High Ground Music Festival set to Unlock a New Dimension in Denver

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

High Ground Music Festival Poster Flyer Full Lineup

There must be something in the Denver air that lifts those festival vibes a mile high. It's something the Revelers of the Colorado festival scene can't really describe, thus you have to experience it to truly understand. In other words, you can't get a contact high off of these palpitations - you have to inhale and hold it in! With that in mind, if you're looking to score some of that dank energy, you're in luck. The High Ground Music Festival is making its inaugural run this weekend at Levitt Pavilion and Levitate Events is ready to dab you into another dimension.

Obviously, the underlying theme that initially materializes is that this is just another gimmick to finesse party people out of their snack food savings. To the contrary, High Ground Music Festival is a hybrid plant infused with emotion and cultured for mass distribution. A quote from Noah Levinson, CEO of Levitate and mastermind of the event, describes the moment he lit up those intentions and put them in rotation...


High Ground Music Founder Noah Levinson

"High Ground began as a 'high-dea' when we passed a joint around while discussing the importance of live music. As a seasoned festival-goer and event producer, I explained my desire to create an experience that pushed against the grain of electronic events by offering a chill and vibey solace that embraced a more laid-back, lower-pressure environment. A festival for stoners..."


Beyond this, It pays homage to the sanctity of Colorado's sprawling environment and the spirits of its native inhabitants. As the smoke clears, you'll find deep and meaningful motivations nurturing these seeds of thought into fully crystalized buds. And if that isn't enough to stimulate your mind, check out the official teaser trailer below.

Prepare to Experience the High Ground Dimension

High Ground Music Festival promises a new kind of festival experience that in the words of Levinson, "...embraces all things chill and vibey." Clearly, this is in no way just some stoner pow-wow and acutely more like a finely-tuned sensory adventure. Do not plan on simply getting blazed and slow-bopping to some chill sounds- Rather, it's time to activate the true Reveler within. Furthermore, be sure that all preparations are in order because Colorado's spirit animals: the black bear, elk, and grey wolf, await you in the High Ground Dimension.

"These spirits offer messages that form the pillars of our High Ground community. At High Ground, we love each other and focus on the progression of ourselves as individuals and as a community."

While seeking out what surprises lie in wait for you at HGMF, you'll quickly realize this is its consistent and highly developed motif. Upon announcing the event, Levitate and company make their intentions clear: This event is going to be a whole-ass vibe! Indeed, this quote from their official press release sets the tone for this narrative.

"We do not step onto another field or venue. We step into an entirely different world. Ultimately, our live experiences are about connection: connection with the music, connection with the artists, and, most importantly, connection with each other. We strive for a cohesive atmosphere to inspire connections and profoundly impact our revelers."

From this, it becomes evident that the depth of their efforts at transforming the venue go above and beyond with the primary goal of delivering a distinctive experience. Of course, how successful they'll be at achieving this endeavor remains to be seen. For now, you can obtain further enlightenment on these sentiments and others, by heading over to the HGMF website. In detail, you will find elaborations about all of the amenities, culture, impact, contacts, ways to get involved, an FAQ section, and much more.

High Ground Music Festival is set to host its inaugural event at Denver, Colorado's Levitt Pavilion
HGMF boasts an immersive experience with 2 stages at the grounds of Levitt Pavilion

The Portal to the Spirit World

Besides gaining some insight into your journey into dimensions beyond, you can discover what to expect once you arrive at Levitt Pavilion. Considering they are touting High Ground Music Fest as the first sanctioned EDM festival of its kind at the grounds, the details on the site should pique your interest. Surely, the expectations include next level art installations and cutting edge production interwoven with unique elements tied to Colorado and cannabis culture.

Despite these lofty aspirations, a heavy emphasis on the music remains. After all, this is a festival and the former Insomniac Events promoter didn't hesitate to exploit his industry connections to bring his dream to fruition. Similarly, he delves deep into the Denver underground, resurfacing with a bounty of homegrown Colorado talent. Your curators of chill are as follows:

The High Ground Stage

High Ground Stage curators (from top left to bottom right): Snakehips, KASBO, Louis Futon, Haywyre, Chet Porter, Pluko, Bass Physics, JACKLNDN, Lucy Daydream, Shae District, & Who's Calling

The Levitation Stage

Levitation Stage Curators (from top left to bottom right): WAXCAT, LASZEWO, LYFTD, Mux Mool, Shyghy, Musa, Kid Astronaut, Leondoza, W/OUT, Costello x Coco Malone, & Erin Stereo

As you can see, the lineup is fully stacked with some of the most highly coveted caretakers of chill beats. Although, what stands out here is the emphasis on live performances. As a result many of the artists will be incorporating instrumentation and vocals into their sets. Be on the lookout for a wide array of special guests slated to make appearances on stage. Overall, the production team is promising a one-of-a-kind experience you don't want miss. In their own words:

"Our festival offers a story fused deeply into the experience, beckoning you, our Revelers, to dive deeper and experience more. We could not be more excited to join the rebirth of live music experiences and look forward to celebrating the beginning of something new, something magical, something powerful this coming fall."

If those chill vibes are what you're after, High Ground Music Festival is definitely the move for the weekend. Above and beyond that, it will be interesting to see the outcome of this event and how it will affect the possibility of future dance music events being held at Levitt Pavilion. Be sure to grab your tickets here and follow the links below for the latest news and announcements.

HGMF: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook - Levitate Events: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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