[Interview] Shua - The Underground Is Quite Low

Not many Denver artists have had a better year than Shua. Late last year he launched Quite Low Records, a bass-heavy imprint in the Quite Right Records family. From that point on he has delivered one dope track after another from some of Denver's most under-appreciated artists. Besides that, his mixes have been getting quite a bit shine as well. The last two he dropped reached the top 5 of drum & bass charts on Mixcloud.

From this it's easy to see why Shua has a consistent booking schedule. Promoters don't just want to feed bassheads their fix but they want to get them hooked and keep them coming back for more too. That's what Shua can deliver. His raw, bass'd out sets are always flawless and mixed perfectly in key. No doubt he's become one of the heavyweights of the Denver bass music scene.

Although Shua's no stranger to the scene, it's been a while since he last checked in with B.O.D. In light of all the recent developments with Shua and Quite Low, we definitely felt it was time to catch up with the man and see what's new. Along with that, we felt it was a good idea to get in on his chart topping streak with a fresh mix; just in time for his set at 'After Dub' this weekend. He absolutely delivers the bass as usual and has us pumped up for After Dub and for what the future holds for Quite Low Records.


Bass'D Out DNVR: Last time you checked in with B.O.D. you were just getting the label going. What’s new with you these days now that you’re a legit label boss? How is Quite Low doing? SHUA: The launch of Quite Low Records late last year has been a great experience, although I tend to cringe when I hear the word “boss” in any sense haha. I am very lucky to have enlisted an amazing crew of talent to surround myself with, both musically & behind the scenes, that are helping us grow faster then I had anticipated. In recent months we have begun expanding our reach with events in addition to our label releases. It’s a great feeling to get the response we have in such a short period of time.

BOD: In that interview you gave some advice to people starting out at producing which was to, “...quit your job/girlfriend/social-life.” Does that advice still ring true for you now? SHUA: If you are just starting out, 100%. In my opinion you really need to have full focus when first learning production. No distractions. Treat it like a job 40-50 hours a week, for a while. It’s no coincidence that most amazing producers are classically trained in music, or have gone to school for music production...or both. If that is not an option for you, the grind will have to come elsewhere. Luckily in today’s day, knowledge, DAWs, & VSTs are accessible to most at a fraction of the cost.

BOD: You’ve had a string of mixes charting on Mixcloud recently, including two top-5's. How does it feel getting such recognition? Why do you think your mixes are getting so much love?

SHUA: I’ve always said I do this thing for 2 reasons; music & smiles. To know I’m bringing joy to the masses in the way of music is as rewarding as it gets. As far as “why”, I don’t know but It didn’t come overnight. I’ve been on Mixcloud for over 8 years with almost 40 mixes to date & I’ve been slowly building my fan base over the years. I’m finally at a point where I’m getting up there in the charts. I do have to say without shame, it’s pretty unreal to see my name alongside artists I’ve admired for many years. I am incredibly grateful for the support.

BOD: What can we expect from you in the future? What’s on deck for Quite Low?

"We are looking at 2019 as a 'hello' to the world from Quite Low...making friends & making noise. Getting some solid releases out & throwing some great parties. We have big aspirations down the road. This is just the beginning!"

Check out Shua's 'After Dub' mini mix below and be sure to catch him at one of his upcoming shows.

Upcoming Events

After Dub - Location TBA - Denver, CO - 05.18.19

SOB 15 Year Anniversary - The Black Box - Denver, CO - 06.22.19

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