Put Your F*king Hands Up For DNVR...

i don't care where. I don't care when. I don't care how much (pay the damn cover!). If you know anything about the DJ scene in Denver, you know that we are spoiled af and blessed with odorless shit. What you may not know is that quite a few DJ's will rarely take gigs here if at all. The reason for that is none other than the simple fact that DNVR LOCALS KILL SHIT.

After a few weeks of seeing some ridiculous sets, I started to make it a mission to see as many DNVR locals as possible. It's something I still do to this very day. They keep the scene going. They take last minute bookings, filling in for f*kboy DJS that f*ck off their timeslots. They rock the opening sets to set the vibe and close out the wildest nights, making sure that your last hook-up attempt has just the right tone. Everyone here reps the f*ck out of the scene for us and they are a massive part of why we are the #basscapital. They deserve our SUPPORT. Or at least a beer....

Tonight DNVR is treated to a nice mix of veterans and up-and-comers. Your DNVR locals roster for SAT 3/18/2017 is:

Breakbeat Mafia | Dj Diabolic | Shua

Dirty Rotten | Korben Dallas

The NVision Crew |Hazy Meadow | Schumacher Hartsorn

Evasive | Pacman

Vertigo Emcee | Ill_icitt | Stereo Nine

Slim_r_i | Danny Bledsoe

Brett Starr | Danny B.

Alan Bean Quintana-Galves| Roamau Control

Dayquill | BANZULU

Ghostboy Jones |Solid | option4

Nibumbu | DreamWalker


GoldyLoxX of The Acidophiles

Erothyme | Aaron Bordas

Ishe/Tnure (But You'll Always be Ishe to me, now get off my lawn!!)

Give it the fuck up for these titans of industry..... Holding it the f*ck down for DNVR. Lot's of "Headliners" in town tonight (as usual) but TRUST ME (Your resident EDM black person) wherever you go, catch a set from one of these cats, then go take a shit and call me in the morning. The girls will be cuter, the drinks will be stronger, and the #bass will be richer. Or.... you'll be wasted by 10:15 and passed out in the homie's car (aparently it was your turn this week). We are the f*cking #basscapital for a reason! Anyone else trying to claim that shit is infringing on our copyright.


BreakBeat Mafia - FLAWLESSLY Mixed Breaks - S.O.B. Repre-fucking-sents. Bet their set is better than the Freestylers' set.... Plus, THEY STILL HOST EVENTS. Respect. Who remembers Woodwork?

Dirty Rotten - Dirty Breaks // Electro Breaks // DnB // Jungle // Panty Drop - Underground Champions. Just like everyone else I love these dudes. Respect will take you very far in this industry as long as you're a good DJ. (ie: Glaude, Cox, Dan, Benassi, House Connection, Wink, or any other big names still getting booked in niche genres these days as a DJ)

Tnure - All Styles// Retirement Home Beats // Sobriety Samba?? - Denver OG, Burner OG, DNVR Dubstep pioneer, Sub.Mission alum, FKA ISHE, AKA Skrillex's Dad. I remember seeing him with the bling faced crew back in the day thinking, "This dude is weak ok on the decks." Then just a couple years later having to ask myself: Why the fuck has he not blown up yet?

Also: Diabolic, GoldyLoxx, Evasive, Dayquill, Hazy

Best Headliner: Slick Shoota or Excision

Also: Freestylers

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