[Interview] An Enigmatic & Compassionate Persona - DSQISE

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Brandon Loyche is a man of many personas which all culminate as DSQISE

Without a doubt dance music is continuing to rise ever since the explosion of rave culture in the '80s and '90s. With the industry approaching the heights of commercialization, it has reached a crossroads and several things will affect its future. For example, the artists in the industry, who're seeing a decline in their earnings, will need to quickly adapt. Specifically, they'll need to find new ways to maintain their prosperity, set themselves apart from the rest, and lean on each other for support.

One promising solution involves a return to some of the industry's roots. For instance, returning to the undergound seems to be a viable option to gather like-minded individuals to share their love for the music. This is something that's already taking place around the world. From this we may be able to tap into a pivotal part of the culture that powered its explosion in popularity- the vibes. Artists in the Colorado underground scene have definitely taken notice and are making moves to bring that energy back to the industry. DSQISE, with his various avenues of creative release in-tow, seems to be at the forefront of that revolution.

Brandon Loyche aka DSQISE is no stranger to the Denver underground of the past and today. After a decade in the game, he's steadily becoming one of Denver's most prolific creators across multiple platforms. Indeed, he's got a firm understanding of what it takes to launch and maintain a successful career in various creative industries. Through Dirty Little Thieves and Monster Truck musically, and Pulse of Prophets and Abraxas Studios artistically, he's left no question about his wealth of talent and drive. Besides all of that, his label Quite Right! Records has become a constant stream of bangin' Denver underground sounds.

Surely, his integrity, reputation and contribution to the scene cannot be questioned. Therefore, it's obvious why he's such a highly sought after artist. However, the most transcendent qualities which DSQISE possesses are his passion and respect for life, kindness to others, and desire to uplift those around him. No surprise there considering his affection for, The Burn. Nevertheless, it's definitely something that comes through in his music. Listen to his track, 'It Matters', and you'll understand. Certainly, those qualities also shine through when he carefully crafts his sets which take dance floor revelers on euphoric journeys. Furthermore, he's tasked himself with reinvigorating the undergound with Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect (PLUR). It's something the scene had in its infancy; it's what captivates us and draws us in. Thus, the scene truly does need more energy like that of DSQISE, and Bass'D Out DNVR is proud to be a conduit to its proliferation.

-Bass'D Out DNVR


DSQISE behind the decks
DSQISE controllin' the wheels for the Fantastic Hosts' Rumpus In The Park

Bass'D Out DNVR: Over the years you’ve been a part of numerous projects from Dirty Little Thieves (DLT), to Monster Truck, and now on a solo mission as Dsqise. How would you describe the way you’ve evolved musically over the years?

DSQISE: I have, for as long as I can remember, found myself listening to and celebrating all sorts of genre’s from IDM to hip-hop, house to dnb, and classical to classic rock- this has stuck with me. DLT was hard hitting electro house, and I have loved harder but groove oriented music since that time, and not wanting to limit myself to just one genre, I like to step into many, even if I don’t play them out as sets, I like to listen and craft a soundtrack to my day and bring that to the time of day and location of where I may play for others. This also seeps into my production, and has propelled my growth as an artist to really explore and step into those areas even more. House and Techno hold the core of who I am. I also have a lot that I dabble around with outside of that, and use that to influence my songs, and how I compose a set.

BOD: What’s different about how you find inspiration now versus what motivated you earlier in your career?

D: When I was younger, my motivation was to always have the crowd react and feel good and be in this moment of losing their shit with me. I of course still want the audience to get lost in the moment with me and the music, but I really focus on playing different styles for different times or playing much longer (4+ hour) sets and really take people on a voyage. That journey, ebb-and-flow, peaks and valleys type shit.

Where can we go, what can we feel together?

DSQISE BOD Quote Image
DSQISE holdin' down the decks at Burning Man

BOD: It seems like your Dsqise alias is the culmination of developing multiple personas over the years.

D: The name is a testament to the multiple persona’s I may take on in listening and creating music and I think came around full circle from the time I created the idea before DLT, to what it is now. As to say that; I want to surprise you, take you places sonically. You never know what you may get, but it will always be appropriate to where we are and the vibrations we want to ride.

