[Event Review] Breakfast & Beats Live

This past weekend, Quite Right Records & Pulse of Prophets partnered up with Abraxas Studios to bring you Breakfast & Beats Live. This was the inaugural run of hopefully many more of this very unique event. It features music and curated brunch-type fare with the backdrop of a new and invigorating artistic space, in the heart of Denver's Santa Fe Art District. In the name of dope beats, good food, and artistic expression, heads filled up the art studio in what may be a sign of a shift in collective consciousness surrounding EDM events in Denver.

One Can Never Go Wrong With Beats & Eats

Festival season is in full swing with events like Ultra Music Festival, kicking off this weekend and Porter Robinson's Second Sky Festival slated for this summer. EDM heads are definitely ready to shake the winter dust off of their dancing shoes. However, with the void left from the recent closing of Beta Nightclub, searches for alternative types of events have become prevalent. Events that match food with beats and art have been popping up all over the place. This kind of thinking can be traced back to events like the ever popular Kegs & Eggs or even the Taste Of Colorado. Enter Breakfast & Beats Live. By providing a unique experience combining music, food, and art, Quite Right and Abraxas seem to be able to fill that void.

Unsurprisingly, the event sold out days before the weekend even hit. Brandon Loyche, aka Dsqise, owner of Quite Right Records, did a stellar job of putting together a solid gathering. Quite possibly the quality lineup of Quite Right's DJ's including: Dzhef, nok nok, myalo, Einida Eleven, and Black Wands was a big part of that. The filthy beats they provided kept the walls rattling and speakers thumping, not to the point where an all out dance party broke out but, just enough to have everyone in the place bouncing around while stuffing their faces and taking in the great artwork. The perfect balance.

Loyche's forward thinking attitude toward sustainability mixed in with healthier living was a brilliant idea as well. Compost-able dinnerware along with a prohibition of cups were utilized to help prevent waste and patrons were encouraged to bring their own beverage containers. Additionally, Rusty Quirk, owner and chef of Rusty's Vegan Treats, curated the food. She delivered an amazing menu that rivaled that of any of the usual brunch spots in town but offered healthy fare including vegan options as an alternative.

Artistry & Creativity Brings Everything Full Circle

On top of everything, Dsqise brought out Electric Elaine to perform live art. The late addition of the tattooist/makeup artist/painter was a nice touch to clean out the last of the ticket inventory. Her following of over 1600 art enthusiasts probably didn't hurt either. Bringing someone as talented as her into this artistic environment was a savvy move. She derived beautiful creations while on location, as a result. The finishing touch was to have Abraxas Studio host the event at their beautiful venue. The powerful works of art and creativity inducing atmosphere was a great setting for the event because it encompasses the very nature of the event. The studio, founded recently in October of 2018 boasts it's ethos on its website and it captures the spirit of the event quite eloquently:

"Abraxas is a Place for Dreamers and Creators. A collective conscious alliance, here to serve others with knowledge, desire, inspiration, creativity, and growth. Our space is a welcome place for anyone to transport into a world of expression, love, and art. We encourage the will to learn, to experience and step outside of your comfort zone."

Overall, the event was a smashing success. All of the attention to detail made this a destination for everyone on the hunt for a Sunday-morning brunch spot. Whether you cook, paint, collect, inspire art, or drop beats over decks, you are an artist. Breakfast & Beats brought all of these like-minded individuals together under one roof. Hopefully, this unique experience was only the first of many more to come.

Be sure to follow Quite Right Records here, Pulse of Prophets here, and Abraxas Studios here for future gatherings! Also, check out the Breakfast & Beats Mix Series below.