Journey Through The Mind of J Zen

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Coming up in a vibrant underground music scene is something that I have cherished my entire life. That feeling you get when you you hear a fresh new song for the first time or when you introduce something dope to a friend or stranger is unbeatable. That unexplainable vibe that all of us within the scene share is what keeps the music flowing. It's why we're all here.

More than that though, what I love is how you can come across a stranger and find out that not only do you have the same love for the music but, you fell in love with it in a lot of the same ways. Often times you'll find that you may have even been at a lot of the same places at the same time and just never crossed each other's paths until now. That's definitely the vibe I got when I first met J Zen.

Jaime and I met years back at a show and got to know each other on a casual basis. What really stood out for me is that we both come from the south side of Chicago and we both originally fell in love with house and progressive music. Like him some of my original favorite DJ's were John Digweed, and Bad Boy Bill. Plus, we were both just always out 'n' about showing support to our favorite local artists. We were brought together by the music and just clicked instantly.

It's really cool to see someone that you've known for a while start to make moves and come up in the scene. I see that he's starting to get booked at some of the events going down in Denver and is slowly making a name for himself. And now with a year under his belt at doing his radio show, I can tell that he is here to stay and will be helping to keep the music going for years to come. He's definitely a man of few words because he likes to speak to you through the music. Join me as I take a journey through the mind of J Zen...



Bass'D Out DNVR: Do you like bass?

J Zen: Yes!

BOD: What are your favorite genres?

J: Progressive, house, progressive breaks, minimal, trance, and breaks.

BOD: Do you remember the moment you fell in love with dance music?

J: It was between 1986-1987 in the south side of Chicago. I was around 14 or 15 when i first heard the legend of house music, Bad Boy Bill.

BOD: What inspired you to start DJing?

J: I want to bring and share the music that makes me dance and touches my soul.

BOD: Who are your biggest musical influences?

J: With house music: Bad Boy Bill and Richard Humpty Vission; in progressive Sasha and John Digweed; with trance: Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, & BT.

BOD: How involved in the scene were you before you got into DJing?

J: I really only supported local DJ's.

BOD: What is it about the Denver music scene that you like?

J: I like that the scene is getting bigger. With more time it will be a huge scene.

BOD: What's it like as an up and coming artist trying to get yourself booked for gigs?

J: With my day job i really can't promote myself much but I do have a radio station that I broadcast live on, it's I'm live every Thursday night from 8-9pm MST time. My show is called Journey With J Zen Jaime Medina.

BOD: What are you doing to set yourself apart from others in a scene crowded with so much talent?

J: I like to play three different genres in each of my sets. Keep the rhythm changing.

BOD: Outside of music what are your passions?

J: Other than music, I love Nature.

BOD: Shout-outs? Comments?

"Shout out to January will be my 1 year anniversary of playing on on the site. I will be playing for the whole month of January doing two hour sets and each set will be different. I call it, Journey Through my mind."

~ J Zen ~

Big shouts to J Zen for holding me down and dropping a dope mix for the podcast! Please follow him at the links below and don't forget to check out his weekly broadcast as well. The mix is below for your listening pleasure. Progressive and house heads should enjoy this one! And remember, BOOK J ZEN NOW!

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