[Event Review] Syd Gris

Syd Gris @ Inner Space
Denver is undergoing a warehouse renaissance and the Syd Gris Party last week is a clear sign of it.

If you venture out into the Denver night in search of a convivial atmosphere, you probably don't have to search very hard. Every weekend is packed with excitement as the various crews around town continue to offer events featuring elite talent. Despite the loss of a legendary venue, the Denver EDM scene continues to thrive. Thus, the hardest part of your evening likely is having to choose one out of the numerous options.

Lately however, a noticeable change in the scene is making its presence felt and the Syd Gris event at Inner Space substantiates that sentiment. Quite Right Records, Blue Records, and Couch Land Collective came together for a late night occasion which gripped the souls of local bass-heads and didn't emancipate them until the first rays of light permeated the warehouse walls. As a result, those in attendance that night witnessed set after set of bangin' beats. Moreover, they got to participate in a growing movement- the rebirth of the warehouse.

The Venue

The irony in finding beauty in a dark, dusty and cold warehouse is palpable. Nevertheless, Inner Space continues to provide a winsome space that consistently attracts the denizens of Denver's underground music scene. Blue Records, Sound Level Music, and Pulse Of Prophets united to transform the warehouse into an ethereal two-stage haven of dance music. Both stages were equipped with a full speaker array and a visuals rig installed around the DJ booth. Impressively, the positioning of each DJ pulpit allowed you to bounce between the stages easily and without sacrificing any auditory bliss to the looming threat of sound bleed. Similarly, the visuals enhanced the ambiance but didn't overwhelm the earnest and underground warehouse feel of Inner Space.

In typical fashion, the Syd Gris show was a private event open to the public. An obvious throwback to the golden-era of raving when map points and info-lines held court. Despite this, the dance floor was packed all night. Clearly, that's a testament to the energy that Inner Space encapsulates and the connection it's made with the loyal members of the Denver underground scene.

The Music

This was an all night event in the truest sense. The doors popped shortly after sundown around 10 pm. Just as the major Denver clubs and arenas started to catch fire and their respective headliners made their way to the booth, the first vibrations of bass reverberated off of the warehouse walls. From that point on, the congregation of bass-heads felt the speakers' continuous auditory push until the last needle dropped at 7 am. Quite Right, Blue, and Couch Land blended their rosters to create a diverse and talented lineup. Additionally, they brought in some of Denver's finest artists to round out a very solid bill.

The supporting roster included: NativeOrigin303, Dsqise, D3lphie, Lexi Fey, and Dj Lady Sage. They all rocked the main stage which was anchored by the Denver standout, DJ mLe. She is without question one of the most respected DJ's in Colorado and always delivers killer sets. This night was no exception and her versatile style was the perfect warm up to the main event. Along with that, Robert W., RottleR, Revenge Killing, Mindphunx, Marvin Jest, Astronoize, Shua, Dzhef, and myalo held it down all night for stage two. All the artists brought their own techniques to the stage and kept the crowd moving all night. Though many of them express their creativity in very different ways, all were able to blend their unique styles seamlessly. An alluring collaboration of sound was cultivated in the process. Above all, they each contributed to a vibrant affair which was highlighted by a flawless two-hour Syd Gris set. As usual, Syd's mixture of tech, house, future, and disco beats took us on a journey. It was the perfect set to carry us through the night leaving everyone feening for more.

With the Syd Gris booking, a duality can be extracted from the statement Quite Right, Blue, and Couch Land are making. First, they're putting

Syd Gris

their stamp on the Denver underground scene letting everyone know, 'We are here!' They were able to pack the house without the use of broad advertising, intense promotion schemes, or a major headliner. That's no small feat considering Blond:ish, KRS-One, Exmag, Borgore, Trampa, Joey Badass, and the Flatbush Zombies where all rockin' stages across Colorado the same night. Secondly, the booking speaks to the ideals that the three promoters support, the types of events they want to host, and what they all represent for Denver EDM. Including a donation drive for Impact is certainly in line with the legacy of Syd Gris. Furthermore, his stature within the San Francisco underground community is well documented. Whether it's his Burning Man Sets that push the minds of burners to transcendent levels or the forward-thinking events 'with purpose' which he created through Opel Productions, his pedigree can't be denied.

The Vibe

Denver is spoiled when it comes to EDM these days. Top tier venues like Red Rocks Amphitheater and the late Beta Nightclub attract the biggest names in the game on a consistent basis. Consequently, in any given week you'll find a plethora of dope music to quench your thirst for bass. However, many feel the the scene is missing, 'the vibe.' Denver EDM traces its roots back to the underground rave scene of the 90's. The recent warehouse renaissance taps directly into that. Event's like these are popping up all over the place and they've created a resurgence in the vibes that made us all fall in love with dance music. The undeniable sense of community and togetherness that the Syd Gris show exuded definitely makes one reminisce about the golden era of raving. Likewise, this party was jumpin' all night long! Thankfully, that vibe continued to permeate as the night progressed.

[Photos by Sean Hartgrove, Brandon Hummel, & Jaybird Photography]


If you missed Syd Gris at Inner Space or other events like it, you're missing out on a special moment in the timeline of the history of the Denver underground. Besides that, you're just plain missing out on really dope parties. The resurrection of the old school vibe is an emanation of the warehouse renaissance. Although it's something everyone loves, it won't last forever. Hopefully, Quite Right, Blue Records, and Couch Land Collective will continue to hold it down for us and keep the movement going. Make sure you catch one of their events soon and witness the rebirth. As always- Long live the underground!

-Bass'D Out DNVR

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