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Keith Mackenzie Set to Shatter The Black Box with Broken Beats

There's no doubt that there's a strong connection between the FL breaks scene and the breakbeats heads of the Denver bass music scene. Certainly, that's why icons of the Florida breaks scene often make it a point to register multiple stops at DIA on their yearly touring schedule. Of course, Denver's SOB Productions is acutely aware of this and is doing their part to help keep the sounds of breaks flowing endlessly throughout the halls of the Denver underground. As a result, it should be no surprise that none other than Keith Mackenzie will be making his return to Denver tonight for a special Valentine's Day performance. Expect Keith to leave those broken hearts full of broken beats tonight on the dance floor of underground bass music hub, the Black Box. Keith Mackenzie's been a mainstay in the breaks scene for years now so lovers of all things breaks are definitely in for a treat tonight. Indeed, that's a forgone conclusion for a man who's responsible for booty breaks hits like 'Got That Booty' and 'Big Booty Girls.' However, if some of his new stuff is what you're after, you can stay up to date via his Illeven Eleven Recordings imprint. Nevertheless, make sure to get to the Black Box early and secure your spot on the dance floor. Truly, Sounds Of Bass, continues to deliver those much sought after broken beats to Denver's thick community of bassheads with much enthusiasm. It's no wonder they're single-handedly keeping the love of breaks alive and well in the Denver bass music community. Consequently, that enthusiasm can be felt all the way out to the beaches of the sunshine state. in response, you can bet he'll be loading up his crate with a fresh supply of fat booty breaks for that ass! As you can see below, Keith is definitely feeling that enthusiasm shortly after SOB announces the event. Peep his Facebook post about the gig. The vibes are about to too real with Keith Mackenzie's return to Denver! On top of that, some of Denver's nastiest broken beat purveyors will be locking down warm up duties. SOB is charging Benny Young, ILL.ME.NGHTY and Breakbeat Mafia with lifting the vibes up before Keith takes over the decks. Let us not forget the master emcee Slim_R_I will be holding down the mic all evening long to keep the crowd fully motivated. Furthermore, John Mundt aka DJ Hero will be in the spot to welcome him in. Anyone who knows anything about the Denver breaks scene is definitely familiar with DJ Hero and his grimy sounds. He's been heavy in the Denver underground bass scene since its infancy. If you somehow haven't heard of him, be sure to hit up his Mixcloud and get in the know. His latest Solitude Studios Podcast is straight fire! Better yet, go and grab your tickets for the show here right now and don't miss his set. As a matter of fact, don't miss any of these sets. You will not be disappointed. Come get down with SOB tonight and see just how hard they throw it down- for the love of bass and breakbeats.

Bainbridge & High Zombie Deliver the Bass in Denver this Weekend

In its short time in existence, Prysm Talent Agency is carving a covetous path throughout the bass music underworld. In other words, they have a burning desire to take over the game and they're doing the most to etch those desires into the history books. Certainly, with names like Dirtysnatcha, Point Blank, and LEVIT∆TE. on their roster, it's clear they're set up perfectly to do major damage in 2020. To enumerate their intentions, they're dispatching two of their fastest rising stars, Bainbridge and High Zombie, to show heads in Denver how they truly get down. Undoubtedly, both will be dropping major bombs on behalf of the Prysm squad when they grace the decks this weekend at Temple Nightclub. Temple and its unique Funktion 1 setup will provide the perfect backdrop for these sentries of the bass music underground to deliver fresh bass supplies to the denizens of Denver's basshead community. Behind the scenes, Reverb Productions and FamBAM Productions are teaming up to coordinate the onslaught of mind-numbing head-bang fuel for the evening's festivities. Moreover, they're enlisting support from Denver's local bass battalion. The troops receiving calls to action on this mission include: Xcape, Halfrican, Pitta Patta, and BOD featured artists Spazim & Concentrates. If you haven't heard of Matthew Jung Hood aka High Zombie by now, you're definitely sleeping hard on the underground. Although he doesn't have as much lab time under his belt as some, he's definitely stacking up "W's" on the regular. For example his most recent track 'Glass Jaw' is consistently collecting spins on the Buygore imprint as we speak. Beyond this, he's already getting mad love from the likes of Graves, Spag Heddy, and Excision. With support like that, there's no question that dude is about to blow any minute now. With this in mind, you definitely do not want to miss out on this chance to catch him at his hungriest! He's definitely going to bring his nastiest stuff to that Funktion 1 array. Co-headlining the bill is label-mate and fellow up-and-comer Reggie Moe, better known as Bainbridge. Although he hails from St. Paul, Minnesota, Bainbridge is no stranger to the Colorado bass underground. Early in his career, he actually spends some time here while living with his mother in Loveland. Recently, he spoke with Turntable Talks about the timeline of events that lead him to his current place in the industry. In the interview, he takes a moment to express how much the Minnesota scene means to him and his career. "The Minneapolis scene has provided me with the opportunities to get my music out there, with an awesome platform to play shows and express my creativity. The fans I have in Minneapolis are die-hard supporters and I will forever be grateful for that." Indeed, Bainbridge is taking full advantage of the many opportunities his hometown scene has to offer. Thus, he's ready to take his career to the next level. Luckily, those of us in the Denver bass community will be afforded a front-row seat to witness his inevitable rise to the apex of bass music. Don't miss out on the High Zombie and Bainbridge show going down this Sunday, February 16th at Temple Nightclub. Grab your tickets here now! Then, make sure to follow Prysm Talent Agency to stay up to date on the latest from their fire roster of burgeoning artists.

