Keith Mackenzie Set to Shatter The Black Box with Broken Beats

There's no doubt that there's a strong connection between the FL breaks scene and the breakbeats heads of the Denver bass music scene. Certainly, that's why icons of the Florida breaks scene often make it a point to register multiple stops at DIA on their yearly touring schedule. Of course, Denver's SOB Productions is acutely aware of this and is doing their part to help keep the sounds of breaks flowing endlessly throughout the halls of the Denver underground. As a result, it should be no surprise that none other than Keith Mackenzie will be making his return to Denver tonight for a special Valentine's Day performance. Expect Keith to leave those broken hearts full of broken beats tonight on the dance floor of underground bass music hub, the Black Box.

Keith Mackenzie will be in Denver tonight at the Black Box to shatter the dance floor with some broken beats.
Keith Mackenzie

Keith Mackenzie's been a mainstay in the breaks scene for years now so lovers of all things breaks are definitely in for a treat tonight. Indeed, that's a forgone conclusion for a man who's responsible for booty breaks hits like 'Got That Booty' and 'Big Booty Girls.' However, if some of his new stuff is what you're after, you can stay up to date via his Illeven Eleven Recordings imprint. Nevertheless, make sure to get to the Black Box early and secure your spot on the dance floor.

Truly, Sounds Of Bass, continues to deliver those much sought after broken beats to Denver's thick community of bassheads with much enthusiasm. It's no wonder they're single-handedly keeping the love of breaks alive and well in the Denver bass music community. Consequently, that enthusiasm can be felt all the way out to the beaches of the sunshine state. in response, you can bet he'll be loading up his crate with a fresh supply of fat booty breaks for that ass! As you can see below, Keith is definitely feeling that enthusiasm shortly after SOB announces the event. Peep his Facebook post about the gig.

The vibes are about to too real with Keith Mackenzie's return to Denver! On top of that, some of Denver's nastiest broken beat purveyors will be locking down warm up duties. SOB is charging Benny Young, ILL.ME.NGHTY and Breakbeat Mafia with lifting the vibes up before Keith takes over the decks. Let us not

forget the master emcee Slim_R_I will be holding down the mic all evening long to keep the crowd fully motivated.

DJ Hero is heavy in the Denver bass music underground. He's definitely going to drop it as he opens the decks up for Keith Mackenzie.

Furthermore, John Mundt aka DJ Hero will be in the spot to welcome him in. Anyone who knows anything about the Denver breaks scene is definitely familiar with DJ Hero and his grimy sounds. He's been heavy in the Denver underground bass scene since its infancy. If you somehow haven't heard of him, be sure to hit up his Mixcloud and get in the know. His latest Solitude Studios Podcast is straight fire! Better yet, go and grab your tickets for the show here right now and don't miss his set. As a matter of fact, don't miss any of these sets. You will not be disappointed. Come get down with SOB tonight and see just how hard they throw it down- for the love of bass and breakbeats.