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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

One of the great things about the #DNVR scene is that it attracts people from all over to come get a taste of what the #basscapital has to offer. International headliners come from all over to do sold out shows at the 1st Bass(Bank) Center, Red Rocks Amphitheater, the Fillmore Auditorium, the legendary Church Nightclub and the historic Beta Nightclub. Denver never fails to pack the house whenever the bass calls. Besides the big name presences, it also attracts the hungry artists who are on the rise from all over the country.

Faith In May is one of the many who have been drawn to the intense vibe that the Denver scene gives off but, he's not just another name on the long list of producer/DJ transplants from Florida looking to come up quick. While he is hungry, he's not looking to be an overnight celebrity. Hailing from Orlando, he came with fresh beats and a legit drive to earn his stripes in a new music scene. He's come across the country to share his passion and his music. That kind of enthusiasm is what keeps our very deep pool of talent, fresh and diverse. His perspective as a newcomer to the scene are a great insight to Bass'd Out DNVR and we're happy to show you what makes him tick. Check it out...



Bass'D Out DNVR: Do you like bass? What are your favorite genres? Faith In May: I don’t like bass music. I love bass music! My two favorite genres as a kid were Heavy Metal and Hip-Hop because it gave me an adrenaline rush.

BOD: What made you fall in love with dance music? FIM: I saw DJ Gina Turner and Tiesto play at the UCF arena in Orlando, Florida for my first rave back in 2010. The production that those two put on that night hooked me for the rest of my life.

BOD: What inspired you to start DJing? Who are your biggest musical influences? FIM: It's crazy to say but a female music project was what actually inspired me to get behind the decks. The sisters “MayaVanya” from New Zealand are talented artists. One of my biggest influences is Will Swan from Dance Gavin Dance. He made me pick up the guitar. Along with that, Eminem, Nas, Wu-Tang, Korn, Dipset, Rage Against the Machine, August Burns Red, and Andre 3000 are just a few names out of a very long list.

BOD: How did you come up with your alias? FIM: The name has to do with the seasons throughout the year. May is in the spring time which is when natural rebirth happens.

BOD: How involved in the scene were you guys before you started DJing? What types of events did you go to? FIM: I was promoting on an electronic music event company street team in Orlando for awhile and attended many concerts before i started getting myself booked.

BOD: What do you love about the Denver music scene? What do you hate? FIM: The thing i love the most about Denver is how diverse the music scene is here. There are so many different genres and venues.

BOD: What do you like most about performing live? FIM: Sharing my music or any type of music with other people is the best feeling ever. I mean, just think about it. When you are with your good friends or family and someone hands you the aux cord, you are most likely going to show them music that means something to you or a song that made you feel a certain way.

BOD: What goals do you currently have for your DJ career? FIM: I am currently getting ready to get back into a writing phase here at the end of the summer and will get out my first few official music videos. A huge goal for me is getting the visual part of this project out before the year ends.

BOD: Outside of music what are your passions? FIM: I'm a technician for Mercedes-Benz. Cars have played a very big role in my life. Skateboarding saved my life. I'm honestly just a skateboarder.

BOD: Shout-outs? Comments? Upcoming projects?

"Huge shout out to my best friend Josh Zelcer. Also, shout out to Orion, Dom from Amplitude Presents, and to Corey from Sub.Mission for inviting me to play a show. These people helped me get started in the live scene here in Colorado."

~ Faith In May ~

Much love to Faith in May for checking in with Bass'D Out DNVR for the love of Bass. If you haven't checked him out yet now is definitely the time! Follow him on social media because he's killing it and is ready to take that next step! Peep his mix below and BOOK FAITH IN MAY NOW!!!

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