Lady Sage - Let's Play House

It feels like Sound Level Music has its hands in everything lately. Besides consistently delivering power-packed sound to crowded warehouses, co-owners Kevin Loudon and Savannah Driggers are likely curating delicious beats for the residents of Denver's house music metropolis. In particular, Lady Sage continues to raise the bar with her persistent productivity and unshakable affection for the Denver underground. At the same time, she's establishing dominance as the proprietor of the land of the 4-beat. After dropping 'Let's Play House' yesterday, she's sending a clear message that this is her house, and we're all just the tenants. It's been a hot-minute since Lady Sage hasn't dropped some new beats. Her previous track, 'Everybody' is still raking in spins and the dust doesn't appear to be settling anytime soon. Indeed, finding musical inspiration is in no way a chore for her. On the other hand, 'Let's Play House,' is like an immaculate palace nestled deep within the Denver house nation. Its crisp bassline pulls you into the foyer of a spotless alcazar as the polished sample echoes along its brilliant pillars. From this, it's clear Lady Sage swabbed every nook and cranny of the track ensuring its complete sterilization of any squalor or imperfections. Indeed, the song's title couldn't be more decorous, but don't let the name fool you. When it comes to her house, Lady Sage isn't playing around. Lady Sage - Let's Play House

The Dawn of a New Era: AK & Quite Low Return This Weekend

Certainly, the AK Productions and Quite Low Records 2019 bass experiment can only be described as an utter success. After delivering a smattering of heavy beats throughout the year, the underground bass conglomerate is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, they're getting 2020 off to a fast start. Last month, they introduce bassheads to two of Seattle's finest, bringing in Mob Tactics for their debut, Denver underground performance. Obviously, AK, Quite Low, and their ever-expanding team of hungry creatives will want to continue building, following a monster year. Indeed, the best way to do that is to sustain their string of unforgettable underground get-downs. With this in mind, the squad will be returning this weekend, February 1st, with yet another stellar drum & bass lineup. Undoubtedly, you can expect the AK/QL team to have everything locked in perfectly for the next edition of their Till The Break of Dawn series. Surely, this is a consequence of consistently increasing the quality of their overall product as each new event comes around. For example, when they step up to host the Planet of The Drums Official Afterparty, it becomes clear how serious this team is about their love for the underground. Check out some of the footage from that event below. If you missed out on the POTD Afterparty, you definitely missed a legendary jump-off! Truly, missing a chance to see Fury, Saltee, Dieselboy, Nvrsft, and Messinian after showing up for a surprise, mega b2b-set is not the move. Thus, it's still causing many in the Denver bass community to have major cases of FOMO. Nevertheless, you'll get another shot at seeing Triple Threat, Slim_R_I, and Evasive this weekend at TTBOD. Additionally, Cynapze, A7TM3D, Relyt, and QL label boss Shua will be joining them. Plus, AK & QL are pledging a portion of their ticket proceeds to Tectonics - A Bass Benefit in support of Puerto Rico's struggle to recover from Hurricane Maria. As you can see, this weekend is shaping up to be another crazy situation and all for a great cause no less. Cop your tickets to Till The Break of Dawn here now! And as always- Come shake some ass!

Bass-Heavy Ball Drop: Freebass NYE Rewind

The underground express rumbles on throughout Denver following the turn of the decade. With much to be thankful for, heads couldn't resist capping the era off in grimy fashion. Luckily, Freebass is always on the job. Stellar showings at their underground showcases have them set up for longterm success, so why not send 2019 out with a banger? Seemingly, this was their thinking as well which makes this a memorable evening. Moreover, the familiar halls of the Primerdome is a fitting setting for R.A.W. to coax out a collective feeling- An energy and a movement that defines a decade. It's hard not to boast about the resiliency of Denver's bass music scene. The sheer number of heads in the know seems more like a symptom than a flashpoint. Nevertheless, the weeks continue to roll by without much reprieve from the unending onslaught of underground bass music cultivation. On the other hand, this train's been riding off the rails like that throughout the entire decade. More than anything, it's just a reminder that we shouldn't expect that theme to lose luster anytime soon. The Curation Once again, Freebass reinforces its reputation for delivering an assortment of underground Denver's finest beat chefs. Complimentary cuts of filthy beats were served well into the night's waning hours, inevitably closing out the decade. This year's curators include D.O.H., KNYN, Miami, Queen Beats b2b Jason Scott, Shua b2b Ryan Vail, and TekNikol. As you can see, the entire roster possesses the skills to cater to any bass consuming occasion. As usual, Slim_R_I provided the verbal motivation, keeping the energy of the crowd at its maximum output. Certainly, the stream of bass consciousness shifted throughout the Primerdome as a result. In other words, the denizens of bass never lose step with the auditory sensations that reverberate through the venue's walls. After a year full of delicious beats, the Freebass team brings out the cavalry to close out 2019 properly. Vibes, on Vibes, on Vibes... If you've got subterranean awareness, then knowing R.A.W. was in town from out west likely piqued your interest. It's infinitely nice being surrounded by like-minded individuals in search of ill beats. Thus, the mere presence of dope hand skills always seems to enhance the energy within its proximity. Beyond this, the Primerdome is a tenured citizen of the underground establishment. Accordingly, the energy in the atmosphere easily forces the community of bassheads to congregate on the dance floor. Moon-faced and tidally locked, the crowd stares at the man behind the digital wheels. Internally, the music lifts us delicately, nudging us into the sounds of another time. Encapsulated windows of time like this one are the norm nowadays in this area. In fact, they feel like digital invitations to take part in the shared love of beats. Even with 10 years of hindsight, it's difficult to describe the vibes these events create. Additionally, it's timelessly beautiful how the community consistently rallies behind anyone who participates in keeping the movement alive. Surely, the Freebass team is going to be giving bass freely in 2020 and beyond! Already, they're plotting a return with some bounce in the spring. However, the only pathway to their invite-only-get-downs is through word-of-mouth. Granted, that may be a tough task for the unenlightened. Nevertheless, venturing deep into underground bass music is just all part of the fun. Obviously, we can't wait to see what else Frebass has in store for us in the decade to come.

