Tokyo Mandy Should Be On Your Radar

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Even though it's a down year for bass music, and the music industry in general, that doesn't mean artists can't keep up their hustle! More than anything, creatives should be making the most of this time to refocus their energy on what matters most - the music. For example, Tokyo Mandy,doing her thing in Grand Junction, CO, probably isn't what you'd call a household name. Nevertheless, she is steadily putting in work in the scene and setting herself up for a massive sophomore season in the Denver underground.

Certainly, everyone in the industry is already looking forward to 2021. As a result, there's a strong feeling that artists are going to be hitting the ground running next year with a fresh supply of bass. Heads in the bass capital are no exception to the rule, so it's refreshing to see our artists making the most of their limited opportunities in preparation for a breakout '21 campaign.

Despite her first live gig coming only last August, Amandalin Hunter aka Tokyo Mandy continues to find ways to make a name for herself. She already has several live performances under her belt now including sets at the Mesa Theater, Your Mom's House, and a recent stream set for Denver's EDM stalwart Party Guru Productions.

Surely, it doesn't hurt that she possesses a very thorough musical background too. She was raised in a musical family and went on to study music in college afterward. From this, there's no surprise that she develops an affinity for all types of music from classical to hip hop. However, it remains a point of fascination that it isn't until 2018 that her fondness for bass music comes to life. On the other hand, we all know too well how infectious the energy and vibes are when it comes to the culture of bass music.

If You Don't Know Tokyo Mandy, Now You Know...

Regardless of the fairly new direction that her music career is taking her, it quickly becomes clear that she is in no short supply of talent. Especially, after banging your head to some of her latest bass heavy mixes. Indeed, the dope hand skills of Tokyo Mandy are forcing everyone to take notice. Clearly, her recent interview (above) with The Bomb Skwad and WVET Radio is evidence of that. In it, she takes some time to discuss what got her into the industry as well as what her plans are for the future. If you haven't heard of Tokyo Mandy before now, you'll definitely want to peep the video. Additionally, be sure to bump her live sets streaming on The Bomb Skwad Radio every night from 12-1 am eastern time. She's one of the featured artists all month long.

Beyond this, there's no better way to get familiar with an artist than by watching them drop beats live, behind the decks. Therefore, you don't want to miss your next opportunity when she slides into the booth at the next AK/QL event: Till The Break of Dawn: Under The Stars. It's going down in just a few weeks so mark your calendars now! If she isn't on your radar yet, consider this your final warning. Don't be the last one in the scene to find out how Tokyo Mandy gets down.

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