Bass-Heavy Ball Drop: Freebass NYE Rewind

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The underground express rumbles on throughout Denver following the turn of the decade. With much to be thankful for, heads couldn't resist capping the era off in grimy fashion. Luckily, Freebass is always on the job. Stellar showings at their underground showcases have them set up for longterm success, so why not send 2019 out with a banger? Seemingly, this was their thinking as well which makes this a memorable evening. Moreover, the familiar halls of the Primerdome is a fitting setting for R.A.W. to coax out a collective feeling- An energy and a movement that defines a decade.

It's hard not to boast about the resiliency of Denver's bass music scene. The sheer number of heads in the know seems more like a symptom than a flashpoint. Nevertheless, the weeks continue to roll by without much reprieve from the unending onslaught of underground bass music cultivation. On the other hand, this train's been riding off the rails like that throughout the entire decade. More than anything, it's just a reminder that we shouldn't expect that theme to lose luster anytime soon.

The Curation

Once again, Freebass reinforces its reputation for delivering an assortment of underground Denver's finest beat chefs. Complimentary cuts of filthy beats were served well into the night's waning hours, inevitably closing out the decade. This year's curators include D.O.H., KNYN, Miami, Queen Beats b2b Jason Scott, Shua b2b Ryan Vail, and TekNikol. As you can see, the entire roster possesses the skills to cater to any bass consuming occasion. As usual, Slim_R_I provided the verbal motivation, keeping the energy of the crowd at its maximum output. Certainly, the stream of bass consciousness shifted throughout the Primerdome as a result. In other words, the denizens of bass never lose step with the auditory sensations that reverberate through the venue's walls. After a year full of delicious beats, the Freebass team brings out the cavalry to close out 2019 properly.

Vibes, on Vibes, on Vibes...

If you've got subterranean awareness, then knowing R.A.W. was in town from out west likely piqued your interest. It's infinitely nice being surrounded by like-minded individuals in search of ill beats. Thus, the mere presence of dope hand skills always seems to enhance the energy within its proximity. Beyond this, the Primerdome is a tenured citizen of the underground establishment. Accordingly, the energy in the atmosphere easily forces the community of bassheads to congregate on the dance floor. Moon-faced and tidally locked, the crowd stares at the man behind the digital wheels. Internally, the music lifts us delicately, nudging us into the sounds of another time.

Encapsulated windows of time like this one are the norm nowadays in this area. In fact, they feel like digital invitations to take part in the shared love of beats. Even with 10 years of hindsight, it's difficult to describe the vibes these events create. Additionally, it's timelessly beautiful how the community consistently rallies behind anyone who participates in keeping the movement alive.

Surely, the Freebass team is going to be giving bass freely in 2020 and beyond! Already, they're plotting a return with some bounce in the spring. However, the only pathway to their invite-only-get-downs is through word-of-mouth. Granted, that may be a tough task for the unenlightened. Nevertheless, venturing deep into underground bass music is just all part of the fun. Obviously, we can't wait to see what else Frebass has in store for us in the decade to come.