BOD Podcast: The After Party Sessions Ep. 5 - saltee

Heavy, heavy bass music is what the Denver underground wants and it's certainly what AK Productions and Quite Low Records brings! As we look back over the year, they put together some dope events and they look to build on that success and momentum in 2020. With this in mind, it's great to see them continuing to drop many of their set recordings. Consequently, we can all relive the madness while getting a taste of things to come. Before we look to the future, however, we've got a new drop from one of their most hyphy gigs- The After Party. Phil Scilippa aka Saltee was in the house for this delivery of bass supplies and AK & QL are finally releasing his set as the final installment of the BOD Podcast - The After Party Sessions. This was the second time Saltee hit the decks for AK/QL in 2019. Once again he didn't disappoint bringing his high energy sounds to the dance floor, dropping an epic set which had the speakers shaking from start to finish! Certainly the place was already jumping from the heat of KSUHDILLA's set and it segued beautifully into Phil's. It was a blessing that he was willing to take time from his busy schedule to drop some beats on the late night tip. Specifically because he's staying busy with his own booking schedule. Also, he's busy at work as the director of marketing and promotions over at the resurgent Beta Nightclub. Check out some of the footage of him behind the decks in the pics and recap video below! [Photo Credit: Bass'D Out DNVR] Another great thing about this set is how near the end, Evasive jumps in to throw down some of his ill scratching techniques. It was a very nice addition to an already stellar mix. Those in attendance for Afterdub may remember witnessing the legendary, first-ever Ryan Vail b2b Saltee set. Likewise, this micro-b2b shows Saltee can throw down with the best of 'em. At least, this time, if you missed him live, you can bang this flashback set out your speakers. Although Saltee's AK/QL live-sets are a bit behind us now, there are some upcoming opportunities to see him live. In particular, he'll be dropping an opening set on the Planet of the Drums bill coming up in November. On top of that, AK & Quite Low are locking in slots for the official after party as we speak! That lineup is still a mystery and you never know who you might see there. Until then, crank the bass on your system and blast the BOD Podcast: The After Party Sessions: Ep. 5 - Saltee now! Get up on this fire, live-set from saltee! It's the epitome of sounds that AK Productions and Quite Low Records likes to bring! Be sure not to miss the next AK/QL gig: The Official after party for Planet of the Drums 2019! Follow Saltee: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Mixcloud

[Interview] Making a Mess in the Denver Underground: Elliot Mess

One of the things impacting the Denver underground scene the most is how the city attracts people from all over the world. Whether it's the relaxing of attitudes toward recreational activities or the burgeoning music industry- peeps are flockin'! Besides that, the city boasts two of the most popular venues in the world. That kind of notoriety definitely creates the kind of buzz that even makes some industry legends come back for more. In any event, the influx of out-of-towners no doubt has a huge influence on the local scene. Certainly, this isn't anything new. We have transplants galore that make their way to the bass capital and contribute considerably to the Denver bass music scene. To illustrate this, BOD checks in with the likes of Shua and Xeela on a consistent basis. Beyond that, Denver has the type of music scene which welcomes newcomers with open arms. Enter Elliot Mess and his bass-heavy juke sound. His sound and style are in his own words, "...taking its own shape." In other words, Elliot Mess' unique style has taken on a mind of its own. Additionally, it's evolving along with the blending of influences he's gaining through collaborations with Denver's underground artists. Artists like DJ Chap, GHoST, and Evasive are helping to guide the young beat-makers creativity. As a result, even he recognizes that he's come a long way from his early influences, rooted in 160 BPMs. On top of that, he's built on his enthusiasm for a Chicago movement and is a driving force behind what's now a growing movement in Denver- Juke. Indeed, Elliot is another name in a long line of transplant artists who have migrated to Denver. Specifically, one from Florida who is slowly making a name for himself in the bass capital. Surely, his recent gigs at popular Denver bass music hub, the Black Box can account for that. However, he's not just here to drop nasty sets and collect a check. More importantly, the nastiness coming off of his fresh album 'Gun Man' shows he isn't fucking around. He wants to leave his mark on a scene that has clearly left its mark on him. For that, and for the love of bass, we're full of excitement that he's taking the time to check-in with Bass'D Out DNVR! Bass'D Out DNVR: Describe the vibe you had when you fell in love with bass music. What are your favorite genres to spin/listen to? Elliot Mess: I first heard jungle, d&b, and breaks back in 2001, in Florida. My vibe was LIT from the start. I love to spin footwork, d&b, jungle, dubstep, and anything at160 BPMs. BOD: How long have you been part of the Denver EDM scene? When did you decide to pick up some headphones and start DJing? Do you produce? If so, what made you get into that? EM: I moved to Denver from Tallahassee Florida in November of 2013. I was in touch with my good friend DJ Chap who is from here and quickly got in with some like-minded 160 BPM homies. My first show in Denver wasn’t until Cinco de Mayo 2014 at Sub.Mission E-Tuesdays at the Cervantes Other Side DJ battle. I first started DJing in 2008. I started off DJing liquid drum & bass and used to do monthly shows in Tallahassee with the likes of Binsky, Wrexx, Pope John, and Alex M. In 2009 I met Caleb Selman and we started SUB.CULTURE, a monthly bass night with multiple genres. We ran that for a few years and that eventually turned into Denver Juke. I started producing in 2013. I really just wanted to have some fun and cut up some samples. You can see what I'm talking about in some of my tracks. Lately, I've been trying to get more serious with my production and it's kinda been taking its own shape. It’s a mess, but it's my mess. BOD: I caught one of your sets at the Emerald at a Distinguished show. How did you get involved with Evasive and his crew? Describe how it feels to perform live. EM: So this is a pretty cool story. Back in the day, I used to use a peer-to-peer server called SoulSeek to download hot tracks. GHoST hits me on the messenger praising my Calyx & Teebee folder. Five or six years go by and I'm living in Denver now, I link up with Evasive through GHoST at a Recon show at Norad. Evasive and I have been tight ever since! I love playing live. You get to really showcase your style and it's really fun going b2b with someone on your level. BOD: That night you spun a Juke set. How would you describe the Juke genre for those that don’t know? EM: Juke evolved into Footwork and it comes from Chicago. It is a street dance like breakdancing in New York. It is designed for dancers to battle. It is very underground, we like it that way. BOD: Who are some of the artists that inspire you. What artists do you feel are being slept on right now? EM: DJ Rashad RIP, Deejay Earl, DJ Paypal, Orange Julius, DJ Mastercard, Kode9, Taso, Tom & Jerry, Eprom Mark Starr. BOD: What do you do with your time while not working on music? EM: Work, hikes with dog, PlayStation, Praise Jah! BOD: In 6 words or less, describe what life is like being a DJ/Producer. EM: It Is A Fun Hobby! BOD: What tips would you give someone looking to start DJing? What tips do you have for people to get booked? EM: Learn how to match a beat, everything else will fall in place- Be Humble! BOD: What can fans expect from you in the future? Are there any artists/crews you want to work with? What events/venues would you like to play? EM: Expect Denver Juke to be out here. We have a crew of DJs and dancers and we get the party LIT! We love working with RECON and The Black Box a ton! We would love to branch out to other venues like Cervantes or Your Moms House to see about getting a monthly started up. We are open to working with all crews and would love to get some things happening. BOD: Comments? Shout-outs? EM: Bout That Life!!! "Shout Out to TEKLIFE, Banzulu, Wayzout, K.Locke, Xeela, Rob C, ROYAL, Rabbit, Despise, Shoebox, Evasive, GHoST, Domina, Solid, RECON, SUB.MISSION" Major props go out to Elliot Mess for checking in with Bass'D Out DNVR. It's all love for anyone doing their part to contribute to Denver's growing bass music industry! Be sure to check out the mix of his unreleased cuts off his forthcoming album 'Gun Man' and follow him at the links below. Follow Elliot Mess: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | JamBase | Bands In Town | Instagram

