The Reptilians Are Coming...

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

There's so much talent in #DNVR these days that it's next to impossible to separate yourself from the herd as a hungry artist trying to reach the masses. Whether it's just trying to get booked, get your music heard, or just get a few shares on your newest banger, the current state of what some might call a watered down music scene poses a different set of challenges for up and coming artists.

Seemingly the evolution of the industry has led DJ's and producers to join forces in their ever elusive goal of world domination. Some start labels. looking to sign the next protégé that will bubble up out of nowhere while others just crew up with other like-minded beat junkies that are equally hungry.

The Reptilians Crew most def exemplifies this trend and they rolled through the Bass Pimp Labs this week to spread some love about all things #bass and also give some perspective on being a young, hungry artist in scene crowded with next level talent, surrounded by international heavy hitters week in and week out. We wanted to give them a chance to speak to the masses this week on the 2nd installment of Bass'D Out DNVR LIVE so they brought their heaviest #bass artillery, and dropped bombs for world domination.

The full interview followed by the mix session is live on but as usual you can click play below! Enjoy

Big time shouts to The Reptilians Crew for showing B.O.D. some love, It's nice to see younger cats doing their thing staying humble, and still having the love for the music. Check them out at the links below. Get. More. Bass!!

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