The Dawn of a New Era: AK & Quite Low Return This Weekend

Certainly, the AK Productions and Quite Low Records 2019 bass experiment can only be described as an utter success. After delivering a smattering of heavy beats throughout the year, the underground bass conglomerate is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, they're getting 2020 off to a fast start. Last month, they introduce bassheads to two of Seattle's finest, bringing in Mob Tactics for their debut, Denver underground performance. Obviously, AK, Quite Low, and their ever-expanding team of hungry creatives will want to continue building, following a monster year. Indeed, the best way to do that is to sustain their string of unforgettable underground get-downs. With this in mind, the squad will be returning this weekend, February 1st, with yet another stellar drum & bass lineup.

Undoubtedly, you can expect the AK/QL team to have everything locked in perfectly for the next edition of their Till The Break of Dawn series. Surely, this is a consequence of consistently increasing the quality of their overall product as each new event comes around. For example, when they step up to host the Planet of The Drums Official Afterparty, it becomes clear how serious this team is about their love for the underground. Check out some of the footage from that event below.

If you missed out on the POTD Afterparty, you definitely missed a legendary jump-off! Truly, missing a chance to see Fury, Saltee, Dieselboy, Nvrsft, and Messinian after showing up for a surprise, mega b2b-set is not the move. Thus, it's still causing many in the Denver bass community to have major cases of FOMO.

Nevertheless, you'll get another shot at seeing Triple Threat, Slim_R_I, and Evasive this weekend at TTBOD. Additionally, Cynapze, A7TM3D, Relyt, and QL label boss Shua will be joining them. Plus, AK & QL are pledging a portion of their ticket proceeds to Tectonics - A Bass Benefit in support of Puerto Rico's struggle to recover from Hurricane Maria. As you can see, this weekend is shaping up to be another crazy situation and all for a great cause no less. Cop your tickets to Till The Break of Dawn here now! And as always- Come shake some ass!