Emyli Dahlia wants to get Lost in the Moment with You

Emyli Dahli behind the decks at the Church Nightclub in Denver, CO
Emyli Dahlia wants you to lose your mind on the dancefloor. [photo: Christopher Laplante Photography]

Do you remember where you were the last time you shook your ass so hard that you lost track of time? If not, that's definitely okay because you likely got lost in the moment. That's what underground dance music is all about, right? Obviously, we wouldn't love those late nights in bars or dusty warehouses if it wasn't. Moreover, it sometimes slips the mind that there's a person masterminding that infectious effervescence which entrances us on the dancefloor. Thus, as we return to dancefloors, it's hard not thinking about those high energy sets from artists like Emyli Dahlia- The ones that get us lost in the moment. Furthermore, let's be thankful that we're getting those vibes back very soon.

You might find her somewhere, deep inside her home studio, ensconced in various purple fabrics and LEDs, behind her DJ rig adorned with plushy bunnies. Or, you can two-step your way down to the Tin Cup for her mellifluous curations on Techno Taco Tuesdays & Sound Saturdays. Wherever you find Emily Dahlia, in all her glorious vivacity, you're sure to find euphonious rhythms. This, above almost anything else. is what we adore about her. When she's on the 1's and 2's, you can't not feel the beat.

Something About Emyli Dahlia is So Contagious

So, how the fuck does she do that?! You could lose your shoes, wallet, phone and keys all in one night yet still remember the moment the beat caught you. It's almost like we gyrate free from our sense of awareness of everything except the music. So much so, we tend to even forget about the artist behind the decks pumping us full of that posterior wobbling verve. However, with Emyli, she exudes such infectious energy that it becomes impossible to exclude her from our sensory escapades. From this, we develop an inordinate sense of wanting more. In other words- That's that shit we like!

As we all get to the business of emptying our bank accounts for festival tickets and party favors, we face difficult decisions. Certainly, the sudden influx of events lining the calendars of various venues is gonna leave us in diverse states of perplexity and bewilderment. With that in mind, it's best to choose wisely and go with the guaranteed option. As a result, you should definitely toss some greenbacks at a chance to see Emyli Dahlia do her thing. Her vibe is so contagious and you're guaranteed to feel it during her set! Luckily for us, Quite Right! Records has her on deck for her next live appearance. Surely, there couldn't be a more aptly named or felicitous place to see her than at her next event- A Moment In Time. So, strap on your party helmet and let's get lost on the dancefloor.

Emyli Dahlia
Emyli Dahlia in all her fabulousness [photo: Rob Coca]

Bass'D Out DNVR: What have you been up to since the pandemic hit and DJ bookings, events, and nightlife in general took a nosedive?

Emyli Dahlia: I’ve spent a lot of time DJing alone in my house. I upped my home LED lighting game A LOT. I started a YouTube channel and have done a bunch of live streams, including Acid Night Online, the streaming version of my quarterly party I used to throw at Tennyson’s Tap.

BOD: It's dope how different everyone's response is to that question and it def sounds like you put that time to good use. What stands out to you the most about that experience? EmD: I enjoyed the time away from the scene because it helped me hone in my own specific sound a little more, since I wasn’t really being influenced as much by whoever I was opening for at the clubs. I also really enjoyed watching what other artists did online with their time in quarantine and felt very inspired by many of the streams I saw from some of my favorite artists.

BOD: I definitely co-sign on that! It was a nice break from the monotony of the scene for sure. That's an interesting point too considering you're actually from Boston. For a lot of people out here, this is the only scene they know. So, the obvious question here is what's the scene like out there?

EmD: I have been to a few shows there and I think the people dance less but have just as much love for the music as we do in Denver.

BOD: Right on. I would say the artists we have here are a big part of that. Have you worked with any of the artists from out there?

EmD: I did a live stream with the Boston techno crew, Infra, at one point last year. It was a lot of fun working with them and they’re super talented.

BOD: It's always good to hear the love for the music is everywhere. But, it begs the question; what brought you to Colorado? EmD: I made the move to Colorado in 2005, for snowboarding and to work in the ski industry.

BOD: Ha, I never would've guessed it had anything to do with the mountains. It seems like you've made friends pretty quick out here too, considering your affiliations with Strange People and Beyond Collective. How have these partnerships helped you in your development as an artist?

EmD: Both my crews are super encouraging. They remind me to keep working on production and make me feel supported as an artist.

Emyli Dahlia is can't wait to make you shake that ass!

BOD: That's tight, and it sounds like they can see you have something special brewing. From what I can tell, you have a very colorful personality which I'm excited to witness at ‘Til the Break of Dawn next month. Should we be prepared for a high energy performance?

EmD: Yeah, my sets are super high energy. I like to make people dance & party and keep it playful.

BOD: So, the next one up for you is a camping festival. Are you big on those and how excited are you to be playing live again?

EmD: I absolutely can’t wait to play for people and on a big sound system- I live for it! I love camping festivals. Catch me on my converted purple short-bus.

BOD: LOL! I like your attitude! What should we expect from you next...?

"Expect some hammerhead sharks swimming your way soon."

It's hard to know exactly what that means, but it sounds cool as fuck! Of course, that makes total sense because, well... Emyli Dahlia is cool as fuck. Don't even consider missing this opportunity to catch her doing her thing live, for the people. Hopefully, the guest mix she dropped for us can hold you over until then. Check it out below and be sure to follow her socials to stay up to date on her journeys into sound.

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