Fatum - The Game

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Fatum – The Game

Every time Armind rolls out another Fatum release we get hyped up due to the group’s inability to produce anything but bangers. That’s something you can all probably relate to. Of course, their tracks are easily some of the best of the year to this point. These guys are carrying the trance movement back to the forefront, yet taking time to tear up the underground along the way. Their latest track, ‘The Game’, easily magnifies that trail of destruction.

Grammy nods notwithstanding, they’re on another level right now because of what they’re doing in the studio. Namely, the way they intertwine heavy basslines with effervescent melodies over beats with frenetic trance BPMs. Certainly, ‘The Game’ exhibits this technique to perfection while simultaneously serving up that underground retro-synth vibe that’s taking hold throughout the industry. Daniel Davis touched on this during an interview with EDMTunes:

“The age gap between Bill and Chad versus Bruce and myself allows for a wide variety of musical inspiration, however, we always seem to agree that we love the 80’s synth-pop era. So, you will hear a lot of our musical influence coming from that decade. “

Besides that, Fatum laced ‘The Game’ with a clever sample which explains the title of the track. Whether or not it’s a reference to a certain scientific theory, is up for speculation. However, the common name that the group and the theory share are seemingly too close for coincidence. In any event, they leave you no choice but to dance your ass off. Pick up your copy of ‘Fatum – The Game‘ now, at one of these links.

Fatum – The Game

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