January 14, 2017

Aaron Aux

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Above & Beyond Flow State Album & EP Announced

Above & Beyond wants you to take time away from the dance floor to focus on your mental health. In fact, for emphasis on that sentiment, they’re dropping a new album, Flow State, July 19th, just to inspire you. Additionally, in recognition of International Yoga Day, the Flow State Sampler EP is out now. An uplifting experience spurring an artistic evolution for A&B culminates with a project aspiring to eradicate your fear and stress. Although it’s a side-step from the heart pounding sounds the group’s known for, Flow State’s direction shouldn’t surprise A&B fans. Any familiarity with the group should equip you with the knowledge of their Burning Man 2014 experience. When the the Playa‘s fortuitous energy coerces an impromptu yoga set, a blast of spirituality alters the trio’s creative path. Unsurprisingly, yoga sets are now integral pieces to many of the biggest Above & Beyond performances, as a result. Accordingly, their growing catalog of original music, which they devote to the flow state experiences, is bringing about unexpected realizations. In their press release, the group’s Paavo Siljamaki puts this realization into perspective: “AFTER THOSE AMAZING YOGA SETS, WE REALIZED THAT THERE IS A BIGGER PLACE FOR THIS MORE REFLECTIVE MUSIC WITHIN OUR LITTLE UNIVERSE… THROUGH RAISED AWARENESS, BEING MORE PRESENT, ONE CAN REACH A STATE OF FLOW: A CREATIVE AND FREE STATE OF MIND WHERE TIME, FEAR AND STRESS DISSIPATE” Additionally, yogi Elena Brower, the leader of the infamous Playa yoga session, offers a 13-minute talk on self acceptance. Regarding the project she helped inspire, she laments this: “Flow State is about the subtlest, innermost conversation, trusting ourselves, and looking inward for acceptance.” Her talk is set to the music of Flow State which you can also experience on the new sampler EP. A new track, ‘Believer‘ accompanies the classics, ‘Small Moments‘ and ‘Sun In Your Eyes.’ Listen to the sounds below and try not to catch the vibe of one of those classic A&B dance floor build-ups! With this EP, Above & Beyond sets clear expectations for the full 49-minute Flow State album coming soon. Above all, the entire project places a huge emphasis on the importance of mental and physical well-being. With the current state of many artists in the industry, that seems like something we should all be focusing on as well. You can pre-order it here now. Follow Above & Beyond: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | iTunes |Spotify | Soundcloud | Website | Live Dates ***This article first appears on EDMTunes.com***