeside, up in the mountains, to bear witness to how far Einida Eleven has come.


Bass'D Out DNVR: I’ve noticed that you’ve been a busy man in the lab lately with a string of new releases on SoundCloud along with some fresh contributions to a few compilation albums. Would you say we’re starting to see the fruits of your labor during the pandemic?

E11: I've been grinding hard on music for the last few years. I would say I have seen the fruits of my labor all along the way. I've been welcomed with open arms by quite a few people and labels around the world. Those, I would say were the first fruits of my labor.

BOD: Nice. It sounds like we should expect some big things from you this year. How else have you spent that extra time that normally would have been absorbed by gigs?

E11: I've always been a nature person but since the pandemic I have definitely been called to spend more time with Mamma Gaia.

BOD: That's good to hear man, glad you're managing to stay busy. So, I didn’t realize until now that you barely dropped your first original track back in 2017 yet you’ve been noticeably prolific while getting lots of love in the scene. Would you agree that you’ve improved quickly?

E11: Yes! I've definitely been catapulted forward with my music production. I put an insane amount of time and energy into it. That, along with my enrollment in Vesela Nota Music Production School, gives me the necessary tools I need to move along as quickly as I have.

BOD: How has your sound evolved over the years?

E11: I would say the feel of my music is consistent but my production quality continues to grow insanely.

BOD: No, doubt bro, you've definitely bubbled-up quickly and it shows in the beats. Beyond the music, the content you put out on social platforms makes you come across as a real soulful dude. One of your most played tracks on SoundCloud, ‘Con Los Mismo Entencíon’ which you categorized under the “Storytelling” genre, seems to exemplify this. Is that your motivation for "Playing house, trance and down tempo medicine for the soul...”?

E11: My motivation for making this style of music is the spiritual & emotional impact and growth that the audience and I can experience when we tap into the vibrations of the sounds! My music is very intentional and is often channeled through me from source along with the higher vibrations at play.

BOD: Right on, so basically, you pull in energy from all directions - I definitely feel you on that! How do you channel your spirituality into the music?

E11: I set up crystal grids, smudge regularly, and stay in a meditative state on a regular basis. All of these things allow me to receive whatever messages are out there, especially the ones I may need to hear- LOVE!

BOD: Quite Right! is definitely known for their deep, euphoric, and uplifting releases, so dropping beats through their label seems like a natural fit for you. How did that relationship come about?

E11: I've known the Quite Right crew for several years now. Started out as a DJing relationship but quickly grew into so much more. Brandon [Loyche] has supported me since day one and I am forever grateful for that. That support is what helped me grow so quickly. Even when my music wasn’t so great, Brandon always found something nice to say about it and gave me really helpful pointers as well.

BOD: My man Brandon's been doing his thing with Quite Right! def giving Colorado artists a dope platform. Speaking of dope platforms, you've also recently done collabs with Kosa and Unfinished Monkey. How have they affected your career and creativity?

E11: Kosa records crew has been in my corner since day one as well! Endless support has been the biggest factor in my growing success. I actually have a track on Kosa Records' very first release. It's a compilation album full of artists I’ve admired for a long time. This really made me step my game up and is doing a lot for my music career. Unfinished Monkey Records is a new relationship of mine, but I’ve got mad love for those guys already. With that in mind, I can't forget to mention Plurpura and Garasadah Records. They've released some of my music and i have a great relationship with them too. After working with these guys for years, they continue to show me support and help me grow.

BOD: Of course! It always pays to surround yourself with positive and like-minded beat junkies. Speaking of which, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you’re definitely going to feel right at home with an open-air set at ‘Til the Break of Dawn – A Moment in Time. On a scale of one to Davy Crockett, how psyched are you to blast some beats out in the wilderness and what vibe are you planning on bringing?

E11: You already know I am Davy Crockett excited lol! I'll be laying out some fresh originals along with some jungle bangers!

BOD: That's what we like to hear! Definitely looking forward to your set. For now, what can fans expect from you in the near future? Any shout-outs?

"Hugest shout out to my music teacher, Stanisha Krstic and Vesela Nota Music Production School! I've got a bunch of releases in the works - about 20 tracks dropping this year at least! Stay tuned! Love!"

You'll regret it if you miss your next chance to see Einida Eleven live, so be sure to cop those A Moment In Time tickets here now. Until then, catch a vibe to the Einida Eleven BOD Featured Artist Playlist below. It's got some of his old and new releases mixed in with his most popular tracks currently available on SC. It definitely gives you a taste of where he started and where he's headed. If you didn't know about him before, now you know...

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