NASA Wants You To Curate The Playlist For The 2024 Moon Trip

Making headlines last Friday, NASA rolled out some exciting news about new missions it’s planning for the next decade. First, they are finally getting the ball rolling on their plans for a new lunar voyage. By 2024, the expectation is that humans will once again step foot on the moon. In addition to that, they will make history by sending the first woman to our distant satellite.

Above all, the most interesting news is that by 2028 they expect the moon to have a permanent human presence. Obviously, the moon trip is the first ‘small step for mankind’ to eventually set foot on Mars. With this in mind, they are calling on everyone to help out with the first leg of the expedition. It’ll be a three-day commute to the moon from earth and NASA wants your help making a road trip playlist.

In 2011, NASA launched ‘Third Rock Radio‘ in an effort to connect with the youth and build enthusiasm about science. In hindsight, this move totally makes sense considering the younger generations will be the ones manning future missions. At last, that vision is coming full circle and for the 70+ hour moon trip, they want you on aux cord duties. 

The last NASA musical collab included techno legend Jeff Mills who got the nod to curate a radio show. This time, they want all hands on deck so now ‘s your chance to provide the soundtrack to a moon trip! In celebration of the Apollo 11 mission, NASA will take submissions from June 3-28. Additionally, they’ll broadcast the playlist on a live episode of Third Rock Radio on July 13-14. Get ready to go deep into the crate for this because it’s time to put your track selection skills to the test!

Be sure to submit your moon trip tracks via this form or simply post a link on Twitter with the hashtag #moontunes. However, before you do, check out the submission rules here. Remember to tune into Third Rock Radio in July to see if your beats made the cut.

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