Frankie Bones - Legends Mix: Live From Denver

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

In case you hadn't heard, last month's Legends event was off the hook! Techno heads from the far reaches of Colorado's underground scene congregated in the halls of Cluster Studios to celebrate their love of the 4-beat sound. Indeed, it was a night filled with fantastic sets buoyed by one thing- the love of the music. With that in mind, Sunburst Productions smashed together a great lineup of local legends including: Sante & Tony G, LL Bishop, Chris Irvin, Evenflo, and NativeOrigin303! Additionally, they had house legend Donald Glaude on deck along with the icon Frankie Bones. Obviously, if you weren't in the house you missed out on some quality beats. But, luckily for us, Frankie recorded the action and recently released his full live set so we could reminisce about the night.

Before his performance on the night, Frankie checked in with BOD to fill us in on his perspective of the underground scene. Certainly, for someone of his stature, a lot of what he has a hand in creating is changing. Nevertheless he seems to be optimistic about the future of underground dance music.

"...modern day Techno is just good driving music and it's great to dance to."

With this, it's great to see that someone who's been in the game as long as he has still seeing the music lasting for ages. Although EDM is as popular as ever, it's important to always examine the roots of the music to ensure it's longevity. With his Denver appearance, Frankie Bones does just that.

Immediately following his fire techno set, Frankie uploads the full mix to his SoundCloud page for all to enjoy. Furthermore, he writes some thoughtful sentiments about what his return to the Mile High city means to him.

"A city which loved to have me from the early 90's until SFX started dumping money into EDM and ripped the core of the underground until there wasn't anything left. On arrival it was over 5 years since I last played Denver. So this party Legends was going to be special in terms of music."

As you can see, quite a bit of thought went into this set for Frankie and it definitely shines through in the music. For a set that features low key tracks like, 'I'm Losing Control of My Mind - Adam Beyer vs. DBX,' it's no surprise that heads never leave the dancefloor while Frankie is behind the decks. Also, he sneaks in a sick remix of Phil Collins' 'I Can Feel it in the Air Tonight,' by KW Griff. It is an enthralling mix start to finish with eclectic track selection and, of course, mixing at it's pinnacle. Then, further on in his synopsis, he takes a moment to recognize D-town for one of the many things that its become known for besides its love of underground dance music- THC!

"I know Denver is the Mile High City. And everyone is really high. I had no idea what these THC laced candies were going to do, but damn am I lit fam."

We think we speak for everyone when we say, "We stay lit, up in Denver, Frankie. You're welcome."

Early in the night, long before Frankie takes the stage, the denizens of techno begin gathering on the dance floor.

The techno beats were definitely booming all night long and Mr. Bones' set is certainly the crown jewel of the evening. Thus, we're so glad Frankie is a gracious man and takes the time to share this bangin' set and his thoughts with the world. Above all, we're very thankful for all he's done for the music we love in the Denver underground. Be sure to bang this live Denver set out your speakers and follow Frankie Bones at the links below!

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