[Exclusive Preview] ERG - ATF EP

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

E.R.G. - ATF EP (cover art)
[Artwork by Nathan Mynus]


Emerging from deep within his workshop, mad beat scientist E.R.G. has rounded up a cache of his darkest experiments to prepare to report for his bass delivery duties. As expected, he’s ready with the needles to deliver his latest beat injection- The ‘ATF EP.’

Efren Gutierrez aka E.R.G.’s fathomless experimentation is abundantly evident and layered thick across all 4 tracks. Namely, title track ‘ATF’ which ripples along a choppy bassline keeping lockstep with a writhing glitch loop that all but chokes out the hollow moan of the sample. The aptly named ‘Bounce Experiment’ is the true gem, however. After mongrelizing the MIDI stems and samples, he stomps all over them with a furious 808 unleashing a glitched-out, hip-hop-dub-hybrid monster of a beat!


Without question, E.R.G.’s methodic beat tinkering is yielding major breakthroughs. Truly, this new sound feels like it’s been wrested from deep within the psyche of a twisted alter ego. Nevertheless, it’s definitely the proper dosage of bass that heads in the underground need! Don’t sleep on these QL beats and order your copy of E.R.G. - ATF EP OUT NOW!

-Bass’D Out DNVR

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