Krafty Kuts Descends upon Denver for a Halloween Breakbeat Massacre

SOB & AK Productions Pres. Krafty Kuts OCT 29, 2021 [Banner Flyer]

They say the freaks come out at night. And if that's true, they'll definitely be out on Halloween. Obviously, with Denver being a major hub for underground dance music in the region, we always have plenty of action for bass fiends to exercise their demons with. In particular, this year, the legendary Krafty Kuts' choice of Denver as one of his only two US dates for the occasion gives our creatures of the night something sapid to gorge on. With this in mind, we owe a debt of gratitude to Sounds of Bass and AK Productions for conjuring up a spine-tingling lineup, crawling with the monsters of Denver bass music, for a haunting of Antero Hall.

"Renowned and respected worldwide for his highly technical turntablism, meticulously crafted DJ sets and party-punching productions, Krafty Kuts is in a league of his own. One of the key pioneers in the UK breakbeat and bass movement, Krafty Kuts has multiple awards to his name and has released music with the likes of Ministry Of Sound, OWSLA, Southern Fried, DMC, Fabric and many more."

While most of the other nightlife scenes are cooling off, preparing to shut it down until spring, venues in the bass capital are littered with the carcasses of the underground undead, rank from the torridity.

Therefore, despite the heightening of energy and increased opportunity that normally accompanies Denver's cold-weather raving season, this definitely is not the gathering to be slept on...

...If not for any other reason than to witness Krafty's deadly turntable mastery. Admittedly, he does always kill it whenever he's summoned to the booth and this booking should be no exception. Accordingly, the dance floor zombies will be out in full effect, sporting their finest in 'All Hallows Eve' livery. Although, as you can see above, it's clear he's looking forward to these performances. Not to mention he's emerging from the lab with his newest tracks, filthiest edits, and grimiest mashups, mixed-in to perfection, like a bubbling cauldron full of some dark witch's demented brew. We should expect nothing less than a breakbeat massacre on the dance floor.

Krafty Kuts is no Stranger to the Denver Underground

With AK and SOB joining forces for a Halloween rager, it's pretty much a forgone conclusion that breakbeats are going to thoroughly permeate the lineup. Both crews are doing their part to keep the low end frequencies thumping hard from the warehouse basements to the rafters of the major arenas, in a prolific way. In this case, three stages of booming bass brought to you by some of Denver's most dedicated purveyors of beats should do the trick. In particular, SOB Productions has been on the job, piecing together these underground assemblies, unified by a love of broken beats. It's something they've done for almost 20 years now. Naturally, these shots (above) from the various Krafty Kuts performances that they've sponsored over the years are proof of their dedication to the music. To that point, parallels supporting that notion, among others, are interwoven throughout the artist bio on his website.

"Continuously immersed in beat culture since forming his own b-boy break dancing crew in the late 80s, Krafty Kuts has had his own record store chain, run labels, promoted critical scene events, formed his own band, Wicked City, and performed to crowds of 40,000 alongside the biggest names in music from the Rolling Stones to The Prodigy. Living, breathing and sleeping the funk without compromise."

Similarly, AK Productions continues to emphasize their intentions for carrying the baton so that our tradition of bass music convocation is in no danger of slowing down anytime soon. More importantly, it's an overt continuation of our community practice of cultivating the culture of the underground. After all, the love of the beats is what brings us all together and binds us. But, make no mistake, in Denver, we love our breakbeats- and Krafty Kuts is largely responsible for that. So, if that's something you didn't already know, then it's about time you let him show you exactly why.

Be sure to bump Krafty's Halloween mixes and grab a copy of his new track 'The Sauce.' Also, stay up-to-date on news about AK/SOB events at the links below. Tickets for Krafty Kuts @ Antero Hall are still available here.

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