Goat Sighting At Movement Festival Lights Up Twitter

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Erick 'Goat Man' Brown and one of his goats
Erick 'Goat Man' Brown was spotted rocking out to a GRiZ set at Movement Festival with his goat in-tow.

Looks like there was a lot to get hype about at this years Movement Festival in Detroit. Last year, multiple stories circulated about a benefit show for a famous local Detroit resident known affectionately as 'Goat Man.' The story, which can be read here, covered the outpouring of local love for Erick Brown. At the time Brown was in the news following an attack from a couple living in his home. As a result, the community came together to spread positive vibes in the same manner Brown is infamous for, still to this day. Thus, to the delight of many, goat sightings are resurfacing again.

Many reports of the goat sighting are eliciting shares to social media. Check out some of the many hilarious Twitter posts below:

As you can see, not everyone particularly appreciates partying alongside our furry friends. However, for the most part, people were pretty hyped up to see the four-legged headbanger in the crowd:

Positive Vibes

Besides the fire lineup and their sets, this is great to report on, post Movement 2019. Many Detroit area locals are well aware of Brown's story and his goats. Therefore, the goat sighting isn't bothering most. Although, unconfirmed rumors of Brown suffering another recent unfortunate incident are making their rounds among Detroit locals. Fortunately, this didn't seem to put a damper on the vibes at Movement Festival. While the grounds of a techno festival may not be the best place for a casual stroll with your pets, it's nice to see the community rally around someone who's doing their best to spread love to everyone around. After all, that is what the rave community is all about, right? Hopefully, these types of positive vibes continue spreading as we head deeper into the festival season of 2019.

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