NativeOrigin303 - Legends Mix

NativeOrigin303 just dropped a special promo mix and it's straight fire (of course)! In anticipation of Sunburst's Legends event going down tomorrow, he recently rolled out a fresh set of house beats to get you pumped up for the show. He definitely delivers with 60 minutes of straight heat back to front. If you're slacking-off up to this point, it's time to go and grab your tickets to Legends now!

If you haven't been able to catch one of his sets live lately, you've been missing out. Brandon Lee aka NativeOrigin303 doesn't hand out free mixes very often but when he does, you'd best get in line to get your copy. Before this, his last drop is a recording from his appearance at Quite Right Records' Breakfast & Beats Open Air. Before that, months pass before he publishes a new mix. So, it's definitely a special occasion and NO303 definitely doesn't disappoint.

As with all of his sets, the transitions and mixing are super on point! The highlight of this mix though- track selection. For example the beat at around 20 minutes is so smooth you barely notice how it gradually increases the energy of the mix. Then, at around 33 minutes, he elevates the tempo again with a bumpin' house track that's sure to get anyone not yet gyrating on the dance floor to start moving their feet. Finally, at around 41 minutes in, he slaps another fire track into the mix. Somehow, Mr. Lee continuously upgrades the vibe of this set from beginning to end. It's a true testament to his skill behind the wheels. More importantly, it's the biggest reason why you cannot miss his upcoming gig!

Check out NativeOrigin303's latest mix, follow him at the links below, and make sure to grab your ticket to Legends featuring Frankie Bones and Donald Glaude today!

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