Frankie Bones - Legends Mix: Live From Denver

In case you hadn't heard, last month's Legends event was off the hook! Techno heads from the far reaches of Colorado's underground scene congregated in the halls of Cluster Studios to celebrate their love of the 4-beat sound. Indeed, it was a night filled with fantastic sets buoyed by one thing- the love of the music. With that in mind, Sunburst Productions smashed together a great lineup of local legends including: Sante & Tony G, LL Bishop, Chris Irvin, Evenflo, and NativeOrigin303! Additionally, they had house legend Donald Glaude on deck along with the icon Frankie Bones. Obviously, if you weren't in the house you missed out on some quality beats. But, luckily for us, Frankie recorded the action and recently released his full live set so we could reminisce about the night. Before his performance on the night, Frankie checked in with BOD to fill us in on his perspective of the underground scene. Certainly, for someone of his stature, a lot of what he has a hand in creating is changing. Nevertheless he seems to be optimistic about the future of underground dance music. "...modern day Techno is just good driving music and it's great to dance to." With this, it's great to see that someone who's been in the game as long as he has still seeing the music lasting for ages. Although EDM is as popular as ever, it's important to always examine the roots of the music to ensure it's longevity. With his Denver appearance, Frankie Bones does just that. Immediately following his fire techno set, Frankie uploads the full mix to his SoundCloud page for all to enjoy. Furthermore, he writes some thoughtful sentiments about what his return to the Mile High city means to him. "A city which loved to have me from the early 90's until SFX started dumping money into EDM and ripped the core of the underground until there wasn't anything left. On arrival it was over 5 years since I last played Denver. So this party Legends was going to be special in terms of music." As you can see, quite a bit of thought went into this set for Frankie and it definitely shines through in the music. For a set that features low key tracks like, 'I'm Losing Control of My Mind - Adam Beyer vs. DBX,' it's no surprise that heads never leave the dancefloor while Frankie is behind the decks. Also, he sneaks in a sick remix of Phil Collins' 'I Can Feel it in the Air Tonight,' by KW Griff. It is an enthralling mix start to finish with eclectic track selection and, of course, mixing at it's pinnacle. Then, further on in his synopsis, he takes a moment to recognize D-town for one of the many things that its become known for besides its love of underground dance music- THC! "I know Denver is the Mile High City. And everyone is really high. I had no idea what these THC laced candies were going to do, but damn am I lit fam." We think we speak for everyone when we say, "We stay lit, up in Denver, Frankie. You're welcome." The techno beats were definitely booming all night long and Mr. Bones' set is certainly the crown jewel of the evening. Thus, we're so glad Frankie is a gracious man and takes the time to share this bangin' set and his thoughts with the world. Above all, we're very thankful for all he's done for the music we love in the Denver underground. Be sure to bang this live Denver set out your speakers and follow Frankie Bones at the links below! Follow Frankie Bones: Web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud

Cory Goldsmith - Kiss the Ground

Cory Goldsmith - Kiss The Ground Cory Goldsmith is no stranger to the scene with releases on several labels already under his belt. It was only a matter of time before he brought his talents to Quite Right Records. Clearly, the two are a perfect match and his latest offering, ‘Kiss The Ground’ is a perfect example of that. He’s developed his sound quite quickly as of late and that development is on full display here. ‘Kiss The Ground’ is a patchwork of sounds with the only constant being the upbeat thrum of the kick drum which resonates over the track from start to finish. Even the sample on the track, which you can almost make out uttering the song’s title, is stretched, chopped up, then woven around and through the effervescent synths which highlight the beat. As each element of the beat is slowly wound up and loaded in, it supplements the track’s vibe eloquently. This is a song whose sole purpose is clear- To force you out onto the dance floor and move your feet! Indeed, Cory wanted to demonstrate the breadth of his experimental skill on ‘KTG’ and he does so with resounding success. Surely, this will be yet another dance floor killer in the long list of Quite Right bangers. Furthermore, we hope to hear more Cory Goldsmith QR releases in the near future. -Bass’D Out DNVR Listen to Cory Goldsmith - Kiss The Ground below and order your copy here! [Out now on Quite Right! Records] Follow Cory Goldsmith: Booking | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud | Twitter | Mixcloud | itunes

BOD Podcast: The After Party Sessions Ep. 4 - KSUHDILLA

AK Productions and Quite Low Records pride themselves on bringing the bass to the Denver underground. Along with that, they definitely know how to support the local artists in the scene. That formula is likely why their after hours parties are such dynamic gigs. To illustrate, we've been releasing all of the sets from their GDF after party in July. Thus, the saga continues in Bass'D Out DNVR's 'BOD Podcast - The After Party Sessions.' In the latest installment, we revisit the epic set from one of Denver's fastest rising underground stars- KSUHDILLA. The last time we checked in with Hannah Cassera aka KSUHDILLA, she reminded us of how she brings energy to her sets. "For the most part I try to get lost in my set and be as real as possible." That's definitely how it feels whenever you catch one of her performances. Clearly, this is something the crowd picks up on as well. As a result, her sets are always live as f**k! Ask any of her hordes of fans and it becomes obvious why her following grows after every venue she rocks. Her set at The After Party is no exception to the rule. As soon as the first track drops, she easily has the crowd working up a frenzy. From start to finish the mix is full of bass-heavy dubstep and trap cuts which have become synonymous with Hannah's signature sound. What's really dope about this set is how you get to hear her interact with the crowd. It truly reveals what's special about KSUHDILLA- She knows how to connect with her audience. Unfortunately, if you don't make it to the party you miss out on what's likely one of Hannah's most fire sets of the year. Then again, when does she not drop fire sets? Luckily, AK & QL always preserves the nastiness. Therefore, they're allowing us to release the sets as part of this flashback series. So, crank the bass up for this one and let KSUHDILLA take you on a bass-fueled journey. This is episode 4 of The After Party Sessions! -Bass'D Out DNVR Turn up the volume and dance to BOD Podcast: The After Party Sessions EP. 4 - KSUHDILLA now! Follow KSUHDILLA below and don't miss another AK/QL event! BLACKOUT is at the Black Box this weekend. Go here to get on their free guest list. Let's rage!!! Follow KSUHDILLA: FB | IG | Soundcloud | Booking

