Skrillex Teases New Releases In Live Stream

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

It’s been back-and-forth all year on if and/or when we’ll be getting some new Skrillex releases anytime soon. First, he breaks hearts earlier in the year when announcing no new album is forthcoming. Then, around Easter, he broke his silence about new material coming soon, just to clarify. Now, since teasing new production on his Reddit live-stream, should we all jump back on the ‘new album’ bandwagon? Who knows. The most important thing though is that he’s still hard at work in the studio and things are sounding great.

Ironically enough, one of the new Skrillex releases is the much anticipated, ‘Ping Pong‘ which can be heard in the video. As much as fans are bouncing back-and-forth on when we can expect a new album, it’s fitting that this would be one of the tracks he teases us with. Indeed, it’s quite the tease as from what we can make out, the music sounds amazing. Check out the video here for yourself:

It’s nice to see how jacked up the man is about his own stuff! Moreover, you know it’s real when he refers to something as, ‘next level shit!’ That’s something you can tell the fans definitely relate to in the Reddit thread too. No doubt he wants fans to be as jazzed up about his new tunes as he is about his new speakers.

Additionally, just days ago on his Twitter feed, he got fans ‘pumped up’ about some new Skrillex releases on the horizon so this Reddit post must be a continuation of that. Certainly, this is all leading up to some sort of big announcement, right? Check out the twitter thread here:

Consequently, we’ll just have to go with the ‘ping-pong’ flow until something definitive comes out of the Owsla camp. At least we know something is in the pipeline. Stay tuned as we continue bringing you the latest on the new Skrillex releases.

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