BOD: How does this affect your creative process for producing new music and putting together sets when you perform?

D: For a while I thought I had to be one thing or the other genre-wise. It felt not entirely whole, like who I really was, was so much more (not in an egotistical or self centered way, but more of what my energy was saying). So, with DSQISE I want to show diversity, love for all things music, let everything inspire me, and see where that takes me. Hopefully, others will enjoy the ride.

BOD: Besides rocking the DJ booth, you’ve been very prolific over the years as a visual artist, label boss, studio owner, and running the Pulse Of Prophets (POP) lifestyle brand. How do find time to manage it all?

D: I really immerse myself in the things that drive me, but I always battle the ebb-and-flow of creating time for it all. Sometimes I am on point and in a flow and other times something falls off. It’s a daily battle to balance everything, but I review what I am doing and where it’s taking me trying to revise and trim when possible. Visual art has become the main bread & butter as I build my music and the label, but I love to create. Being able to visually match the tracks I create or the one’s that we put out on the label is very freeing and fun. Pulse Of Prophets is the fuel behind the digital brand, the labels, the apparel and events. My business partner and friend Nathan Mynus and I have crafted a vision of all-sensory stimulation and creative direction because it all flows together. POP is definitely the foundation on which everything else is being built because it’s the creative agency for other artists we work with and all artists and label branding/promo. It’s something that works to grow as the music and label does, and fuel it.

DSQISE live at Inner Space
DSQISE tore it down at Feel Good: Syd Gris

BOD: What are you most passionate about out of everything?

D: It’s hard to pinpoint if a certain passion eclipses the other, but I do get lost in creating music & playing it for others most. However, I love having the pleasure of working with other creatives, being inspired by them, and making the most of their music lives. Driving them to create and be as successful as they want to be in music and creation is something I cannot do without. The music and the visuals are just as important as the experience- it’s all as one.

BOD: 2019’s been an explosive year for you with Abraxas Studio taking off, steady growth for Quite Right! Records, and a series of events that continue drawing bigger crowds. What do you consider to be the most critical element to your continued growth and success?

D: Two words I always tell myself are persistence and perseverance. There’re plenty of times where something doesn't work how you expected, do as well as you hope, or even completely falls flat. I have never wanted to shy away from an opportunity that was in-line with what I believe and want to help create. Some things will continue on and be a staple of my life while others will fall off as I navigate through it all. I'm just trying to help our artists reach their vision and give back to the people who support us or need support. We have this one life, this one shot, and if you aren’t going for the shit you truly want, you're wasting your life. That’s not just some cliche quote, it's truly what we're called to do. Share your light with the world, and take yourself beyond what you think your potential is. You are wiser, stronger, and greater than you let yourself believe much of the time. Keep going and rest when you need to. If you truly love and believe in something don’t fucking quit.

BOD: Your next event, Feel Good with Nicky Genesis, is coming up quick! How excited are you for the party and what do you like most about Nicky Genesis?

DSQISE: Man I am Quite Fucking Hyped, ha! Honestly, Nicky Genesis is a fresh artist on the rise and crushing stages all over! I am grateful to have her out for this event and excited to see the energy she brings.

BOD: How is the collaboration between QR, Blue Records, and Couchland Collective going and what can we expect from this collective in the future?

D: Collaboration with Blue and Couchland has been a journey and a lot of fun! We are all working to craft an experience in the underground that takes our efforts further and hones in on feedback from attendees on how we can improve every time. The 'Feel Good' idea comes from bringing an all inclusive, understanding, and fun environment. This stems from our days in the rave scene and the complete acceptance that is given to everyone. People may mock PLUR these days, but the concept and the love was fucking real! I want to keep that energy flowing.

BOD: Any other comments or shout outs?

Truly want to thank everyone who ever came to a show, bought a track, received a sticker (posted said sticker somewhere), shared a post, supports the label (and artists), or supports our artwork/apparel. I'm so grateful and would be nowhere without that support. Lastly, thank you Bass’D Out DNVR for this opportunity!



Major props and appreciation goes out to DSQISE and his whole team! BOD truly appreciates his support and everything he does for the scene. Be sure to listen to his latest mix for Rondo and follow him at the links below!

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