BOD Podcast: The After Party Sessions Ep. 3 - Beats Me

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Jared Lee Peters aka Beats Me has been all over the scene dropping nasty beats lately. If you haven't caught one of his sets yet, you're definitely missing out. Since the last time we checked in with him, he's been staying consistently busy putting out fire beats on several labels. For example, check out the heat he recently delivered to Breaks.SK Records. Thus, it's no surprise AK Productions & Quite Low Records had him on the bill for their dope After Party for Global Dance Festival.

As you're likely already aware, some crazy dope sets came out of The After Party. To Illustrate this, we've been dropping all of the recordings as part of our BOD Podcast: The After Party Sessions series. Next up on deck is a grimy little broken-beat mix from Beats Me for episode 3. In a slight departure from his normal forté, the mix starts off slowly. Clearly, he was giving the crowd time to work its way back onto the dance floor before he dropped some bangers. Certainly, that's a tactic used by a beat-miner who's earned his stripes behind the decks. Nevertheless, the dance floor denizens slowly matriculated back up to the booth to partake in the destruction. Jared then proceeds to unleash 60 minutes of straight heat, mixing in sick tracks and dancing all over the bass with the greatest of ease. It was the perfect segue into a beautiful set that was to follow from MsToxiic.

Once again Beats Me proves why his DJ career has taken off so swiftly and why he's such a sought after artist. His crafty steez and undeniable talent are next level. Furthermore, he obviously knows how to rock a party by utilizing his eclectic track selection. AK/QL were thrilled to have him out for this gig and Bass'D Out DNVR is beyond geeked to bring you his full set in case you missed it - for the love of bass! This is episode 3 of The BOD Podcast: The After Party Sessions...

-Bass'D Out DNVR

Be sure to bang this fresh mix from Beats Me and be sure not to miss another AK/QL party. BLACKOUT at the Black Box is coming up in a couple weeks. Go here to sign up on our free guest list now!

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