The Dynamic Four on the Floor

Usually, when you hear the term "four-on-the-floor," you think of 4-beat sounds like house, techno, electro, etc. Although, heads in the Denver underground scene, might perceive this connotation in a different manner. Sure, bassheads in the region definitely share a deep fondness for the 4x4, sub-genres notwithstanding. Particularly, if you belong to the fellowship of the old skool, where our scene cut it's teeth. Nevertheless, a new definition of the acronym FOTF is firmly taking hold. In 2018, this movement takes its first full-lunged breaths initially as a party of three - Soleil, Audio Chemist, Phteven - and have since added a fourth - Jorge Bongo. They are - Friends of the Floor!

Certainly, we all remember the old adage of PLUR, and this group certainly embodies that message. They are four, Peacefully, United as one, with intense Love and Respect, for the underground. Their effervescent house and tech house sounds are as reverent to the music's purists as they are a cohesive unit. However, that doesn't takeaway from the ferociousness that this four-headed monster can deliver in the form of dance floor destruction. With this in mind, whether you're from the old skool or the new, you'd be doing your ears a massive favor by keeping their mixes in your playlist rotation.

Friends of the Floor's Logo

Consequently, it's no surprise that Friends of the Floor consistently occupy time behind the decks, in the bass capital. Notably, their resilient consortium with Denver bass trafficker, Whomp Truck, results in recurring appearances at the Black Box. Or, you might even find yourself embarking on one of their fantastical music journeys by way of the MoTHeRShiP. No matter where you encounter these emissaries of turntable manipulation, you're sure to catch a vibe, and blast off into the 4-beat cosmos. Untz-untz-untz-untz...

Friends of the Floor's 3 founding members.
FOTF's Founding members Audio Chemist, Soleil, & Phteven.

Of late, and like nearly every artist in the industry, Friends of the Floor haven't been able to flex their tech-pecs live, and in-person. Yet another casualty of COVID-19, which continues to ravage the music and nightlife industry. Despite this, the group maintains its offering of beats to heads in the underground with their Friday night Twitch live streams.

Unsurprisingly, you can still feel the energy in their sets pump viciously through your fabricated broadband internet link. Thus, you definitely need to be on the lookout for the next one, coming to a laptop near you.

For now, you can check out their most recent broadcast here. Or, better yet, catch them at Till The Break of Dawn: Under The Stars, hosted by AK Productions and Quite Low Records. They'll be bringing it to you live in stery-erio! If you haven't already, we highly recommend that you get familiar with the vibe this team can provide. Tickle your fancy for the four-on-the-floor, while they tickle your eardrums with some nasty, underground beats.

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