[Interview] Denver's Filthy DnB Queen: MsTøxiic

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Samantha Kerrigan aka MsTøxiic
MsTøxiic and her dirty-toxic empire is taking over... [Photo by Phreeman Photography]

The grimey sounds pumping out of speakers from all corners of Colorado, specifically in Denver, have earned the city the title of 'Bass Capitol.' This is a result of its numerous DJ's and producers who have a heartfelt dedication to their craft. Samantha Kerrigan, better known as MsTøxiic, is a prime example of this. She got her first introduction to bass music in the fall of 2008 at the legendary Skylab and never looked back. For over a decade now she has given her heart and soul to the scene and has definitely left her filthy fingerprints all over it.

As somewhat of a bass music renaissance woman, Sam has her hands in all kinds of projects. She founded and still runs the ever popular Tøxiic Entertainment performance crew which provides breathtaking eye-candy for all kinds of events. Having performed alongside some of the heaviest hitters in the game like 12th Planet, Excision, AK 1200, Zeds Dead, and Dieselboy, she's become a seasoned vet. Whether it's a burlesque show or providing go-go performers, costumes, or promoting- you name it, she's done it. On top of that, in her spare time (however limited) she shares her beauty with the world and has become a well known CO model.

A while back we crossed paths with MsTøxiic at The Black Box where she was doing event photography and we had a quick chat. In that short conversation, it was easy to tell she was one of the most down-to-earth, humble, and enthusiastic people in the industry. Obviously, that's a huge part of why she's been able to remain such a fixture in the Denver bass music scene. She even shared that she recently signed on to become a resident DJ for the popular local bass music crew Language. Luckily for Bass'D Out DNVR she was gracious enough to take time away from her busy schedule to tell the story of how she became one of the most sought-after artisans in all of Colorado.


Bass'D Out DNVR: With all the things you’re involved in it’s obvious there’s nothing you can’t do but, what is it about bass music and the scene in general that captivated you?

MsTøxiic: I fall for anything with a good beat, distracted sounds, deep bass and earnest lyrics. I played the stand-up bass through school and knew I wanted to do something further in the music industry, but what? A new friend of mine from Portland (Abby) took me up to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and they put on my very first encounter with dnb music, it was the LIFTED mix featuring Ewun, Evol Intent, Dieselboy, and Spor… I was mesmerized and in awe. Soon after I went to my first rave, Skylab 2008 and saw the TeamEZ dancers on stage; I was hooked and fell in love with the scene.

BOD: Fast-forward to 2009, when you launched Tøxiic Entertainment. What do you remember most from when you were just getting started out? What’s different from then to now being 10 years deep in the game?

MT: The toughest part I believe was trying to really push for new and exciting things to occur as nobody in Pueblo had really seen what I was doing before, and nobody could afford it. Seeking talent in Pueblo was difficult as it was always other people’s hobby or side hustle, but for me it became a lifestyle. After 10 years of ups and downs in the scene I find that there is still something new and interesting to learn every day. I have met so many amazing and some not so amazing people… and I have made lifelong friends that I can share my passions and my true self with. Life is about the journey and I just strive to be a better person each day. Now, the difference is I know more… I know more people in the music and performance community, I know more about the industry, I know more music, it not just about more… but I also know quality and love.

BOD: What led to you linking up with Language for a residency? Describe the Language Crew in one word.

MT: I’ve been going to Language shows since they started and pushed to provide something new within the dnb scene. A few years ago, Language Denver and Tøxiic Entertainment linked up to provide Denver with a unique experience which included us performing flash mobs during their shows. After one evening at the Language Denver house, I stepped in on the decks and threw down a few dnb tracks. Captivating those that didn’t know I could spin, the “talk” about me becoming a Language resident began. In December 2018 I was added to the Language Family and I am only looking up! In a word Language is Ingenuitive!

MsTøxiic "Leather" [Photo by Preeman Photography]

BOD: What gets you more recognition: being a model/owner of Tøxiic Ent., or DJing as MsTøxiic? Why do you think that is?

MT: I guess I get different types of recognition from different parts of the nightlife community depending on what I’m doing. To be straight forward, for me it’s all about the adrenaline and connecting with the music and the crowd, regardless of what talent I’m performing on stage. I appreciate the recognition, but I care most about just being able to do the things I’m passionate about with the people I love.

BOD: How was your birthday? What motivated you to throw that vision board party? Will you do it again in the future?

MT: We had an amazing time! I had close friends DJ all through the night, another friend brought his Tibetan Singing Bowls; lots of love and laughs were exchanged. I gave everyone a small notebook and challenged each person to write their bucket list in them and keep it on their person as often as possible. I didn’t want the party to be about me and my birthday, I wanted it to be about all of us and our passions and making new connections. It’s been years since I’ve actually had a birthday party and this year, I wasn’t really sure how I was feeling. As I was lying in bed thinking up a storm as per usual, I remembered I had been wanting to put together a vision board for inspiration… then it came to me; I want others to be inspired as well! Why not invite my friends over so we can all gain inspiration from one another and put the wheels of success in motion? In the future, I will push to keep inspiring others.

BOD: What’s the hardest part about being a DJ? Hardest part about being a model? What gives you the most satisfaction?

MT: I think when it comes to being a performer in general the most difficult part would be always curating new and exciting experiences for myself and others; otherwise the most difficult part would be finding the time to do it all. I’m sure most entrepreneurs can relate. People that don’t understand who I am or what I am doing will always criticize me, but those people push me even harder to be better and do more! I think the best part of performing is the crowd reaction... when I can make someone's night by playing that song they didn’t even know they loved or throwing down some sick moves that inspires someone to find their own flow…. It’s one of the best feelings in the world!

BOD: What should fans expect from you and your Tøxiic empire in the future?

MT: Expectations are a tough one. I try not to give others high expectations nor have too many myself, as life is ever changing. I just push to do better each day and keep an open mind. Fans can continue to expect quality talent at any event we are a part of or create; and they can always count on us to be respectful of them and those that we collaborate with.

MsTøxiic  -via Phrenetic Phreeman
MsTøxiic in her 'UV' photo shoot...

BOD: With that kind of ambition, you must have a solid team behind you. Who would you like to shout-out?

MT: Shouts to my Grandma and Great Aunt who both passed away but, basically raised me and always, always supported my endeavors. I’d like to give thanks to my closest friends that I consider my family that have picked me up in my darkest moments. Big ups to anyone and everyone that ever gave me a chance to perform on a stage in front of any amount of people. Thanks to any talent that has ever worked with my company, and to those who have booked us. Much appreciation to those that gave me any sort of direction when it came to conceiving my own talents. I can’t forget; anyone that ever let me sleep on their couch when I was back and forth between cities, doing what I love.

"Most of all I have to give love to my husband, DJ Tony Knight and our son Zen, who are my rocks and keep me solid and drive me to be my better self."


Huge thanks to Samantha for taking the time to check in with Bass'D Out DNVR! We love her and everything she does. You definitely need to keep a close eye on her because she is no doubt on the come-up. Check out her social media below to stay up to date on the latest from her and her crew and give her latest mix with her husband DJ Tony Knight a spin!

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