[Event Review] From Global Dub To After Dub

First off, on behalf of the state of Colorado, we'd like to apologize to all the surrounding states for all the noise. While we're on the subject, festival season is in full swing now so sorry for all the noise for the rest of the year too. If last weekend is an indicator, there's gonna be a lot more where that came from. In case you missed the memo (and the shrooms ballot measure we just passed) we like to party!

Props to all the Colorado crews doing their thing! There was an endless amount of bass flowing through the state. The weekend seemed like one long ass party as a result. Things really got going on Thursday night with crews hosting acts including: PLS&TY, Crystal Skies, Of The Trees, Dorfex Bos, Metrik & Rene Lavice, Boombox, Head PE, Perel, and so much more. Friday had not one but two multi-day festivals kick off! One Vibration Festival and Spread The Word Music Festival both boasting big lineups over multiple stages and days is almost to much to handle. Plus, we still had Felix Cartal, Tech N9ne, Diamond D, JSonic, and Tijn at spots scattered around the state.

Dubs Galore

Global Dub Festival 2019

Saturday delivered a huge dose of dubs with Global Dub Festival. The annual Red Rocks event always draws the biggest names in bass music to the state. This year was no different as it brought us several artists who also had to immediately hop flights to Vegas to rock EDC. Kai Wachi, Adventure Club, and Riot Ten all made the Sunday EDC lineup. As usual the headbanging was in full effect and many a neck brace will be purchased in the days to come. Ask any DJ and they'll tell you that the vibes created at Red Rocks are of legendary stuff. Consequently, it was a vibe AK & Quite Low were able to carry deep into the night.

After Dub was able to rattle the walls of Santa Fe Art District storefronts once Dub Fest let out until the Sunday morning sunrise. The energy created at Global Dub definitely held strong and Abraxas Studio was able to absorb it like a lightening rod. Around midnight, we began seeing bassheads matriculate onto the dance floor just in time to see Queen Beats drop a killer set. She definitely set the tone for all the other artists with a set that left many in the crowd at a loss for words. The After Dub lineup was stacked and also included Saltee and Ryan Vail whose 2-hour, 2x4 tag set totally lived up to the hype! Relyt's microphone mathematics were a divine pairing for the bass blessings which that time slot slowly revealed. JDouble grinded out yet another flawless, multi-genre set which has become the standard when he's on the bill. If that wasn't enough, as a special treat, Evasive crashed the party and delivered a fire 2x4 tag set alongside Xeela. What they were able to create together, on the fly, was tremendous. Shua concluded the ceremony of bass with an intricate mixture of liquid that washed over the crowd as the festivities concluded and the last vibration trickled out of the speakers. The only thing heavier than the vibes was the bass!

After Dub was a memorable night and the perfect ending to a long weekend filled with dope music. With this momentum, the collective of AK Productions, Quite Low records, and Quite Right Records are ready to do some major damage in the Denver EDM scene. With several more events already slated for 2019 you can expect us to continue mobilizing our forces. Consider this your invitation to the revolution.

-Bass'D Out DNVR

After Dub Photography by Andrew Bower

More photos will be posted to the AK Productions and Quite Low Records Facebook pages. Thank you to everyone that came out to 'After Dub' We love you!! Our next event announcement is coming very soon!


Be sure to check out Breakfast & Beats Open Air going down May 26th! The last B & B was off the hook so QR, Pulse of Prophets, and The Zookeepers are going bigger and better for this one! It's an ALL DAY event with loads of beats and delicious food! $20 tickets are still available today only! Grab your tickets now and stay tuned to Bass'D Out DNVR for future event announcements!

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