‘My Escape’ Video Features New Kygo Life Products

Kygo Life ratchets up promotion with ‘My Escape’ video.

In 2016, Kygo took his passion for music and technology and melded it with his love for Scandinavian design. As a result, Kygo Life is Kygo throwing his hat into the lifestyle brand arena. Much of the artist’s project is kept under wraps with only his bluetooth earphones and sound app seeing the light of day so far. Yesterday, by releasing the ‘My Escape‘ video, promotion for its product lines is ratcheting up.

Kygo Life is quite the passion project for the Norwegian producer/DJ famous for his hits “Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Kygo Remix)” and Firestone feat Conrad Sewell.” The ‘My Escape’ video highlights all of the aspects that the brand stands for: music, design and technology. By putting himself in direct competition with the likes of Dr. Dre and his ‘Beats‘ line he must be in the lifestyle brand game for the long haul. In Fact, the Kygo Life website quotes the man with sentiments to that effect.

“Like my approach to everything, Kygo Life is driven to continually improve. So, as each product evolves it embraces the latest technology and focuses on perfecting the details until I’m absolutely happy the end result is the best it can be.”

‘My Escape’ also highlights the newest addition to his line: the KYGO A11/800 Headphones. The Scandinavian influence can clearly be seen in the sleek design of the headphones. Furthermore, the Bluetooth 5.0 technology, touch panel, and 40 hours of playing time deliver the latest in headphone tech. Thus,  this latest addition to the line brings the Kygo Life mission statement full circle. Kygo himself was delighted about his new gear saying this:

“I’m super-excited about these noise-cancelling headphones. They’re brilliant for blocking out any unwanted distractions while I’m travelling on tour. Especially when I’m working on music and need to focus or when I just feel like switching off.”

It sounds like (pun intended) the Kygo Life brand is getting off to a great start. Fans of Kygo have a lot to be excited for and ‘My Escape’ is proof of that. Check out the video below and be sure to follow Kygo and his Kygo Life empire!

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Follow Kygo Life: Web | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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