If You Love Jungle, You Should be Medicated

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

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Just like an addiction, when drum & bass takes hold of you, it never lets go. There's something about those dynamic syncopations that leave you fraught with intoxication like no other type of music. It can be hard yet liquid; grimy but also rinsed out; uplifting at first then quickly dark and aggressive. It's like the drums are laced with something that fades you quick. Thus, in a moment of clarity, when examining the amalgamation of A7TM3D and Borrowed Drums into a singular force in dnb- the name Medicated Drums, makes perfect sense.

Seemingly, the complex sensations the genre creates are rooted in the contradictory nature of the music. It's the designer drug of dance music - a perfect blend of soulful breaks (Amen) with the perfect dose of rhythm, and just enough harmony to take the edge off. Dnb is the tincture of dance music; from techno to hip hop, you can cut it with just about anything without sacrificing any of its potency. Likewise, the synthesis of sounds from Medicated Drums creates the perfect hybrid blend for all those seeking sonic inebriation.

The Cultivation of Medicated Drums

Like so many of us in the scene, Jason and Jeff cut their teeth in the underground bass scene and are respected as solo artists within the establishment. However, their collaboration is what's fueling their swift rise among the rank and file of the Denver dnb community. Markedly so, their appearance on lineups is increasing rapidly. This is somewhat of a surprise to heads in the scene but if you ask Medicated Drums it's pretty much a forgone conclusion. After rocking the decks together a few times, they new they had some dank shit and haven't looked back since. With their Upfront Range platform they're ready to spread bass to the masses whether bassheads are ready, or not.

Clearly, Medicated Drums has the formula for success. Indeed, crews like Recon and Altitude Sickness are taking notice, wasting no time adding them to their artist rosters and lineups as well. Their upcoming performances alongside the likes of Quadrant & Iris, and Krafty Kuts illustrates this to perfection. Therefore, if you need drum & bass in your life, you better be down with Borrowed Drums & A7TM3D! They don't appear to be losing any momentum. With this in mind, you better jump on the bandwagon now. Because pretty soon, if you want to feed your bass addiction, you're gonna have to go through them.


BASS’D OUT DNVR: First off, thanks for taking the time to chat with me about bass! Glad to have you guys. knowing both of you perform on a consistent basis, most would say that you're pretty well established as solo artists. Considering this, this project seems like it came out of nowhere. What made you decide to form this duo?

A7TM3D: After we started spinning together, we realized we have a very similar sound. Our taste in music, tracks, and vibes are ultimately what makes us form the duo.

BORROWED DRUMS: Jason was considering moving up to Denver from Colorado Springs, in part, to push Upfront Range more in the Denver area. We hung out at a few shows and one night he asked, “Do you want a roommate?” Once we started living together it was a no-brainer. We have a few mutual crews too, so we'd constantly be pushing a lot of the same sounds. The Medicated Drums thing just developed organically from there.

BOD: Wow, I didn't realize you were so close before forming the group. It's fascinating how fast you managed to develop such a chemistry. What do you appreciate most about each other's sound?

BD: For me, it’s that our styles mesh so well. We figured it out right from jump too, after playing just a couple afterparties together.

A7T: I like that regardless of what subgenre Jeff's playing, it's always vibes- dance floor focused vibes. I dig that about his sound.

BOD: I’ve seen you both perform solo but not yet as Medicated Drums. What would you say is the biggest difference between your solo and duo sets?

A7T: I have a penchant for going a bit dark or hard sometimes. That’s probably the biggest difference. In my solo sets, I feel like my darker side comes out more than it does during a Medicated set.

BD: I would say, as a duo we prep more and push ourselves harder to execute at the highest level. That’s not to say that either of us wants to hold the other person back in any way - quite the opposite actually - we elevate each other. Not to mention, we get better time slots as Medicated Drums. As a result, we get to play some of the harder and darker flavors we both enjoy.

BOD: That's interesting. So, it sounds like you’re saying that’s a wrap for any prospects of solo endeavors for the time being.

BD: The Medicated Drums project has been our primary focus for nearly two years now. We do still have individual projects or bookings from time-to-time though. We’ll probably do more of that in the future. Medicated is our main focus, but in the end, pushing the sound we love is what really defines us and we're open to whatever format that might be.

BOD: That’s what’s up! You have a good thing going so keep doing what you do. On the subject of duos though, you must feel some type of way about Quadrant & Iris coming to Denver.

BD: I’ve been a fan for a long time. They always throw down, so I’m stoked for the opportunity to open for them. Living in a U.S. dnb hub has been quite a blessing. Nearly every touring dnb headliner stops in our city.

A7T: I'm extremely stoked for Quadrant & Iris! They’re an amazing duo – they’re great solo artist too – but, yeah, when you put them together, the energy is amazing. I can't wait to rock out on the dance floor to their set.

BOD: I’m sure most heads in the area would agree with those sentiments, for sure. So then how pumped are y'all to have another golden opportunity to rock the decks at the Black Box?

BD: We are forever grateful for the Black Box and any opportunity to play there. It’s nice having a venue dedicated specifically to bass music, although I always feel like there could be more dnb. The Black Box came at a time when a bass music specific venue was sorely needed in Denver. The timing was perfect.

BOD: I feel you on that. Sub.mission definitely swooped in nicely to fill that void. Crews were doing their thing back then, but the bass-centric sector of the scene probably wouldn’t be as vibrant without that movement, right?

A7T: The Box has been a bastion for bass music in the bass capital. They are definitely the premier spot in Denver. Personally, I think Nicole [Cacciavillano] does so much for the scene- for bass music in general. She just pushes the sound a lot. Big ups to the Box and to Nicole.

BOD: No doubt, mad props to their whole team for providing our artists with a platform that continues to help cultivate underground bass music. That's what Bass'D Out DNVR is all about. On that note, what can fans expect from Medicated Drums & Upfront Range in the near future?

A7T: Lately, we're both getting more into production, so they can expect some new tunes from us here soon.

BD: We have a new track due out which we recently wrapped up and we’re planning on teaming up for more.

A7T: Definitely. Watch out for those!

BOD: That’s what I like to hear. What’s up with the gigs?

BD: We have a couple gigs coming up quick. We're booked for the Recon event with Quadrant & Iris on Saturday, September 11th [their anniversary show on October 9th with Liondub will be big too by the way]. Then, Sounds of Bass & AK Productions put us on their October 29th Krafty Kuts lineup; our first set for SOB as Medicated Drums. Then, SOB has Deekline coming out on November 13th. Honestly, there are way too many good upcoming shows to even try to mention them all- that's why I love it here!

BOD: Say less, bro. Just take my money! Glad to hear you’re staying busy though fellas. Is there anything else you’d like the people to know?

“I just want to shout-out Ryan Vail, the bossman of Altitude Sickness; and the Recon and Upfront Range resident, Craig DeBolt. Those two were the first to give me a shot in Denver. I’m forever grateful. Big ups gents!” -Borrowed Drums

Mad love to A7TM3D & Borrowed Drums aka Medicated Drums for checking in with BOD and dropping a fire guest mix for the BOD Podcast! These two are definitely holding it down for the Denver underground. But, don’t take our word for it. Go check them out at their upcoming gigs and see for yourself. Or, between gigs, catch their weekly live streams every Friday from 4-6 pm MST on Twitch, Mixcloud, YouTube, and Facebook. Big things are coming from these dudes so please follow the links below and smash those subscribe buttons so you never miss a beat.

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