Lady Sage's Moonlight Sessions Makes 2020 Way Less Shitty

First of all, this is not meant to be a gripe session about this so-called year that has been nothing less than a constant dick punch around the sun. Because, well... We've all been constantly complaining about how the dawn of the '20s is just one long itchy taint- all year long. In fact, the constant complaining - from everyone - is just another attribute of what is already guaranteed to be the worst year of the decade. No Festivals. No clubs. Even the people who got herpes at Coachella last year, shrug and say, "At least 2019 had festivals." Considering that argument, we do still have streams of music, and mixes galore. For example, Lady Sage's Moonlight Sessions are the perfect anodyne for this yearlong pain-in-the-ass and its making 2020 way less shitty.

It would be all too easy to merely posit that Lady Sage is dope so we guess everything actually doesn't suck and call it good. Our last conversation with her substantiates that and it hasn't changed. What's of note here is that she continues funneling mesmerizing beats to the heads in the underground. Particularly, in a year that is anything but lucrative, she continues to do what she loves, for the love of bass. That, in and of itself, is something to cling to during this 365-day long, lube-free colonic of 2020. For an hour at a time, Moonlight Sessions nudges us headfirst into bliss at 128 BPM.

Don't Sleep On Lady Sage Or Her Moonlight Sessions

Specifically though, her most recent episode is straight grimy. Just a ridiculously filthy set back to front. Conversely, it's sort of hard to listen to. This is in no way a reflection of the beats or turntable prowess she puts on display in the mix. Rather it takes several hours to get through the mix because you'll find yourself rewinding it over and over. That pretty much comes with the territory when Lady Sage gets behind the decks. She certainly brings it on this mix. With its thunderous bass house cuts interwoven with heart palpitating electro bangers. The set is a whole-ass vibe, and takes you back to the golden era of electro.

We all know that feeling when you hear a nasty beat for the first time. That's that good shit that takes your mind to a higher plane and we can't get enough of it. So, if you're feenin' for some beats, Lady Sage and her Moonlight Sessions is what you need. Especially, in a year that feels like one long, sketchy-ass come-down right before you have to go to work, right after you just found out that Cookie Monsta died, then found out David Guetta got rated the #1 DJ in the world. Wack... Luckily for us, the Sound Level Music beatstress is on the job - and she's helping make 2020 way less shitty - One mixtape at a time.

Lady Sage - Moonlight Sessions 06

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