[Exclusive Preview] Fonzie - Flux EP

Fonzie - Flux EP

The Don of Denver whomp is back with another generous serving of his delicious productions. Eugene Landini aka Fonzie has been a busy man of late. Indeed, Denver area crews are always feening for that filth that Whomp Truck delivers.

Luckily for us, he put his DJ bookings on the back-burner briefly to deliver his latest work to Quite Low Records- ‘Flux EP.’ Fonzie couldn’t have

picked a better title for the 4-track effort.  The bass definitely came flowing hard out of his mind as he smothers each track with heart-pounding resonance. The star of the show is definitely ‘Space Mountain’ with its glitchy flow and face-melting bassline. Certainly, he had utter dance floor destruction in mind with this banger. Then, on ‘Viscous,’ he plays with the rhythms filtering in the midi keys and winding the tempo around his signature glitch sound. It’s clear his production skills are evolving nicely!

Above all 'Flux EP' is a well-rounded addition to Fonzie’s catalog. It’s that ‘Big fat get-your-panties-wet bass that we’ve come to expect from Whomp Truck and Quite Low. Make sure you go and cop 'Fonzie – Flux EP' dropping August 3, 2019! [Available for pre-order today!]

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