HI-LO & Chocolate Puma – LazersX999

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

HI-LO & Chocolate Puma – LazersX999

The latest Heldeep Records release ‘LazersX999‘ is a new collaboration from Dutch duo Chocolate Puma and label boss HI-LO. The trio of producers is reuniting for the first time since coming together onSteam Train‘ back in 2016. Once again they’ve delivered a fun track for all you house heads to bounce to this summer.

HI-LO aka Oliver Heldens has been a busy man at the helm of his record label founded back in 2015. With dozens of releases from the likes of Firebeatz and Moguai he isn’t in desperate need of fresh material. However, he is staying busy in the studio, keeping his word from his interview with UKF a few years back. Thus he’s finally getting around to dropping ‘LazersX999.’

“I’m working really hard on some new music. Now with a second DJ persona I’ll have to haha. There is new stuff coming up for sure. For both Oliver Heldens and HI-LO. But what’s coming is still a secret. I’m getting really good in keeping secrets.“

Since we last checked in with Chocolate Puma they’ve been busy rocking stages on multiple dates during Miami Music Week. This summer, they’re already locking in multiple dates across Europe. Additionally, they have a huge date in the fall for their ‘A Journey Through House‘ event taking place October 19, in Amsterdam.

Once again, the trio have put together a bouncy house track aptly named ‘LazersX999.’ The booming bass line is smothered in what sounds like thousands of lasers plucked from an Atari video game circa 1975. Turn this track on and instantly see everyone on the dance floor transported to a laser-tag warehouse. Nevertheless, this is definitely a track to get the laser arrays firing at full tilt on every dance floor from the night club booths to the festival stages. Listen to ‘LazersX999 below now and grab your copy today!

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