Saltee – 1M (Original)/Black Wands Remix

The summer heat is relentless this year so it’s no wonder things continue to heat up on dance floors throughout the Denver underground. Likewise, Quite Right Records continues lighting up the decks with one heater after another to feed the unending hunger of the techno fiends of the scene. Just in time for another feeding frenzy, Saltee arrives with his new track ‘1M’ adding onto the QR menu of delectable beats. Like a dinner bell, the thunderous drum beat of the bassline rings out, calling for a million denizens of techno to make their way to the dance floor. As he slowly drips in the angry synths and samples, you can almost hear the sizzling roar of their grunts echoing off the walls as they begin to fill up another dark warehouse. Certainly, this is exactly the type of track that can whip a dance floor into a frenzy. Picking up where Saltee seemingly leaves off on the original, the ‘1M Remix’ by Black Wands delivers the feel of a techno dance floor crowded with a million beat-thirsty inhabitants. The dark vibes of the original give way to a more melodic feel with the canorous synth Blank Wands drizzles over the beat. Its enthusiasm energizes the beat, signifying a dance floor come-to-life. The ‘1M’ original and remix complement each other perfectly, turning this techno entrée into a full course meal. Let the beat engorgement commence... -Bass’D Out DNVR Listen to both versions below and pre-order your copies of 1M (Original Mix) & 1M (Black Wands Remix) [OUT 09.06.19]. Beatport // Traxsource Follow Saltee: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Mixcloud Follow Black Wands: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud Follow Quite Right! Records: SoundCloud | Facebook | Contact | Web | Youtube | Beatport | Traxsource | Instagram

BOD Podcast: The After Party Sessions Ep. 3 - Beats Me

Jared Lee Peters aka Beats Me has been all over the scene dropping nasty beats lately. If you haven't caught one of his sets yet, you're definitely missing out. Since the last time we checked in with him, he's been staying consistently busy putting out fire beats on several labels. For example, check out the heat he recently delivered to Breaks.SK Records. Thus, it's no surprise AK Productions & Quite Low Records had him on the bill for their dope After Party for Global Dance Festival. As you're likely already aware, some crazy dope sets came out of The After Party. To Illustrate this, we've been dropping all of the recordings as part of our BOD Podcast: The After Party Sessions series. Next up on deck is a grimy little broken-beat mix from Beats Me for episode 3. In a slight departure from his normal forté, the mix starts off slowly. Clearly, he was giving the crowd time to work its way back onto the dance floor before he dropped some bangers. Certainly, that's a tactic used by a beat-miner who's earned his stripes behind the decks. Nevertheless, the dance floor denizens slowly matriculated back up to the booth to partake in the destruction. Jared then proceeds to unleash 60 minutes of straight heat, mixing in sick tracks and dancing all over the bass with the greatest of ease. It was the perfect segue into a beautiful set that was to follow from MsToxiic. Once again Beats Me proves why his DJ career has taken off so swiftly and why he's such a sought after artist. His crafty steez and undeniable talent are next level. Furthermore, he obviously knows how to rock a party by utilizing his eclectic track selection. AK/QL were thrilled to have him out for this gig and Bass'D Out DNVR is beyond geeked to bring you his full set in case you missed it - for the love of bass! This is episode 3 of The BOD Podcast: The After Party Sessions... -Bass'D Out DNVR Be sure to bang this fresh mix from Beats Me and be sure not to miss another AK/QL party. BLACKOUT at the Black Box is coming up in a couple weeks. Go here to sign up on our free guest list now! Follow Beats Me: Facebook | SoundCloud | Beatport | Instagram | Mixcloud

BOD Podcast: The After Party Sessions Ep. 2 - Breakbeat Mafia

The minions of the underground definitely came out in full effect for the last AK/QL gathering. After the unfortunate cancellation of Day 2 of Global Dance Festival 2019, it was one of the many spots which stepped up to feed the appetites of the perplexed bassheads. Luckily, a solid lineup of beat curators was already in place for the event, so it was only a matter of time before the underground was alive with bass after a disappointing afternoon. Like most, the members of Breakbeat Mafia were already in town for the Global Dance Festival activities. Thus they made their way to Abraxas Studios just in time for DSQISE to hand over the decks. Although all 3 members of the crew were not able to make it out for their performance, BBM still put on an excellent show. With Sevamatic and Roman still on deck, no one was worried about any drop off in the excitement. If you don't already know, Breakbeat Mafia, and to a greater extent Sounds Of Bass, is keeping breaks alive in the Denver Underground. Therefore, every set they drop is something special. Their set for the After Party is no exception here. Maybe because the Fourth of July is so close but for some reason they came with only bangers for this set. It was the perfect complement to what DSQISE was already getting started. As usual, Breakbeat Mafia, bounced back and forth between each other, mixing in tracks and drops making it all look so effortless. After decades in the game, that should came as no surprise to anyone familiar with the Denver bass music scene- old school or new. As a result, if you missed this set, you definitely missed a thing of beauty! In other words, you slept on another chance to see why the BBM name has become synonymous with
Denver breakbeats! With that in mind, we're glad we can give you a chance to relive the nastiness with us! So, sit back, relax and get ready for some more of those fire broken beats from the S.O.B. crew! Get ready to bang Breakbeat Mafia's ill breaks set now and be sure to follow them at the links below! Don't forget, the next AK/QL event, DV8ted Bass is THIS SATURDAY 8/17/19 at DV8! Come shake some ass! Follow BBM/SOB: Facebook | Contact | Beakbeat Mafia | Soundcloud

