[Event Review] MoTheRShiP 8

Just a few weeks ago the minions of the underground united once again in celebration of one of the Denver bass music underground mainstays, MoTheRShiP. With a hat-tip to the old school, the map point was revealed at the last moment, urging party goers to head to downtown Denver. As a result, deep inside a warehouse, tucked away in the heart of the Santa Fe Art District, hundreds of bass heads united in the name of bass-fueled beat consumption. This was MoTheRShiP 8.

MoTheRShip was founded in 2011 and has been lifting up the underground with positive vibes and bass-heavy beats ever since. Somewhat of a grass roots organization it has made its mark on the Denver underground scene. That's quite the accomplishment considering it has avoided the use of big name headliners to draw crowds. Along with that, they have stayed out of the overcrowded Denver club and rave scene in an effort to remain true to it's subterranean origins. The best part of the endeavor is the culture and attitudes that it promotes. The ideas it encourages ring true in its mission statement part of which reads:

"Centered around the OneLove movement & the belief that by being supportive of one another, we make more of an impact. By leading-by-example, we are able to create a more united underground. Teaching TruSkool to the New School & KEEP THE VIBE ALIVE!"

MoTheRShiP 8
MoTheRShiP 8 took us back to the underground

Michelle Blankenship, the overseer of the mission and culture of MoTheRShiP, curated yet another perfect atmosphere for like-minded bass heads to gather and release pent-up energy on the dance floor. She enlisted the help of local bass music imprints Quite Low Records and Dungeon Bass Ministry to provide the beats which pounded the ear drums and pumped the heartbeats of heads throughout the 12-hour rager. Some of the underground's finest including: Andron Anomaly, Arthur R, Friends of the Floor, Just B, J-Vision, Le Fresh, Shua, Lindsey Lucky, and Chris Irvin vs. Kevin Martinez.

The Turbosound speaker array connected by Outta Our Heads pushed hard enough to feel the bass in your chest beyond the warehouse doors but not too much for noise complaints to ensue. No surprise here as they've been pushing the underground sound since 1996. From the moment you walked into the warehouse grounds from the parking lot, you could feel the bass rumbling all over your body. The hypnotic visuals provided by Monkey Sound & Lighting were the perfect pairing for the booming beats. Not the seizure-inducing laser arrays you'll see at the commercialized festivals like EDC but more than enough to immerse you further into the vibe that MoTheRShiP was trying to create. The cherry on top of it all was the food provided by The Entrancing Tacos. Other than the bass, this smell of the food sizzling on the grill was the first thing to hit you beyond the warehouse doors. The lines were sometimes wrapped along the walls but the delicious food was worth the wait.

Looking back, MoTheRShiP 8 was a solid late-night affair. It was more than just a gathering of friends and DJ's. It was the type of event that embodies the true nature of the MoTheRShiP experience. Above all else, it stands as yet another reminder that the underground is still alive and kicking. Hopefully that isn't changing anytime soon. One Love. -Bass'D Out DNVR

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