Saltee – 1M (Original)/Black Wands Remix

The summer heat is relentless this year so it’s no wonder things continue to heat up on dance floors throughout the Denver underground. Likewise, Quite Right Records continues lighting up the decks with one heater after another to feed the unending hunger of the techno fiends of the scene. Just in time for another feeding frenzy, Saltee arrives with his new track ‘1M’ adding onto the QR menu of delectable beats.

Phil Scilippa aka Saltee
Saltee is a master of beats on virtually all bpms. His latest 4-beat record is a definite treat for technoheads!

Like a dinner bell, the thunderous drum beat of the bassline rings out, calling for a million denizens of techno to make their way to the dance floor. As he slowly drips in the angry synths and samples, you can almost hear the sizzling roar of their grunts echoing off the walls as they begin to fill up another dark warehouse. Certainly, this is exactly the type of track that can whip a dance floor into a frenzy.

Alex Maya aka Black Wands
Black Wands has been killing the techno game for Quite Right! Records as of late and his 1M remix is no exception!

Picking up where Saltee seemingly leaves off on the original, the ‘1M Remix’ by Black Wands delivers the feel of a techno dance floor crowded with a million beat-thirsty inhabitants. The dark vibes of the original give way to a more melodic feel with the canorous synth Blank Wands drizzles over the beat. Its enthusiasm energizes the beat, signifying a dance floor come-to-life. The ‘1M’ original and remix complement each other perfectly, turning this techno entrée into a full course meal. Let the beat engorgement commence...

-Bass’D Out DNVR

Listen to both versions below and pre-order your copies of 1M (Original Mix) & 1M (Black Wands Remix) [OUT 09.06.19]. Beatport // Traxsource

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