BOD Podcast: The After Party Sessions Ep. 1 - DSQISE (Rare Liquid Set)

AK Productions and Quite Low Records came together once again for an enthralling late-night affair after Global Dance Festival. 'The After Party' went off without a hitch and had heads jumping well into the early morning hours. DSQISE set the tone for the evening and he went deep into his crate to dig out some nasty liquid bass. Bassheads weren't ready for a very special and rare dnb set from the Quite Right! Records label boss either. Brandon Loyche, better known as DSQISE, went full throttle from the moment he loaded in the first track. Furthermore, he didn't let up off the gas until he relinquished the wheels to Breakbeat Mafia. So, If you think Loyche is out of his element when it comes to dropping bass-heavy tracks you may want to think again. DSQISE easily drips liquid all over the decks with this rare yet flawlessly mixed set. Likewise, he kept the crowd flowing in through the doors and onto the dance floor setting up the AK/QL get-down perfectly for another unforgettable evening. Slide on your raincoats and let the liquid flood your eardrums as Bass'D Out DNVR brings you episode one of 'The After Party Sessions.' Get ready to bang DSQISE's fire set now and be sure to follow him at the links below! Don't forget, the next AK/QL event, DV8ted Bass is THIS SATURDAY 8/17/19 at DV8! Come shake some ass! Follow Dsqise: Contact | Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook Follow Quite Right! Records: SoundCloud | Facebook | Contact | Web | Youtube | Beatport | Traxsource | Instagram

NativeOrigin303 - Legends Mix

NativeOrigin303 just dropped a special promo mix and it's straight fire (of course)! In anticipation of Sunburst's Legends event going down tomorrow, he recently rolled out a fresh set of house beats to get you pumped up for the show. He definitely delivers with 60 minutes of straight heat back to front. If you're slacking-off up to this point, it's time to go and grab your tickets to Legends now! If you haven't been able to catch one of his sets live lately, you've been missing out. Brandon Lee aka NativeOrigin303 doesn't hand out free mixes very often but when he does, you'd best get in line to get your copy. Before this, his last drop is a recording from his appearance at Quite Right Records' Breakfast & Beats Open Air. Before that, months pass before he publishes a new mix. So, it's definitely a special occasion and NO303 definitely doesn't disappoint. As with all of his sets, the transitions and mixing are super on point! The highlight of this mix though- track selection. For example the beat at around 20 minutes is so smooth you barely notice how it gradually increases the energy of the mix. Then, at around 33 minutes, he elevates the tempo again with a bumpin' house track that's sure to get anyone not yet gyrating on the dance floor to start moving their feet. Finally, at around 41 minutes in, he slaps another fire track into the mix. Somehow, Mr. Lee continuously upgrades the vibe of this set from beginning to end. It's a true testament to his skill behind the wheels. More importantly, it's the biggest reason why you cannot miss his upcoming gig! Check out NativeOrigin303's latest mix, follow him at the links below, and make sure to grab your ticket to Legends featuring Frankie Bones and Donald Glaude today! Follow NativeOrigin303: Mixcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Youtube | Instagram | Web Follow Legends: Facebook

Duke Dumont – The Power feat. Zak Abel

Virgin Records is churning out more house melodies through its golden goose Duke Dumont. For a label which is home to the Chemical Brothers and the late Avicii, that’s probably a good thing. Certainly, they’ve definitely got the other genres covered, so having Duke on their EDM roster is a godsend. His new release, ‘The Power‘ featuring Zak Abel is sure to keep the Virgin name fresh in the minds of EDM junkies abound. Adam George Dyment, better known as Duke Dumont has no problem delivering hits. In particular, his fairly new track ‘Red Light Green Light‘ defines this belief. That, likely, is a big part of why he’s being added to monster lineups such as Escape Psycho Circus. So, for him to choose to join forces on ‘The Power’ with former table tennis champ Zak Abel seems confusing. Although, since his table tennis dominance from 2008-10, he’s done some stuff as a singer-songwriter. Namely, making great music with Gorgon City, Kaytranda, and Wookie. Now, you can add Duke Dumont to that list of achievements. ‘The Power’ jumps off like most singer-songwriter-DJ collabs of the day. Zak belts out some perfect-in-key lines to get the ladies’ shoulders bobbing. Then, Duke lays on the house melodies super thick. It’s the type of stuff that is dance floor gold. Get ready to see plenty of festival-love pop off to this one. If nothing else, light up some glow sticks and pop open a fresh bottle of water. ‘The Power’ should unleash the passion for the remainder of the summer festival season. Listen to the new track below and find out for yourself. Follow Duke Dumont: Facebook | Instagram | Apple | Spotify | Youtube | Pandora ***This article was written exclusively for***

