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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Good things come in pairs, right? Turntables, headphones, tickets. Everyone would agree that two minds are better than one. Seems like anything in pairs is a good thing. (Well, except pants. Because, fuck pants!) This rule definitely applies to music as well! DJs and producers have been coming together for years and creating some of the dopest projects around (Daft Punk, anyone?). Denver and it's wealth of talent is no exception to that. Enter, Sexualmente.

Translated into English, sexualmente means: sexually. The name, while some may consider it somewhat risqué, is a perfect fit for the DJ duo of Mr.E and Miss Vibe! "Ask any of our friends and you'll understand why", is what they'll tell you. Considering they found the name on the back of a condom wrapper, I'd be inclined to agree. But, more importantly I think the name they've given themselves represents passion.

After getting to know them a bit, I can tell they have a huge passion for music, a huge passion for events and an even bigger passion for life. They inject that passion into everything they do and want to share it with the world. Hailing from AZ, they have brought with them the love for dance music that they both fostered in the Arizona night club, festival, and rave scene. They spread love across all genres of the music and more than anything just want to see people come together across genre lines no matter what type of music you're in to. That must be why they started Vibe Essentials event production.

I was stoked when Brittany aka Miss Vibe told me she and Jason, aka Mr.E would both be down to drop a guest mix for my B.O.D. Podcast and do a quick interview. Like them, I just want to share my love of music with the world and show everyone what the #basscapital has to offer! Here's your chance to get to know Sexualmente, learn about Vibe Essentials, and get a feel for the vibes they bring. Enjoy!


Bass'D Out DNVR: Do you like bass? What are your favorite genres?

Sexualmente: We enjoy bass on occasion. Favorite genres are always hard for us, we generally like all music. If we had to pick a favorite, it would probably be House in all its many varieties. We also enjoy Techno, Drum & Bass, psychedelic music, Breaks, Hardcore and so much more.

BOD: Describe the feeling you had when you fell in love with dance music.

S: Acceptance and understanding that all music tells a story and can bring out every emotion possible.

BOD: What inspired you to start DJing? Are you still influenced by anyone today?

S: The music is our biggest inspiration. The feeling we get when playing or even just listening to music is all we need to keep the passion alive. The only other influence we have had over the years comes from our friends who have just as much love for music as we do.

BOD: How did you come up with your aliases? Why did you choose, 'Sexualmente'?

Miss Vibe: Miss Vibe was a nickname I had back in my early rave days, it was chosen because I’m always working on spreading good vibes.

Mr.e: Jason E is my actual name. The E is the first initial of my middle name Edward. I decided to change my name to Mr.e because I’m a mystery. Sexualmente was found on the back of a condom wrapper. The name although being a little seductive or risqué some might say, fits us perfectly. A few stories from friends and you would understand why.

BOD: How involved in the scene were you before you started DJing? What types of events did you go to?

Mr.e - I first experienced the scene in Washington state, where I worked as a bouncer for a local club. I soon fell in love with the music and people and started enjoying the events as a party goer instead of working them. Not long after I bought my first set of turntables and moved to Arizona. Within 3 months I was Djing at warehouses and desert parties near Phoenix.

Miss Vibe - I started going to events in 1999, later met Jason at a rave called Bubblefun in November of 2000. He had already started Djing by then, but hadn’t played out yet. I didn’t pick up the art of mixing until 5 years after we met. We would go to events almost every weekend. We both joined up with a handful of crews while living in AZ. Vibe Netwerk, Eleven11 Ent., Idea DJs to name a few. We also did work with Emaginiation.

S: We went to many types of events. Not only the underground rave scene in warehouses and deserts, but we also enjoyed the burner scene, the psytrance scene, as well as the Scottsdale club scene, house parties, first Fridays art events, and even rock concerts.

BOD: If you could change something about the Denver music scene, what would it be?

S: One of the main issues we have had with the Denver music scene is the lack of connection between genres and those that like said genre. Although there is a lot of variety in Denver, we would like to see more multi genre events, and people coming together whether you like DnB, Techno, Psy, House, or Hardcore. Why can’t we all just get along?

BOD: How long did you two date before you started DJing together? What was your relationship like then?

S: We dated for 7 years before Djing together. Our first event we played at together was Another Crazy Night of Raving in 2007. We played a two hour Happy Hardcore set.

Our relationship then was a lot like it is now, full of love, fun, music, understanding, compassion, compromise, kids and pets.

BOD: What are the differences between performing live together versus separately? Is it harder to get booked together?

S: When we perform live we constantly motivate one another. If one of us is having an off day, the other can pick up the slack. Sometimes just noticing the other one doing better is enough to snap out of your funk and put on a better show. It’s not hard to get booked together, in fact we get booked together more often.

BOD: Can you describe how being in a DJ duo influences your live sets or mix-tapes?

S: Two minds are better than one. Being able to talk about the music directly with someone else and get their opinion on it can really help you decide what direction to go. It also helps with every day life, if one of us is busy the other can get the mix-tape done.

BOD: Outside of music what are your passions?

S: We are passionate about life! Raising our kids, growing together, we also love to travel, although we don’t get to do it as often as we would like.

BOD: Shout-outs? Comments? Upcoming projects?

"We are the creators of Vibe Essentials, give us a like on Facebook. A couple upcoming events you can see us at: A Night of PSY at Lincoln St. Station on August 25th and TreeHouse of Horror w/ DJ Venom at 1010 Workshop on October 27th."

~ Sexualmente ~

Much love and appreciation goes out to Mr.e and Miss Vibe aka Sexualmente! It's always great to speak with fellow veterans and heavy contributors to the Denver music scene. I've been to some of their events and have seen them perform a few times and I guarantee you they do not disappoint! Follow them at the links below and cop tickets to their upcoming shows but most importantly...


MissVibe - FB: @MissVibeDJ | SC: DJ Miss Vibe | MC: VibeEssentials


Mr.e - FB: @DejayMr.E Bookings:

Sexualmente - FB: @MissVibe.JasonE | SC: Sexualmente | MC: Sexualmente


Vibe Essentials - FB: @VibeEssentials


08.25.17 - A Night of Psy feat. Triceradrops & Tektriks - The Tr3hau5 - Sentinel 7

10.27.17 - TreeHouse of Horror w/DJ Venom & James Hampton - Lincoln Station - VibeEssentials

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