Icon of the Past, Present, and Future: Frankie Bones

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Anyone who's active in the Denver underground is well aware of the migration from the club to the warehouse that's underway. Indeed, the warehouse renaissance is setting itself apart as one of the major factors in the future of electronic music. Nightclubs all over the globe are shutting down and the underground warehouse scene is a major beneficiary of that. Nevertheless, the nightclub scene still has the EDM mainstream firmly within its clutches. Meanwhile, the underground uprising continues to attract the icons of the industry.

Back to Where it All Began

George Santayana once said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Normally, this would reference a lack of understanding of the past leading to negative outcomes. Fortunately, in this era of mainstream EDM, that sentiment can be applied in a positive way to the industry's icons returning to the warehouse. A common theme within conversations among old school members of the dance community is PLUR, or lack thereof. Thus, as George would have it, the hottest Denver events are popping up at its underground and late night venues.

If you haven't heard by now, PLUR is one of the pillars of the EDM scene in the US. It's one of the few things that we all love and identify with universally in the underground. Therefore, regardless of which rave scene you cut your teeth in, it traces its roots back to one iconic DJ- Frankie Bones. He coined the phrase Peace Love Unity & Respect in the early '90s starting a counter-movement to the rampant violence of New York at the time. This movement gives rise to an underground scene which moves house and techno away from the super clubs of the era as well. Furthermore, it creates spaces for all to enjoy the music they love while looking out for and respecting one another.

Icon of the Underground

Frankie Bones is one of the few key figures in the industry who transcends time. Not all the kids necessarily know who he is at first glance but they definitely know what he represents. From this it's easy to understand why he's getting so much love from the likes of DJ Mag, Resident Advisor, Insomniac, and so many more! With 30 years in the industry, he's still headlining events while taking time to school the young heads about the history of the game. Additionally, his Bangin' Music imprint, launched in 2016, continues making waves in a sea of talented new techno artists. Besides that, he's using the platform to reissue his most iconic records including digital versions of his legendary Bonesbreaks mixes. Not only is his music pivotal to techno music's past, but it's still revered as iconic today. With these re-releases, Frankie's setting his sound up to be instrumental in influencing the genre in the future too.

Synonymous with the rave, Frank Mitchell aka Frankie Bones is undoubtedly an industry icon. So, as local Denver crew Sunburst brainstorms on a lineup for their next event, aptly named 'Legends,' Frankie is easily at the top of their list of artists to book. Also, the venue, "A warehouse TBA," is the perfect setting for an icon in the game to make his return to the Denver underground. He'll be headlining the party alongside fellow legend Donald Glaude no less! Certainly, this celebration of industry legends is very timely considering Denver is in the midst of a warehouse rebirth.

Above all, Frankie remains as humble as he is true to his art form. After all, that's one of the things which allows his music and message to stand the test of time. Luckily, he's also very gracious, taking some time from his busy schedule to check in with Bass'D Out DNVR. We're hyped to get the opportunity to pick his brain about the old school uprising, and the state of techno. More than anything, however, it's an honor to share the words of a man who's truly an icon among legends.


Bass'D Out DNVR - Lately we've seen several super clubs like NY's Output die off just as underground warehouse parties are experiencing a resurgence. Do you see any similarities between today's scene and the scene from 30 years ago when you started PLUR?

BONES - The scene has evolved from 1990 when Rave Culture arrived in America. But we have had a club scene and DJ culture going back decades before that. The internet fueled the new culture along as far as that goes and it is bigger than ever. I'm glad I was able to help push it along in the 90's

BOD - That movement has made you a transcendent figure in the industry. Is it something that comes up often when you meet people out on the road and backstage at shows?

BONES - It is very interesting to me when I meet people because many of them know my name but have to Google me to understand and sometimes it is a big deal, others not so much. But it's the people who made me who I am and I always try to keep that in mind when I speak to people. Yes, I've done a few things but I wouldn't have been able to do it without support from the people.

BOD - Fabio & Grooverider picked your record “Just As Long As I Got You” for their 30 Years of Rage Compilation. Do you see your latest music having a similar impact 30 years from now?

BONES - I would sure hope people remember my music 30 years from now. I do believe they will because the internet is carefully leaving clues from everyone's back catalog, If it came this far, I am sure it will go another 30 years. I hope I live that long to see it, I will be 82 by then.

BOD - You’ve been known to say young fans of the music always end up gravitating to techno. Why do you feel techno and house never die when the other genres tend to fade out? Do you enjoy the techno tracks coming today’s artists?

BONES - Techno is short for Technology obviously. And it was born out of House Music as was Trance in the beginning. But modern day Techno is just good driving music and it's great to dance too. I never want to say one genre is better than another. I think Drum & Bass is such an interesting genre too. The people are core ravers and are older now. They still love the music. But I think younger kids just need the experience to hear proper techno and they are hooked.

BOD - How does the era you came from influence the music you release on your label today? What can fans expect from Bangin' Music in the future?

BONES - I always called it cutting edge club music - so it is really my own take on whatever is big in the scene right now. I don't play like anyone else, I may sound similar to what people call Business Techno, but my Business Techno is underground. I keep it where it came from.

BOD - In your return to Denver, you'll be playing alongside fellow old school head Donald Glaude. Are you two close at all? BONES - Donald Glaude and I have been buddies for years - never had a bad time playing out with him - he does his thing well. I may not speak to him all the time, but we always have been cool since day one and I respect the man dearly.


Be sure to follow Frankie Bones at the links below and listen to his latest mix. It's definitely a banger! Don't forget to cop your tickets to Legends featuring Frankie Bones and Donald Glaude going down Sat. August 10th, all night long! See you there...

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