Icon of the Past, Present, and Future: Frankie Bones

Anyone who's active in the Denver underground is well aware of the migration from the club to the warehouse that's underway. Indeed, the warehouse renaissance is setting itself apart as one of the major factors in the future of electronic music. Nightclubs all over the globe are shutting down and the underground warehouse scene is a major beneficiary of that. Nevertheless, the nightclub scene still has the EDM mainstream firmly within its clutches. Meanwhile, the underground uprising continues to attract the icons of the industry. Back to Where it All Began George Santayana once said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Normally, this would reference a lack of understanding of the past leading to negative outcomes. Fortunately, in this era of mainstream EDM, that sentiment can be applied in a positive way to the industry's icons returning to the warehouse. A common theme within conversations among old school members of the dance community is PLUR, or lack thereof. Thus, as George would have it, the hottest Denver events are popping up at its underground and late night venues. If you haven't heard by now, PLUR is one of the pillars of the EDM scene in the US. It's one of the few things that we all love and identify with universally in the underground. Therefore, regardless of which rave scene you cut your teeth in, it traces its roots back to one iconic DJ- Frankie Bones. He coined the phrase Peace Love Unity & Respect in the early '90s starting a counter-movement to the rampant violence of New York at the time. This movement gives rise to an underground scene which moves house and techno away from the super clubs of the era as well. Furthermore, it creates spaces for all to enjoy the music they love while looking out for and respecting one another. Icon of the Underground Frankie Bones is one of the few key figures in the industry who transcends time. Not all the kids necessarily know who he is at first glance but they definitely know what he represents. From this it's easy to understand why he's getting so much love from the likes of DJ Mag, Resident Advisor, Insomniac, and so many more! With 30 years in the industry, he's still headlining events while taking time to school the young heads about the history of the game. Additionally, his Bangin' Music imprint, launched in 2016, continues making waves in a sea of talented new techno artists. Besides that, he's using the platform to reissue his most iconic records including digital versions of his legendary Bonesbreaks mixes. Not only is his music pivotal to techno music's past, but it's still revered as iconic today. With these re-releases, Frankie's setting his sound up to be instrumental in influencing the genre in the future too. Synonymous with the rave, Frank Mitchell aka Frankie Bones is undoubtedly an industry icon. So, as local Denver crew Sunburst brainstorms on a lineup for their next event, aptly named 'Legends,' Frankie is easily at the top of their list of artists to book. Also, the venue, "A warehouse TBA," is the perfect setting for an icon in the game to make his return to the Denver underground. He'll be headlining the party alongside fellow legend Donald Glaude no less! Certainly, this celebration of industry legends is very timely considering Denver is in the midst of a warehouse rebirth. Above all, Frankie remains as humble as he is true to his art form. After all, that's one of the things which allows his music and message to stand the test of time. Luckily, he's also very gracious, taking some time from his busy schedule to check in with Bass'D Out DNVR. We're hyped to get the opportunity to pick his brain about the old school uprising, and the state of techno. More than anything, however, it's an honor to share the words of a man who's truly an icon among legends. Bass'D Out DNVR - Lately we've seen several super clubs like NY's Output die off just as underground warehouse parties are experiencing a resurgence. Do you see any similarities between today's scene and the scene from 30 years ago when you started PLUR? BONES - The scene has evolved from 1990 when Rave Culture arrived in America. But we have had a club scene and DJ culture going back decades before that. The internet fueled the new culture along as far as that goes and it is bigger than ever. I'm glad I was able to help push it along in the 90's BOD - That movement has made you a transcendent figure in the industry. Is it something that comes up often when you meet people out on the road and backstage at shows? BONES - It is very interesting to me when I meet people because many of them know my name but have to Google me to understand and sometimes it is a big deal, others not so much. But it's the people who made me who I am and I always try to keep that in mind when I speak to people. Yes, I've done a few things but I wouldn't have been able to do it without support from the people. BOD - Fabio & Grooverider picked your record “Just As Long As I Got You” for their 30 Years of Rage Compilation. Do you see your latest music having a similar impact 30 years from now? BONES - I would sure hope people remember my music 30 years from now. I do believe they will because the internet is carefully leaving clues from everyone's back catalog, If it came this far, I am sure it will go another 30 years. I hope I live that long to see it, I will be 82 by then. BOD - You’ve been known to say young fans of the music always end up gravitating to techno. Why do you feel techno and house never die when the other genres tend to fade out? Do you enjoy the techno tracks coming today’s artists? BONES - Techno is short for Technology obviously. And it was born out of House Music as was Trance in the beginning. But modern day Techno is just good driving music and it's great to dance too. I never want to say one genre is better than another. I think Drum & Bass is such an interesting genre too. The people are core ravers and are older now. They still love the music. But I think younger kids just need the experience to hear proper techno and they are hooked. BOD - How does the era you came from influence the music you release on your label today? What can fans expect from Bangin' Music in the future? BONES - I always called it cutting edge club music - so it is really my own take on whatever is big in the scene right now. I don't play like anyone else, I may sound similar to what people call Business Techno, but my Business Techno is underground. I keep it where it came from. BOD - In your return to Denver, you'll be playing alongside fellow old school head Donald Glaude. Are you two close at all?
BONES - Donald Glaude and I have been buddies for years - never had a bad time playing out with him - he does his thing well. I may not speak to him all the time, but we always have been cool since day one and I respect the man dearly. Be sure to follow Frankie Bones at the links below and listen to his latest mix. It's definitely a banger! Don't forget to cop your tickets to Legends featuring Frankie Bones and Donald Glaude going down Sat. August 10th, all night long! See you there... ...Bones has been moving seamlessly from Intellectual to Bass Driven- This latest is meant to take you right back into the warehouse. NO. FUCKING. AROUND... Follow Frankie Bones: Web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

Good Times Ahead & Diplo – Milky Cabrera

For the first time since their 2013 smash ‘Boy Oh Boy‘ we have a fresh Good Times Ahead (formerly GTA) and Diplo collab. Due to a lack of leaks, news of the project likely caught bass heads off guard this past Wednesday. After a 7-year wait, anticipation for new material is waning, to say the least. So, a quick turnaround from announcement to release seems like the right move. Likewise, adding their new track ‘Milky Cabrera‘ to your collection is the right move too. It should come as no surprise that Good Times Ahead is back with some new flavor for your ears. The energetic duo can’t seem to sit still this year. Every month lately it seems like they’re dropping something fresh. For instance, heads are still banging to their June release, ‘FK IT.’ Then, before you can adjust the neck brace, a ‘J Balvin x Sean Paul – No Contra La Pared‘ remix touches down in July. ‘Milky Cabrera’ is just another chapter in that saga. Although, you may have heard those played live in a set during their Yellow Tour. Diplo’s definitely been active as well. With Global Dance Festival 2019 already under his belt, he’s on to X Games Minneapolis and Imagine Festival next. Expect him to be sporting a cowboy hat, some boots, and chaps along the way. Certainly, it feels like too long a wait for ‘Milky Cabrera’ to finally get here. We all endured the disappointment sinking in with each passing year devoid of this obnoxious trio’s productions. On the other hand, that very well may be the best part of the song. Indeed, it feels like they’re picking up right where they left off. The uptempo punch of the frenetic bassline should sound familiar to die-hard GTA fans. Moreover, its cohesion with that signature chopped-up, wonky Diplo sample gyrating all over the beat should bring back memories too. Overall, ‘Milky Cabrera’ proves the three of them haven’t lost their chemistry. Hopefully, there’s more where that comes from. Grab your copy of ‘Milky Cabrera’ here. ***This article was written exclusively for***

