Sony Financial Report Reveals Upcoming Calvin Harris Album

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The last time Calvin Harris released a new album was when he released the poppy ‘Funk Wav Bounces Volume 1.’ Since that, he has made a triumphant return to house-influenced singles but that’s about all we have heard. Leave it up to a Sony financial report to come through with some fresh gossip. According to its latest report, we should expect a brand new album from Calvin soon.

The new Calvin Harris album shows up under the ‘Noteworthy Projects’ heading. Additionally, the fiscal quarter ending June 2019 is where the album reportedly falls. Along with a new Calvin album, Sony also lists new material from Chris Brown, Bruce Springsteen, DJ Khaled, Pink, and Tyler The Creator. Those are some pretty big names in the industry each sure to generate a buzz in their respective genres. Therefore, it’s easy to see why Sony would be listing these titles on their financial report. What’s not so obvious is why they would want to leak info about upcoming projects in this manner.

What’s it’s important to note here is that for many of the albums, the financial report doesn’t list much info. No album name or release date can be seen. Albums that do have a title listed, like BTS‘, are actively being promoted. Sony definitely would be expected to report that to investors. However, for the nameless albums, this would have to be the most boring way to start a press run. Although, the report implies that Sony’s second quarter is generating revenue from the listed albums. Seemingly, those albums all but have to be released before the end of June.

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