I Survived GDF 2019 - Part 2: Downpour! - Timeline of Day 2

Global Dance Festival 2019 was a tale of two days. Indeed, snatching up those two-day passes quickly is usually everyone’s choice. With a diverse lineup spread across five stages over two days, that’s the best way to get the full GDF experience. If not, you have a tough decision to make- day one or day two. Certainly, in hindsight, choosing to hit up the party for the day one festivities was correct. Although, anyone suffering through that heat at the time, might have 105 reasons to disagree. Regardless, night one’s offering of solid production and beats is among the best in the event’s 18-year history. Thus, the dense cloud-cover everyone sees while making their way to Broncos Stadium at Mile High is a welcome day two surprise. Of course, that was before realizing GDF’s second night would be far different from the first. Here’s how it all played out. The Day Two Timeline 3 PM In typical Colorado fashion, early day two weather fluctuates between cloudy-cool and sunny-hot. This, likely is what leads many of us to be so caught off guard by the impending storm. Even Global Dance themselves didn’t see it coming with local officials stepping in at the last second to put a damper on things. Instead of blurbs about open gates, the GDF social media update is: Meanwhile, many festival heads are still making their way down to the stadium. In its 18 years, canceling is something Global Dance Festival never has to do. The majority of those already at or on their way to the venue, probably never see the update. 5 PM Due to the temporary gate closures, many were enduring 2+ hour waits in cars at this point. If not, shelters in Gate 10 is where you anxiously await reprieve from the storms. At 5 pm, two hours into day two, that reprieve finally came. At this point, nearly everyone’s eyes are glued to the GDF social media pages, in search of answers. All at once, waves of partiers flooded the grounds after seeing this: However, quite a few people arriving in their cars could see things differently. A much-worsening storm making its way across the region proves GDF is unknowingly jumping the gun. Despite this, some attendees begin gaining access to the grounds. 6:21 PM Nearly 90 minutes after day two’s gates are supposedly open, storms pounding the area for hours still aren’t letting up. Additionally, slow-moving entrance lines suddenly grind to a halt causing confusion. In response, attendees receive an ominous update at last: As people continue to slowly gravitate toward the entrances, reports of long lines begin to surface. Consequently, shelters at gate 10 are reaching capacity. Crowding can be seen in these photos from inside: Some of those lucky enough to make it in early catch some of Mom & Dad‘s set. Unfortunately, pending damage assessments, sets at other stages are not yet underway. Possibly, you score some headphones at the silent disco hoping to make the most of a tough situation. Valiantly, the DJ’s attempt to soothe the restless crowds with beats. As a result, headphone supplies quickly run out from the overwhelming demand. Besides that, someone apparently forgot to kill the scheduled posts on the event page. Telling people to stay hydrated as they stand in line during a rainstorm probably isn’t a good look. Without question, things are beginning to come-to-a-head. Drenched from rainstorms, anxious to get inside, and getting no information, those in line take matters into their own hands: 6:57 PM Finally, once the massive storm relents, safety officials can fully assess the situation and make the call we all anticipate: Nearly four hours into day two, GDF attendees begin slowly departing the stadium grounds. This too becomes a chapter in the saga of a party-turned-nightmare. For many, it means enduring hours of traffic, slowly loading up cars to depart the emptying lots. Others, frustratingly search for a signal as they attempt to quickly secure an Uber or Lyft. In any event, we all turn the page on GDF day two in disappointment, wondering what could’ve been. The Aftermath After spending hours at Broncos Stadium only to be turned away, tempers are obviously high. There are reports of looting concession stands and trashing the festival grounds, to illustrate. However, the majority of us took it in stride and quickly begin plotting our next move. Furthermore, Global Dance didn’t hesitate to express its dismay, immediately ensuring everyone should expect a day two refund. From this, many opted to explore alternative methods to release their pent-up day two energy. With Kyle Watson, and Omnom already on official GDF after-party duties, that isn’t a difficult task. Some artists on the bill even hung around to rock shows for fans too. For instance, Space Jesus came through with a solid lineup in the clutch: With several area crews’ after-parties already on deck as well, a shortage of back-up options is never a real risk. Above all, the most important takeaway from GDF day two is that the organizer’s priorities are straight. Certainly, postponing opening times and keeping people in long lines is a tough choice to make. Likewise, is telling those waiting hours in a sweltering arena that their struggle is all for naught. Not to mention, accepting the reality of losing revenue while disappointing fans and performers alike. Facing a harsh decision and a crowd nearing riot status, organizers made the call. Too often, we see huge festivals make bad decisions which endanger us all. So, it’s reassuring to see Global Dance Festival avoid those same mistakes. Truly, canceling day two was easily the right call to make. With parts of the huge main stage reportedly crashing down shortly afterward, that call didn’t come a moment too soon. Shout out to Global Dance for putting on a solid event on day one. You can see some of those highlights here. More importantly, we owe them thanks for keeping us all safe as best they could. This should be the highlight of day two. We can’t blame them for things beyond their control, such as the weather. We can, however, applaud them for doing what is right. Be sure to follow Global Dance here for news on their upcoming events. ***This article was written exlusively for***

Altercation Involving KAAZE Breaks Out at Big Slap Festival

Activities at Sweden’s Big Slap Festival are only beginning to wrap up. However, the news is already starting to make its way across the pond. Seemingly, the event is going smoothly as any potential setbacks aren’t currently making the news. Therefore, it comes as a surprise to discover an altercation involving Swedish legend KAAZE which took place earlier in the evening. Apparently, he and his wife/manager Samantha should “Go F**k yourself” according to security and event promoters. According to KAAZE, he was enjoying the event which had artists such as Timmy Trumpet, David Guetta, and Nicky Romero on the bill. As a guest of Timmy Trumpet, KAAZE is enjoying the festival at first. At some point, an altercation breaks out resulting in security slamming KAAZE to the ground. After enduring various insults against his brand and personal character, local police facilitate his removal from the grounds. Check out his full post on the altercation here. As of this writing, no response is coming from the Big Slap Festival camp regarding the altercation. However, from the looks of things, KAAZE doesn’t plan on letting this go anytime soon. Furthermore, it’s not yet clear as to why KAAZE’s removal from the festival is necessary. Hopefully, some of these questions get answers soon. Stay with us as we continue following news of this developing story. ***This article first written exclusive for***

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